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Does anyone remember Home Interiors? It was a direct sales company that used to do home shows...anyway, I got that little figure at a home interiors party. I used to keep it on my perfume tray but since I no longer have a dresser and downsized everything to my closet, I had no place for this little girl I have had for 30 years. I found she had a chip on the backside of her hat so I placed her in with the succulents outside. 

I believe she is happy there! 

The deal with painting and staining your home, it reveals how dingy the rest of the house looks. I do not have time to do everything. However, I sanded down this table last year and never stained it. I just used a tablecloth all year. I wasn't about the let that happen again. The table is heavy so I decided to just stain it where it was, in the dining area. I placed them on paint cans - worked out great! Since I use a gel stain it's not messy. This is a before shot - 

All I have to do now is put a satin coat of clear sealer on it - and it will be done. Today I sanded and stained the leaf - which I don't need to put in until a few days before Thanksgiving. I'd like a new tablecloth but I don't know. Have I ever mentioned I am a sucker for cloth tablecloths? Like do I need another one? 

I am way behind in my Fall decorating because I took a detour into home improvement. I will go over the chairs with Restore and Refinish to freshen up the wood chairs. A couple of weeks ago I replaced the worn seat pads. Oh, I also want to put a pad on my mom's old piano bench. I think I can do that while decorating the house for Fall. My curtains came - on Monday -  I bought a rod yesterday so they will be going up soon. 

And yes, that would be Miss Susie under the table -  always where the action is. Which reminds me...

Does anyone remember Dick Clark's, "Where the Action Is?" (1965-1967)

It was on after school - I'd watch that and then watch Dark Shadows.

Excuse me...I digressed.

I'm always cleaning - like I have said, we are either the cleanest people or the dirtiest. But every season there are certain things I like to do. A few of the exterior things we don't do - like store our garden hoses and patio cushions. We use them year-round. 

What about you?

 Do you have certain chores you do that you do in the Fall? 

These pretty little white flowers in the pond bloom in the cooler months. 

They die off in the summer. 

The lily pads won't be flowering again this year. 

They are done and will go completely dormant. 

These Mexican sunflowers are still blooming. 

This flower popped up on the hill -

The fig tree is turning - the fig on there is hard and won't ripen. It needs a bit more warmth. 

Guardian on an Italian Cypress Tree. 

That's it, SMILE for the camera. 

With 2 bible studies and my support group, and doing all of this painting and staining, etc - my days go by terribly fast and I am beat tired by 8pm! I sleep like a rock. (Do rocks sleep?) Yesterday I made a vegetable lasagna so tonight I won't have to cook. Just heat it up. 

Tomorrow Foodie and I will go out together. We like to visit different supermarkets I know seems strange but we like to look for things my regular store doesn't carry. When we lived in the Bay Area, there were many different types of stores - we're limited here with not as much variety as in a big metro area.  

There was a reason why I nicknamed my middle son, "Foodie."   

Except for working at Mervyns Department Store as a teenager - he had always worked with food. From Round Table Pizza to Safeway. He's worked in restaurants in the kitchen and is a dietician for a care facility. Plus he enjoys cooking. I always encouraged him to go to culinary school but he enjoys what he does now. He likes serving people... 

Well, now I'm starting to ramble...

Until I post again,



  1. I do remember Home Interiors! I even had a party. They were the thing for decorating your home in the 80's and 90's.
    Those little white flowers are pretty. Our stuff is pretty much done, except the sedum.
    Guardian looks majestic up there.

  2. I love checking out new grocery stores! When they built a new Wegman's nearby, I just couldn't wait to go there! Wow, that Mexican sunflower is so gorgeous. What amazing photos of Guardian! I remember Where The Action Is very well. I can still hear the theme song in my head. After school, I watched General hospital, the Dark Shadows. Barnabus Collins was so awesome and mysterious to me.

  3. I remember the Home Interiors parties as well at Princess House, a Toy one (cannot remember the name), Pampered Chef and Tupperware!. My friends all knew that I would go to their parties but would not host one so they never tried to get me to sign up. I still have a couple shelves I got from Home Interiors and several kitchen tools from Pampered Chef.
    When I was in 6th grade my friends and I were all into watching Dark Shadows every day after school. One of my friends that lived around the corner from me, her mom watched both DS and General Hospital so we would be at her house watching with her mom. My mom never watched any soaps or daytime TV.
    I picked a lot of pomegranates and apples out at my moms last saturday. Gave some away, juiced the pomegranates and made a small apple pie Tuesday. Both trees had so much fruit on them this year.

  4. You are doing great. Interesting a profitable activites

  5. I can't recall a specific thing I clean for Fall, but I am always cleaning, organizing and purging. I do have so many projects to do yet that involve painting, but I do get side tracked when I'm cleaning. We are limited to supermarkets in our area, but shopping around to different ones sounds fun.

  6. I do a spring and fall clean. Mind you now I more or less add a few things to the "extra cleaning" list and take my time getting them completed. I washed all the walls about a month ago and will do that again closer to the spring.

    The doors need repainting here and I hope to get those done this spring.

    God bless.

  7. Did I forget to add about Home Interiors in my previous comment? I have a picture hanging on the wall of theirs! And several other things. I really liked them. Our daughter-in-law had the parties many years ago. I guess they don't exist anymore...

  8. Oh, I love those figurines, and I can't seem to find them anywhere! Sometimes at the antique stores or Home Goods. Yours looks sweet in your garden. I really like that table. It's heavy and sturdy. Reminds me of the table I have now. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Yes, I think I do more Fall cleaning than Spring cleaning. The Eagle on the Cypress tree looks so regal. Your Foodie reminds me of my son, as many of his jobs have been in the food industry as well. My son was interested in culinary school at one time too. I'm glad Foodie likes what he does. Have a fun time visiting the supermarkets. It was nice to see what flowers are still blooming in your yard.

    Have a restful weekend, Debby.


  9. A damn good post, that I read and checked out the photos mostly I checked out the photos one of those mornings when my mind shifts into neutral and I find myself just starring into space or at the computer screen. I miss my trips to the supermarket now days it is done online so no just wandering around the store looking at stuff.

  10. Oh yes, I remember Home Interiors. I have a picture in my bedroom and my nativity set came from them.
    I don't have a special time of year to do certain chores but every once in a while I'll tackle a room and it gets the works done!

  11. I went to a lot of home parties in the 1980s and 1990s, but don't remember Home Interiors. I don't do a lot of season-specific cleaning, but did wash all the windows while it was still warm enough to have them open. The blinds still need to be done.

  12. GoshI use to have Home Interior parties at my old house all of the time. I only have one picture left from them. Sold everything else. Impressive eagle. So majestic they are. Cannot wait to see your new stained table. Janice

  13. I remember Home Interiors! I need to print that fall calendar. My house is always pretty clean, plus my hubs loves to clean : ), but there are likely some things that fall through the cracks. There's a house under construction on our street, not far from us, so there's more dust than normal. We need windows washed pretty regularly.