Thank you ALL for the encouragement


I was overwhelmed when I read the comments. Very touching. 

If I could I would give you all a pretty flower - This one will have to do. 

Thank You 

Okay, so the news is: 

I talked with the owner of the company yesterday afternoon. When I asked him about his service, he told me that he and his wife lost their 26-year-old daughter last June. We talked for quite some time about losing an adult child. He said he and his wife need to talk about what their plans are - I told him to take their time. God knows I sure did. 

I admit, I started to get all shaky in my voice and I felt sick. I then asked the questions and he was so nice. It's not going to be cheap - although doable. I had to laugh when he first quoted me $1850. an hour - I'm thinking $18.50 an hour! 

I wish! 

Thankfully I did not make a total fool of myself by asking. 

It's not like I book helicopters all the time and know the prices -

 This is a FIRST for me. 

I wrote down all the affordable options and we're looking at about $1600. I told him we would make the arrangements on Monday. 

We're looking at a Friday in May. It takes 30 minutes from Redding to the Trinity Alps by helicopter. Frankly, I am so ready, I'd do it this weekend if the weather wasn't so unsettled. His company's busy season starts in June and the fire season unfortunately is most of the business. They also sell and service helicopters, give tours, and offer flight training. 

He was so nice - and has a ranch in the Trinity Alps - The above photo is on the way to his ranch.

He said May was a good time - snow will be melting and the rivers and waterfalls will be in their full glory. Navy and Foodie will LOVE IT! I'm happy to be able to do this for them as well. 

I do want to say, that I have the best husband ever - 

An Iris bud - there are a few more. 

I thought I better get a photo of this Iris before the rain comes and yes, we are still having rain and more is coming. 

I was emotionally exhausted yesterday - so today I must play catch up. 

Thanks Again -



  1. Congratulations on the decision and what a lovely thing to do. My husband was a helicopter pilot so I can vouch for the expense, helicopters cost crazy amounts to fly, so the price to me is fair. Fwiw. And the flight will be lovely and be a once in a lifetime few hours. Hilogene in Az

  2. How exciting! Love the pretty flowers!

  3. Dearest Debby,
    So glad that your going to be 'on board'!
    Yes, helicopter rides are expensive and both of us were for that reason never able to join such touristic viewing tour. There was one flying over the Grand Canyon, as an option combined with some of the mushroom conferences. We could not afford it so we never did. Then for the 6th North American Mushroom Conference there was a helicopter tour in Toronto for seeing their tall landmark the CN Tower.
    We only once flew by helicopter from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and next day, due to weather conditions, to where we lived and worked. AND just that time we did not have our video camera with us as we did not know this! It was arranged by our boss due to security issues for traveling otherwise...
    Your flowers are fabulous!

  4. What stunning flowers. I am so glad that you have talked to him and gotten it all planned!

  5. I am very proud of you, and also praying for you. This will truly be a celebration of the life of your dear son. He will be "soaring with the eagles" for sure!!! Although it may be a bit costly to do, I think you will always be happy you did it. Maybe if everyone chips in it will help. Praying everything will come together and it will be a time of great blessing for all.

  6. I would have no idea of cost either. I'm glad he was so helpful and I think you will be so happy you did this!

  7. Sometimes you just can't worry about the money!!
    Beautiful to see the iris.

  8. I am just catching up and just want to say what a wonderful way to celebrate a life.

    God bless.

  9. Gorgeous flowers - I choked at that price too - but it is something you want to do.

  10. Sending best wishes to you. xo, V.


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