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Come and take a Sunday drive with us. 

The big talk around town is that Lake Shasta is just about full. So we spontaneously took off (played hooky from church) and drove to the Dam. 

This is Digger Bay - A very narrow road with hairpin turns as it winds its way down to the lake. We used to go there when I was a kid - we had a boat and my mom was ever the front seat driver  - wanting Dad to turn back because she was afraid of the road plus the towing of the boat. She would automatically press her right foot down as if she was braking...yelling to my dad (who was having a blast) 

"John... John... John..."

We laughed about it for years, often mimicking the memory. 

Boy, it brought back some good memories. 

The resort is closed. But the boat dock is there. 

California Redbud

Walked up a little trail - people living on houseboats. I would have taken a photo but most of them were sitting out on their boats, having coffee and breakfast and their dogs knew we were up on the trail. It didn't feel right. 

Oh, how I would love to have my morning coffee looking out at the Lake...

Now off to the Dam - As we rounded the turn, there she was...

California's largest Dam and our Lake Shasta. 

We weren't the only ones there taking photos. I'm sure by the afternoon, it was crowded. 

We decided not to walk the Dam so we drove over to the other side by the Sacramento River. I have always loved this view of the Dam.

It was a beautiful morning. 

Scotch Broom

We walked the Sacramento River Trail with Laydee. People were out on their electric bikes - seems everyone has one. 

I love the scotch broom shrub - the story goes that it was the Scotch that accidentally brought this plant to the US from the seeds in their brooms. Do you have Scotch Broom in your part of the US? I have not been able to substantiate the "story." 

Yeah just blame the Scotch...Maybe I got the story all wrong and it was the liquor...

They are beautiful though. 

The hills and mountains are dotted with the Scotch Broom. This plant’s uncontrolled spread into the wild has led it to be classified as an invasive species and a noxious weed in California, although it has not been banned from purchase and planting as it has been in Washington state. This plant can be found along the West Coast from the Bay Area up through Oregon and Washington and is abundant in local counties. 

I have a thing for textures - especially rugged rock formations in cliffs 

As we were headed down the trail, the Sacramento River was to the left of us. 


All the plants - trees and scrubs are looking their "spring" best. 

Pretty Oak Tree - a nice little swimming hole on that side. 

the fragrance of all the blooms was profuse and I was hoping I would start with the sneezing...

More Scotch Broom - sorry but I love the stuff. It's drought resistant as well. I wanted some on our hill and my husband is totally against it. He lived in Portland and Seattle when he was in the Coast Guard and that is where he gets his disgust for this beautiful but invasive plant. 

How can something so pretty be banned? 

Continuing down the trail - We won't take it to the end because we were not prepared - it was a Rail Trail and it is 12.3 miles one way. To walk it, it is best to get someone to drive you - to one end and then have your vehicle at the other. We plan to do this later this Spring, without Laydee having to stop and sniff every scotch broom she sees...

A healthy Manzanita growing out the sides of the mountain. 

The Manzanita bark is used in decor pieces in the home. 

California Lilac

It's great when you can identify plants with your phone. This also grows out the side of the mountain. It smelled so pretty. 

Time to turn back around. We promised Laydee a swim in the Lake. 

Getting closer to the Dam...

Coram Ranch provides lodging for vacations, corporate events, reunions, and retreats in Shasta Lake.

I checked out the rates - too rich for my blood. 

Another California Redbud -

Our picnic view 

We drove back over the dam bridge and had a simple picnic of PBJ sandwich and baby carrots - the husband had a granola bar. Doesn't sound like much, since it was spontaneous but that PBJ sure was good and hit the spot. 

 Took Laydee swimming - not here though. She went out and thought all the driftwood was solid ground and fell in. We took her to a more suitable area and she swam for the first time this year and LOVED IT! 

Her collar must have slipped off because we can't find it. It has her rabies tag on it so one more call to the Vet for a replacement. 

Came home and was greeted by our pond frog, named Kermit. 

Tomorrow I have my third week of PT - The husband sees his Cardiologist on Tuesday and on Wednesday he gets his MRI on his left shoulder. 

I think that is it. 

I had my MRI on Friday - but my shoulder is much better than it was. There are some positions that hurt but I am not in pain and don't have the nighttime pain, as I had before PT. So I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I do not have a tear. 

Such a nice day - later we will watch our church service online. Dinner is almost ready - we're having hamburgers and corn on the cob. 

Thanks for being here -



  1. Thanks for taking us along on your drive and walk. I've never seen redbud or Scotch Broom. That's an interesting story as to how it may have arrived. We have purple loosestrife here - it isn't native and is considered a noxious week. Like you, I wonder how anything so pretty could be so bad.
    The colors, oh the colors in your photos are amazing. We're still in the dusty, brown and greys of spring with evergreens and the blue sky providing some promise of what is to come.

  2. I love the twisty Manzanita. Fond memories of walking a trail thru it to get to the bathroom at Hirtz Bay campground. As always I enjoy anytime you put up pictures of the Lake or Mountain.


  3. I live in Michigan - no scotch broom that I know of, but I also would say, the California lilac isn't hardy here either, so the first time I ever saw it was in Dublin, Ireland! I had to ask a local what that exotic blue Irish shrub was!!?? They told me California lilac! Ireland also has their version of scotch broom, a brilliant yellow scrubby shrub with a lemony fragrance which grows everywhere. It's called Gorse.

  4. What a wonderful walk with you, I feel totally rejuvenated! I did not know there are different kinds of Redbud! And the Scotch Broom is just glorious! I would love to buy some for our yard, but I imagine it is not for sale anywhere. The lake water is so beautiful.

  5. Such beautiful sunny photos.
    I thought your California Lilac looks like what we call Ceanothus so looked it up and it is the same - I have one with the blue just beginning to show.
    Scotch Broom here is called just called Broom and doesn't spread so easily and isn't so long lived so isn't a problem and Gorse is a different plant altogether.
    Love the way names change everywhere!

  6. What a lovely day. Thanks for taking us along.

  7. What a beautiful day and such gorgeous views! I'm glad the lake is full again. I remember when you were having such issues with the drought.
    PS - I've been known to hit the brake on the passenger side when my hubby is driving. :)

  8. These are fantastic photos, Debby! The Shasta area is so beautiful. My favorite picture is the road photo with the Scotch Broom gracing the edge of the road. And the frog picture is another favorite. I am not hearing the frog any more outside my window. It seems he came around when we had the rains, but haven't heard his croak lately. Glad your shoulder is doing better with therapy.


  9. What a wonderful day out. Your photos are all beautiful.
    Never heard of Scotch Broom but it reminds me of Forsythia.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful tour! Best, V.

  11. What gorgeous views! Not sure if I would be able to drive such a hairpin road. Am afraid of heights. Janice

  12. What a lovely trip you took us on. Love the Scotch Broom, it is so pretty.

    God bless.