Until we meet again -


We're heading out - toward the Trinity Alps. Not that far from us by helicopter. 

You can see just a glimpse of snow in the distance - 

I was so ready for this - 

They did all the safety checks - asked for our weight again. Ugh!

Got in the seats, and had to show the pilot that I knew how to get out of the 4-point seatbelt harness - FAA regulations. 

I also had to show him I could unlock the door. More FAA regulations - 

So he turns on the engine and my door pops open. 

I close it tight - and it locked. 

It pops open AGAIN. Finally, my husband got out and helped with the door. 

This gave Char some major anxiety. 

And we're OFF...

Sacramento River 

And this is why I love this area of California - 

Whiskeytown Lake and Mt Bally

We had on headphones - because it is loud and that is the only way we could hear each other talk. 

What looks like a slight gray haze is actually a coastal fog bank -  I was actually taking a photo of that passing cloud.

My husband sat next to the pilot on the left-hand side and I sat behind my husband - Char sat beside me on the right.  The guys were in their own smaller helicopter. 

We're in the mid 90's today - but boy, when you're flying at 8000 ft and among snow-capped mountains, it's cold. 

We had the windows open so we could take in all that cool mountain air. 

We noticed that Trinity Lake is not full like Shasta Lake - but I was reminded that all this snow will eventually make its way down to the lake and fill up. 

This is one of our major water sheds for California. 

Some rugged country down there - 

Before we lifted off, he told us all safety stuff - the guys made some jokes and we all laughed but we listened. I think people tend to do that. 

We didn't see any roads, houses, people, or animals in all that snow. The little patches of blue are frozen lakes. 

These Alps go on and on - 

We were getting close to the drop -

I felt perfectly fine - this was long overdue. 

My husband and the guys know where the scatter place is so they can hike there - once the snow melts -  it's near a cluster of alpine lakes. 

I'm just glad that after 20 years, I finally set him free. 

You can see an alpine lake - still frozen. 

We circled around the area - and the pilot came in at a closer angle -

Seeing his ashes disperse was beautiful and touching. 


We're headed back now - That is Mt Shasta in the distance. 

Funny, Blogger wouldn't allow too many of my videos - so I had to do the longest one on Youtube. 

You can see Mt Lassen in the distance - I told you I am surrounded by Volcanoes. They are considered active but at this time they are dormant and there is no indication we'll see an eruption in my lifetime. 

I don't know if it was the windows or what, but it seemed hazy. 

Shasta Dam in a way I have never seen. 

and Mt Shasta in the distance. 

A closer view 

Coming in to land - That is I-5. 

And that is a wrap! 

Fun fun fun. We couldn't stop talking about it. 

Then we all went over to Navy's place and ordered pizza - Michael's favorite and just had a good time, laughing and cutting up. 

It wasn't a sad day at all and that's when you know, it was the right time. 

I'm exhausted - so probably will get to bed a bit earlier tonight. I am greeting at church in the morning. Then the rest of the day I plan to chill and savor the memories of both my sons, who I am blessed to have. 

I hope you enjoyed this trip - I'm pleased that Blogger didn't give me any issues. 



RIP Michael

8/7/77 - 5/8/03


  1. What beautiful photos, you chose the right place and the right time. You had a great adventure getting there, rather exciting, in the helicopter. An important family time.

  2. Oh my goodness! Your photos should be in National Geographic magazine. You really did a wonderful job, they are gorgeous. It was like having my very own tour.

  3. Michael was gone way too soon. I am so glad you had a great experience. Your photos are wonderful and I know it was good for the soul to fly like that. Hugs- Diana

  4. Oh wow...just wow...I am not quite there letting my son go---it's only been 17 months...I hope one day I can...just keeping it real. Thank you, my friend.

  5. Sounds like an amazing day for you and the family. The pictures are so pretty of our great state.

  6. Thinking of you on this Sunday morning, as you rest this weekend, and remember your beautiful son.


  7. I'm so glad you got to do this after several postponements. It looks like a beautiful day, and such amazing views.
    Glad you were able to enjoy this and do it as a family.

  8. So glad to hear all went well.
    The photos are breathtaking - awesome.

  9. Stunning! Wow, I can't believe all that you saw. ((HUGS))

  10. Such a beautiful place! Those pictures are amazing! Thank you for taking us along with you on this very special journey. I am certain Michael is very pleased...and I know his spirit was with you on that trip. I didn't realize that Michael is the same age as our youngest son Scott, also born in 1977. I know this took a lot of courage for you to take this step, but it's wonderful that you have such peace now. Sending you (((hugs))) and prayers and love.

  11. What amazing photos, I have never been in a helicopter but would love to do so.
    Michael died far too young

  12. So glad you finally had a nice day to give Michael this fine tribute even though it took so very long for you to let go. The pics were took were just breathtaking. Hugs to you. Janice

  13. Such a lovely tribute, thank you for sharing. You and your family are amazing. xo, V.

  14. Such beauty and a lovely way of saying goodbye.

    God bless.

  15. How wonderful! I'm glad you were finally able to do that!

  16. Dearest Debby,
    My FIRST blog visit as I was not capable of doing so sooner... not focused and too weak and dizzy.
    But who would have known that I did beat you with two days for being airlifted by helicopter?
    Not so organized as your very special memorial flight.
    As I had no doors to lock, nothing. Just laying on my stretcher, strapped in. Then we got trice the starting warning—something was wrong! Sure enough, got taken off again and waiting for the next helicopter... About an hour later I got airlifted on yet a different stretcher with a crew of 3; nurses and pilots. I lay down and had a tight fitting headphone on for keeping the chopper's noise away. Only a few times one of the crew members communicated via headphone, mainly asking if I was okay. Had my BP checked and after one hour and 15 minutes we made our descent onto the rooftop of the Savannah Vascular Institute.
    That's how I ended for 6 nights in ICU and had risky surgery on the 6th, your emotional helicopter day...
    Again surgery on June 2nd.
    We did use a private driver so Pieter could visit me after I got admitted and my Big Sis came to pick me up on the 12th of May. Again with our private driver back on May 17 for check up. June 1st we went down again after some complications and image sent via message to my vascular surgeon—he had to see me. Sure, got admitted again for more surgery next day after first receiving a blood transfusion. Received one more before coming home on the ambulance on Wednesday, June 7.
    This Wednesday again back with our private driver for a check up. It takes about 2 hours + 15 min. driving time. I will again put seat belt on and lay stretched out on back seat.
    So, that was my 2nd long range helicopter flight: https://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2012/07/our-arrival-in-jakarta-indonesia.html
    With sincere hugs from a 98 lb blogger friend (antibiotics made me lose weight...) but I'm alive!