Here's Susie about 5 or 6 years ago, looking at snow for the first time. 

The big snow events are now just a memory - We'll all remember back when we get really old, telling the "youngins" about the big snow in 2023. 

It has been fun. NO complaints from me. In fact, I haven't heard any negatives from anybody. Of course, for us here, this is a "happening" and we Californians love "happenings! 

This Friday, we're supposed to get one of those atmospheric rivers
 (A bunch of heavy rain that sits there) 

It will be a warm storm that will melt the snow in the mountains and could bring some flooding. 

This was about 5 or 6 years ago - the main park here which is next to the Sacramento River. 

I'm not concerned for us but those who live around rivers and creeks, are vulnerable, and then for those who live in the mountains, there will be mudslides. We're already seeing some earth movement in town. 

These are some bronze statues of children - that were inundated with flood waters from the Sacramento river. 

Foodie and I braved the waters and went down to take photos. 

Anything for a photo. 

Oh but what a beautiful spring we will have! 


As for summer, we'll still have our 110+ degree days - and there will always be fires; I just hope they won't be spreading as fast as in the years past due to the dry timber. 


my little sister and I in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury where we lived. 

We moved to Pacifica that summer. 

Remembering back -

The 5th was my sister's birthday - She died unexpectedly a few years ago at the age of 56 and her whole life story as an adult has been tragic.

 I thank God that I have good memories that make me smile - I nicknamed her, Dedo the Rat. A typical little sister who majored in "finking" to our mom about everything I did. 

I miss Dedo the Rat. 

Today is also the 16th anniversary of my mom's suicide. It's sad that she always cared so much about how people viewed her, but it's her suicide that has become her legacy. 


  1. Where did you live in Pacifica? I grew up in Daly City and then Burlingame
    around the same time!

    1. Hi Barbara - I lived in Lindamar and attended Terra Nova. I also lived in Burlingame when I first moved out - I lived in a 4 plex on the El Camino between Lincoln and Broadway. Small world.

  2. Where did you grow up in Pacifica? I grew up in Daly City
    and then Burlingame around the same time!

  3. Dearest Debby,
    The 16th anniversary of your Mom's suicide is the most tragic thing to remember...
    That no doubt has been so devastating for all her loved ones!
    Dedo the Rat at least left you with lots of fond memories of her and with her—they will stay with you until you meet again.
    You sure went all the way for obtaining that bronze children statue in that roaring flood!
    Susie looking at her first ever snow—one wonders what goes on in their little heads.
    Got up as it is awfully hard to sleep with a shoulder that hurts, two leg fractures and especially the very painful left lower leg... You really don't know how to lie on your back while in pain. Sleeping is such a challenge and IF you manage you soon wake up having those nasty night sweats.
    Guess it's the body struggling to get rid of all the internal bleeding. Might take quite some time!

    1. Gosh, I really hope you heal quickly. I hate think of you in pain. God Bless

    2. Today, for the first time since accident I can place my left foot flat on floor instead of tip–toeing due to immense pain in calf. It still is very painful in that region but at least some improvement. Just slept a couple of hours this afternoon and this morning I slept till almost 11:00 AM—so needed as I'm exhausted. Having to talk to (yell at...) Pieter who now claims that his hearing aid is not working anymore... He never managed to properly clean it. But for me to arrange a driver to get him to Atlanta and have all this done is quite a challenge as I'm far from driving yet.
      May God help me!

  4. Okay that was a lot. I am sorry about your sister - my brother was 51 when he died years ago - I still miss him. I am sorry about your mom's suicide - it really hurts the ones left.
    That is a lot of snow you are having! Those bronze children - was that in their memory?
    Spring is coming!

  5. Sorry about your sister and mother. Sad memories.
    Happy memories too.
    Hope the waters don'r rise too much to cause flooding.

  6. So sorry to hear about both your mom and sister. I hope the good memories outdo the bad ones. Hope no flooding occurs near you. They can be devastating for sure. No Spring yet for us. We are on tap for 3 to5 inches more snow on Frday. Janice

  7. It's nice that you have happy memories to counteract the sad ones.