Checking in on a Thursday

I should have planted these Mexican sunflowers a month earlier. Our days are not as hot - we're only in the 80s and they respond well at 90+ degrees in order to put on a bloom show. We're having a much cooler Fall this year - in fact, our summer was not as Hot as it usually is. 

Here and there, they are opening up - 

Today is a breezy day which reminds me of Fall. There was a bit of a chill this morning when I stood in line to get my haircut. I was there 15 minutes before they opened and I was the first in line! 

They opened at 9am and I was home by 9:20! I dashed out of the house, forgetting to bring a light cover, and had to grab what was in my car. It was around 66 this morning and with the wind, it felt colder. 

I'm pleased with my haircut - For the last week, I have hated my hair. And when I hate my hair, I feel ugly. And when I feel ugly I get bummed. I was trying to get my husband to understand - he doesn't get it. Of course trying to get a bald man, to understand hair is like trying to get marriage advice from a divorcee. 

Wow, this little guy has some fuzz...

I forgot to mention, I got my phone working. I don't know what exactly I did (I wouldn't know how to repeat it) but my phone is ringing again, and my alerts are working. I did plug it into the iCloud and that may have restored it. 

But phones are getting awfully expensive and I can't see spending upwards of $1000 for a new phone. I think it would be a better investment to get a good camera because that is what my number one feature is in a phone. I don't talk on the phone that much; unless I have to. I don't do video chats because I don't like looking at myself. (same with Zoom) The only social media I am on is Pinterest. There are a lot of things on the phone that I really don't need - it's there and I use it but I don't NEED it. 

I can tell it's cooler when my poppies start blooming. 

They usually bloom in the spring. 

This pine tree, used to be a teeny tiny potted 🎄

Christmas tree that was on our patio a few years back. 

It's a grown-up now. 

I have two of these plants just popped up this year - they grow wild here. I couldn't get a photo of them, due to the wind so I took this 8sec. video instead. The hummingbirds love them. They are a wild California Fuchsia (Epilobium canum)

The California Fuchsia is a species of willowherb, native to the California foothills and coastal areas. It is a perennial plant, notable for the profusion of bright scarlet flowers in summer and autumn - it's usually the only native California plant in an area flowering at the height of summer. They tend to die back and go dormant in the winter. Other common names include California-fuchsia (from the resemblance of the flowers to those of Fuchsias), Hummingbird Flower, and Hummingbird Trumpet (the flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds). Epilobium canum is often found in seasonal creeks, seeps, and spring, particularly in the drier southern part of its range.

This plant will readily self-seed, so once you get this species established, it will usually start springing up around your garden. It also spreads by rhizomes. There's probably no better California native plant for attracting hummingbirds and it is drought and fire-resistant. 

Hopefully, Navy will come by and pick up his card and gift today after he gets off from work. Foodie had his final ortho appointment and final x-ray. His doctor was pleased. 

I've had a busy week so far and today I just want to stay home. Saturday I will be gone all day. Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping. Today the husband has an audiologist appointment. 

I'm hungry and I'm tired so I'm going to eat lunch and lay down for a quickie nap. 




  1. Such interesting plants, we often feel like we are go go go and just want to have a day doing nothing

  2. I understand perfectly about your hair - I think most women feel that way. :)

  3. So glad you were able to get your hair cut, and yes I understand how it is when you need one. Very pretty poppy. Interesting read on the hummingbird plant. Janice

  4. Your Mexican sunflower is beautiful. I have never seen any, maybe they do not grow around here. And I have never seen a Poppy this color, so pretty! A thousand is so ridiculous for a phone!!! We don't get iPhones, the other brands are about two thirds less.

  5. What an interesting plant that wild fuchsia is. I love that colour. I don't have a hair thing, but I do have a body image problem... That is something I am working on.

    God bless.

  6. I get it about your hair! The last week before I get my hair colored I can hardly stand to look in the mirror! The grey makes my face look old and then I feel old, too! Your flowers are beautiful!


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