Rain and looking back at crazy times

Isn't this cool? 

It's some fungi that grow on the oak tree. My friend, Mariette from Mariette's Back to Basics, may tell me what this is. 

Saturday I went on a little hike around Whiskeytown Recreation Area. Even with the copious amount of rain, it still looks dry. They tell us we're about 6 weeks behind this year...by now most everything is green and blooming. That's what a crazy and rare winter we had here this season. 

My sons and their friend set up camp - they planned to camp for the night even with another storm coming at 1am. They just needed to get out - 

 I dropped off Foodie and his friend there at the camp since Kyle's truck was out of commission - he did something to his serpentine belt (?)  when he drove through flood waters the other day. 

It was an overcast day but relatively balmy. Nice day for a short hike then I said my goodbyes and left for home. 

Navy was already there - waiting for them. 

We woke up to a big rainstorm Sunday morning, and I instantly thought about them. I no longer worry about them - they are big boys and know what they are doing. I trust their judgment - and while I would not want to tent camp with a rain storm coming, they also do these things for just the fun of it. 

Later in the day, I talked to Navy who told me they all went to bed around 1:30 am, Sunday morning. He woke up at 4:30 am to a pool inside his tent. He wasn't wet due to his sleeping pad that raised him up a few inches but he couldn't get back to sleep - so he woke everyone up around 8:30 and they started packing up - he said the rain was pouring down so hard they could hardly see. 

But he sounded like it was a fun experience. 

Lake Mendocino Camp
I swiped this from the internet - (Yelp) 

In my younger days, I've done some crazy things as well and yes, they are fun to look back on. One time, while camping at Lake Mendocino in my VW pop-up camper, I forgot to set the parking brake and we were on a bluff with the lake about 50 ft below - in the middle of the night, the VW jerked and started to go off the bluff and a very big tree stopped us from going over. It was pitch dark out, and we were all upset - trying to find our flashlights - my friends were screaming. We stayed in the camper; too afraid to budge and too scared to get out of the camper with all the wild animals and axe killers (just our imagination) At first light, we then saw the huge tree that saved our lives. And the camper butted securely to the trunk of the tree.  I wish I had taken a photo of that. I'll never forget it. We were all in our babydoll pajamas...remember them? 

Then we all nervously laughed about it but I always checked and doubled checked that emergency brake from then on. So I learned something! 

Of course, we never told my parents - 

Source: Pinterest

Oh gosh, another time, we were driving through Humboldt country's Mad River area - in the 70's - Pot was illegal back then but everyone knew it was grown in the area. We were innocently trying to take a shortcut to the coast - from the hot valley because it was around 110 degrees and the radiator was heating up. We had stopped at a bar - the only establishment around. We walked in and it looked like the headquarters for the Hells Angels. We were looking for a phone. They didn't have one or so they said. 

They took a look at us girls - figuring we were no threat - 

We didn't know until we got there, it was harvesting time - and were escorted to a comfortable distance away from their operations by 2 scary-looking men in a pickup to the county line. - they had shotguns. 

Midway into this adventure the brakes started heating up and we had to coast down and we had no water. It took us nearly 10 hours to get back to the bay area. Between all of us, no one had enough money for gas - I ended up having to use a credit card that I shared with my dad for gas on the coast.  It was supposed to be for emergencies and I figured this qualified. Back then fast foods didn't take credit cards, so we stopped at a Denny's and finally ate. 

Once again, we nervously laughed about it - and once again, we never told my folks the details.  

Back in the '60s and 70's up and down California, there were a lot of teenagers getting killed. When I look back now, I see the hand of God. It just wasn't our time. They were fun times - When you're young, you just take more risks. For years I didn't want to go down that road - it's now been 45+ years and we did make the trek through there (not at harvest time) to the coast a few years ago -  the road is wider and is much better, and it looks different. Not scary at all. 

I don't take too many chances these days - as I push toward 70. I'll admit the back woods adventure is still in me - but I have too much to lose now ...like my life? I'm careful now. It seems my sons also have that adventurous spirit as well. 

Have you ever done some crazy or dangerous things with your friends when you were young? 

Well that is it for me on this Monday - today is a dry day but more wet weather is on its way for the rest of the week. That's okay. It will be done when God says it will be done. 

 Take Care



  1. Baby doll Pajammas, had to wear those for slumber parties or you just were not cool! lol.

    One of my friends worked summers on a fire crew for the forest service msny years ago. They were told if they ever came across anything that looked like they might stumble on a crop to back out quick and leave. They set up trip wires and you could get shot.


    1. I remember every new slumber party I would get new baby dolls.
      Leslie, it hasn't changed. The illegal grows that are in our national forests are criminal - they are polluting our waters and its dangerous. You still have to be careful where you hike in the mountains that grow.

  2. I remember being on an Amtrak years ago when in grade school. There was a tour thru the train and a few of us stayed in the room for 10 minutes then we couldn't find our group from school. We asked for help and were taken to the car where teacher and class where in. A bit scary but we had fun being together in an area. Most likely 5th grade. At my age of 68 is interesting to remember that from years ago last century. Interesting stories to read on your blog. God bless.

    1. Yeah lately I have been thinking about those times. I need to write them down before I forget about them.

  3. Oh yes indeed, I did quite a few dangerous things in my early 20s, mainly in Europe and Jordan and Lebanon. God protected foolish me. Thank goodness the big tree stopped your camper from going over the cliff, God was on the lookout.

    1. Traveling away from the parents for the first time is fun but something comes over us and we don't really think it through. Thankfully God did protect you.

  4. You sure have had your share of adventures! I used to have quite a few Baby Doll pajamas. The fungi is gorgeous, it reminds me of marcasite.

    1. Yes I did have some good times and adventures.

  5. Dearest Debby,
    As for your fungus, that has to be one variety of the many different Polyporus. It is hard to tell from only the top as we cannot see their underside.
    AND both of us are experts in edible mushrooms and not in wild mushrooms...
    BUT it is a bad sign when your oak tree shows these. That means it is in poor shape or dying.
    Mushrooms have a special enzyme to digest lignine from trees: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2016/09/toadstools-recycling-dead-trees.html
    So you better watch that tree...
    Your boys indeed took lots of risks for getting wet in their tent.
    No, I've not done such wild things as we had to go to school, work in the green houses at home and on the fields and there was no time left...

    1. Thanks for the information - That was interesting.

      I'd be the first to admit, my parents spoiled my sister and I. They wanted us to have the things and do the things they never could. Plus, when and where I grew up in California had a lot to do with everything.

  6. Those are crazy memories! We feel so immune to danger when we are young! I do remember baby doll pajamas! I wore them a lot! Good for Navy and Foodie for camping in the rain! I can't imagine it anymore!

  7. It sounds like the boys are having a great trip and are being responsible. I must say what a magnificent area you live in. Gorgeous. I bet they have a couple of stories they won't tell you either. Don't we all?
    Maybe some day they will tell you!

    1. OH they have told me things that they did while living at home and I was not the wiser. It made me feel like I was a bad parent. So I told them I no longer want to hear how many times they snuck out of the house or drove 100 mph. lol. I'm sure they have things they don't tell me and I am perfectly fine with that. I no longer need to know every aspect of their lives. It's just none of my business anymore.

  8. That fungus is very cool looking!
    I remember baby doll pj's. Yikes on that trip - thankful God put that tree there!
    Yes, we did take risks as kids. God has a plan for each of us. :)

    1. The big jerk we felt actually was a earthquake in the area. WE didn't know it until we came home and heard it on the news.

  9. Most of us do something crazy when we are young, not me of course but some do

    1. Some people do some crazy things as adults, too.

  10. The fungi is very interesting. I had no idea it was a danger to the tree - thanks to Mariette for pointing that out.
    Yes, I did some dangerous (and foolish) things. The worst was running away from home when I was 16 and hitch-hiking across several provinces. I was in "love" with a young man who lived in Ontario and I just had to go see him. I was lucky - only once on that trip did I feel somewhat threatened, but every other driver who picked me up were incredibly nice to me. That was back in the late '70's and I ended taking the bus home. That was adventure in itself.
    Wow, were you fortunate to have the large tree to stop the camper van. You had a guardian angel that night!

    1. There was a time I did some hitchhiking on the coast. There were some close calls. Scary to think of it now.

  11. The fungi is pretty amazing.
    You've had some adventures.
    Yes, I do remember baby doll pajamas and had a few of my own.

  12. Love the fungi photos. Such interesting colours.

    I have camped in freezing winter and in rainy weather with the Girl Guide Rangers and Pathfinders. Not something I would do any longer.

    God bless.

  13. Love the fungi, even if it is a danger to the tree. Usually it's a sign that the tree is dying already when it appears. Glad your boys all got back safely and didn't have any bad effects from camping in a rainstorm. Geepers. And your stories are scary, but yes, that was then and this is now. We all have better sense now, right? I probably did some stupid and scary things back then too, I just can't remember them, or I'd rather not tell them even now. LOL. Yes baby doll pj's were the thing for slumber parties, etc. Cute and cool. This was fun and I enjoyed your stories, even if they were a bit unnerving. Praise God for that tree that stopped your camper!!! Wow!!! Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.. Good night my friend. and God bless.

  14. WOW god truly still had plans for you here. Scary story about almost falling over a bluff. I think most teenagers did crazy things. I know I did. Janice


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