Friday nite was the Cruise. 

95 degrees - at the time and 20% humidity

Great advertising. 

The weather has drastically taken a turn toward winter. 

Today's high was 59 and it is overcast. 

I'm hoping and praying that Saturday is not called off but if it is, it would only be for our safety. How can I argue with that? 

So the worst that can happen is we set another date and hope everyone can make it. It's been paid and we need to fly...

Today I went to my PT - then we took a drive back over to Shasta Lake to see if my husband left Laydee's collar and rabies tag in the parking lot. Really, it was just an excuse to see how much the lake has risen in 24 hours. 

It is right up to the top - more snow melt is coming in faster than they can let out.

I'm still reeling at the experts that told us it was impossible. Nothing is impossible. In fact just saying that, makes it very possible.


Tomorrow is an all-dayer for me. Ugh. 

We, introverts need spaces between our busy days to decompress so this is going to be exhausting for me mentally. 

Oh well, I'll live...




  1. That looks like fun. I love the giant shopping cart!
    Cold here and snow predicted again... :(

  2. I love that giant grocery cart! How fun! I'n glad your drought is over!

  3. Life is exhausting that giant shopping trolley made me smile

  4. The huge shopping cart is amazing. Love it!!

  5. WOW that is a lot of water being released. Love the grocery cart advertising idea! Hope the weather cooperates for you. Janice

  6. Yep, us introverts definitely need time alone. Look at all those old vehicles and that grocery cart is just awesome. We are finally warming up and I am hoping that continues.

    God bless.

  7. We had tempatures in the 90's last week and rain today. I woke up to wet roads this morning and when I headed out to lunch was surprised it was raing pretty good. I didnt even have my coat with me...lol.