A post without images due to a Blogger glitch -

Here is where I would have posted a beautiful scenic photo of the Trinity Mountains. 

NO IMAGE because Blogger is acting wonky once again and I am not able to post any images - no new ones,  no old ones. 

I'm telling you, I think they are messing with me. 

 I'm starting to get excited about Saturday's helicopter ride. 

The weather forecast says clear and sunny. 

We're all going to go over to Navy's house afterward and eat. I will feel so relieved, I am sure. This is 20 years of holding on...


Sorry, but Blogger is not letting me post any new images. 

We are working on the yard and are not finished. The husband went back to his part-time job today and Friday and while a lot was done it is still a mess. I’ve not ever seen so many weeds. We’re having a hard time controlling them and when you hack some down, seems there are more to greet you by the next day. Grrrrr. 

Our neighbor in the back who approached us a couple of months ago, saying he wanted a new fence has now changed his tune, after pricing wood fencing materials. He has now decided the fence is not that bad and he will only replace one section. We saved $500 in cash for the fence and keep adding cash in the envelope for our half. 

I have more to say but I’m distracted by the fact I can’t post any images. So basically this post is a bust - I'm all about posting images. I checked on Google and others have been reporting as well. But it does seem to be hit-and-miss. I’m seeing posts coming through with photos. 

Hopefully, it will get worked out so that I can post video and photos of the helicopter tour on Sat.I was so looking forward to that as well. 

 I won't be posting until they fix this glitch. 


PS If I can’t post photos Sat, I will at least let you all know how it all went - without photos. You’ve all been so kind. 


  1. Sounds like this is the weekend you finally get to put your son in one of the most beautiful place in our state. I'm sure you all will have great memories of your son, brother filling your hearts on Saturday. I hope you all can share good times and good stories with each other.

  2. I hope you have had a wonderful helicopter ride by now and that everything went as planned. I am sorry about the blogger photo glitch. I haven't experienced any issues here, but then, I haven't tried to post any photos today. However I had no problems yesterday. Anyway, I hope it gets worked out for you so you can share your photos. I can't wait to see them!! (((hugs)))


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