The yucky part of gardening


I don't understand why this rose is so grumpy - 

This one seems fine. 

Good Afternoon Everyone! 

I hope this day has been good for you. 

For us, it started with doing some yard work - this morning. We had the longest rainy season ever - so most of this would have already been done by March. 

We moved the planter under the bird feeder.  Attacked the weeds using the weedeater. 

I will plant my sunflowers here - (as well as in other areas of the yard. 

So, I wanted to place a weed barrier and then the soil - but the husband thinks that will cut into the growth of the sunflowers. 

I didn't argue with him. The sunflowers grew perfectly fine when used with a weed barrier. So tune back, next year. We may be putting in a weed barrier or maybe I am wrong. I'm fine with that - the main thing is I want to eliminate pulling weeds. That is hard when you have shoulder issues. 

After the weeds are gone, we'll lay down a weed barrier - and then a combination of pavers and rocks. 

Out-of-control weeds that have grown in the last couple of weeks. We're having a hard time keeping up. 

The smaller of two side yards I have - 

These particular weeds only grow in the spring and summer. We should have put a barrier down there, years ago, before the rocks. 

Was out there, moving things around, and found 2 alligator lizards mating. At first, I thought one was eating the other but upon a closer look ...

Don't Look! 

On the ether side of the house - is where our grape vines are. 

We have baby grapes. 

We also have what is either thrips or leafhopper infestation. 

Either a dishwashing soap or Dawn - 1 tablespoon in a bottle of water with the sprayer. I often use way more than that - 

You spray the underside and the tops of the leaves make sure everything is saturated give it a few hours to dry out in the heat and then wash it all off

Wait about an hour and go back and look to see if you have anything left on your plants repeat as needed.

If that doesn't get rid of it - then we're looking at Demetrious Earth (food grade) 

If that doesn't work - we do what we did last year - we cut down the vines. 

 And this little cutie - a pond turtle was found at the Cal Veterans Home - trying to get inside. My son said they escorted him back to the pond. 

These Mariposa lilies (what we can them here) haven't been seen around in years (like in decades) and they are popping up around hiking trails and in yards. 

Native to dry soil from South Dakota to Washington and south to Oregon and California. Its white flowers are variously marked with yellow, purple, and lilac. The edible corm of the sego lily was used for food by the early Mormon settlers in the Salt Lake Valley, and many other species have a long history of use by Native Americans.

The flower is so delicate. 

I find it amazing how some species of plants lay dormant during hard droughts and we think they are dead - they are waiting for that certain amount of rain that brings life to them once again.

I went to see my Surgeon - and he was pleasantly surprised at how well I responded to Physical therapy. So no surgery for me. I will continue to use my 2 lb hand weights - and my bands to keep the muscles moving. 

It's not to say, I won't ever need the surgery because I do have several tears - but he also said, I could go on, and not ever need the surgery. 

That is my goal. 

At this time I am armed (haha little pun there) with the exercises that will keep my shoulder well - I know what I can and cannot do and I have no pain whatsoever.

The gauge is when I start having pain that keeps me up at night - that is when I might have another tear or it's getting worse. 

Tomorrow the husband goes for his MRI - 

That's it folks - I need to get dinner ready.




  1. I don't like gardening in any way, shape or form but I do like pretty flowers

  2. Congratulations on dodging the surgery bullet!

  3. The roses are pretty - even the grumpy one! I like the wildflowers too.
    Glad you don't need surgery and I hope the MRI goes well!

  4. Seems like I just weeded the planter, and noticed this morning I have to do it again! Everything grows so heavily in the mountains. You have inspired me to get out there haha. Your pink rose is so pretty. So glad your therapy is working and no surgery for you. Those lizards really creep me out, and saw a few in So Cal, but haven't seen any here in the mountains yet. Your little bird house in the planter box is really cute. It's nice that you are always getting outside and working around your house Debby. You are getting so much done this Spring.