Maybe three is the charm?

Foodie has covid and we have to reschedule the helicopter tour for Sat. The guy is the only family member who hasn't gotten Covid. He sure picked a great time...

Saturday is day 4 and his work wants him back on Day 5 which is Sunday. He was stressing out about it because of our plans for Saturday. Now he can relax and concentrate on getting better. 

I'm waiting on Navy to answer me - on the date. This is becoming more stressful than the actual event. 

UPDATE: He just texted and said he'll be there!

We're scheduled for May 20 at 10am. 

I sit on this bench at the Lake when I am watching Laydee swim. Yesterday we went over for an hour or so - and something happened that upset me and my husband. 
He had to use the restroom, and when he walked in, a woman came out and said, 

"There's a bird stuck in the toilet in stall number 1"

and that was that. Off she went on her merry little way. 

and when he opened up the lid of the toilet, there was a little bird inside - struggling, scared, and kept getting stuck way down in the bowl (curve) of the toilet. 

Now that bird didn't get into the bathroom, then jump inside the toilet and put the seat down. 

A human did this. 

My husband took his hand and reached into that dirty toilet - and rescued that little bird. Believe me, that toilet was disgusting. I was so proud of him and that is one major reason why I married him - he is a softy like me when it comes to one of God's creatures.  He didn't give it a second thought - he just did it. 

I made him clean up with disinfectant wipes - up to his elbows. But that smell which was probably only in our minds, was still there so we cut Laydee's swim time shorter so he could come home and shower. 

It made me so very sad - to think that some sick sociopath did this to that poor little bird. How anyone could do such evil and walk away. Then, of course, there are those who saw the bird but placed the lid back down, and never tried to help the little bird. 

I couldn't live with myself if I did that. 

We checked out the little bird, and he seemed fine. At first, he hopped a little and then flicked his feather and wings - and after about 5 minutes or so of preening, he actually flew into the bush. 

Poor little guy. 

The more I thought about it, I thought, that is what is happening in our world today. There are some, who see the problem but don't want to get involved for whatever reason. Just let someone else handle it. and go on about their day. 

And then there are those who take the reins and do what has to be done. 

Some may say, "It's just a bird." 

But can these same people be counted on, to step in to help a fellow human being if they needed it? 

 I do hope I would be able to step in, regardless of my own self - to help if a fellow human being was hurt or attacked. 

Psalm 50:11-12 

I know every bird on the mountains
and all the animals of the field are mine

Take Care,


  1. Thank goodness for your husband. I'm sure some people would have been disgusted by the state of the bathroom, and I get that, but like you, I'm certain I could have walked away without trying to help or find someone to help.
    I hope Foodie's bout with Covid is short.

  2. Your husband is a kind soul to rescue that bird. Humans can do horrible cruel things. So glad you and your hubby were there to help out.

  3. Wow! They say you can tell how good a man is by how he treats animals. You sure have an awesome husband. Tell him I said "Well Done!!!" He likely saved that bird's life. Unlike that woman who notified him of the incident!

  4. Oh, my, what a story! Thank you to your hubby for rescuing that poor little birdie. I am sure the bird is very grateful and probably flew off to tell all his friends about his adventure and about the nice man who came to save him. Now, regarding your postponed trip sorry your son has covid. Glad he's doing better and this is only a temporary setback. Praying next weekend there will no more delays or problems in taking your special trip. I will just have to keep praying for you another week!! God bless you my friend..

  5. I'm going to focus on the happy ending to the story of the bird instead of someone's inhumanity.

  6. Good on your hubby getting the bird out of the toilet when the toilet is disgusting I wouldn't do it because I am a big baby. Covid sucks but as long as one doesn't get too sick with it

  7. Your story about the bird reminded me of a story about my dad. He and mom were camping with their good friends and my dad needed to pee badly. They stopped at an outhouse style bathroom and my dad entered the outhouse and started to pee. Out flys a bird from the hole started my poor dad so bad that he stumbled out backwards with his pants at half mast!. Of course my mom and the friends laughed so hard and gave him such a bad time after that.

  8. Oh that poor creature. I am glad that your husband was there to rescue him/her.

    God bless.

  9. Weird to find a bird in a porta potty. Most likely that lady didn't want to care for it. Granted that would be yucky to pull a bird 🐦 from there but at least it's alive and your husband survived taking care of the bird. We have a homeless cat that gets feed and able to stay on our neighbors porch. Harriet comes over often to be at our house. No feeding allowed. He prefers to go in our house but we won't allow it. Hope your son heals from the virus and good time on helicopter ride. I'd appreciate it if you could read my blog and comment on it. God bless@

  10. Fingers crossed that you finally get to take that helicopter ride on May 20Th. Good for your husband saving that little bird. My husband would have done the same thing, me as well. I have a heart for all of God's creatures! Hope Foodie recovers quickly!