A Sunday Post

Yesterday we attended the Veterans Day observances at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery. As always, it was nice to be around like-minded people - there is always that feeling of "family." 

This is the view from where my parents are buried. There is a bench there I like to sit at and look out toward the mountains. The crowds for Veterans Day were far from where I was, so while I could still hear the commotion, it was quiet enough to hear the sounds of frogs nearby. 

The next time up here will be the annual Wreaths Across America
It is beautiful to see all the Christmas wreaths on the headstones. 

After we left, we headed toward Applebees for their free Veteran Meal for the husband.  Ran into a few more Veteran friends who were funny. They are single - so they got up early and hit IHOP for the free breakfast. Then Applebees for lunch and then they were planning to go to Cattlemens for dinner. In between, they picked up a voucher for a free meal at Red Lobster to be used by the end of Nov and they even picked up a free personal pizza. They were mighty pleased with themselves. 

Fall has arrived. Although it is not cold at all during the day - we're enjoying 70 degrees but it does get a bit nippy in the morning. 

A good friend who lives in Jerusalem finally checked in - we knew she was far from the border but still, she is in her late 70s, alone and yeah we got concerned. She wrote:

It’s Shabbat and I’m sitting on the balcony with Bible in hand looking out over the view. Children are playing as parents are slowly awaking. I cannot help wonder what will happen in the next few weeks. There is war going on in other parts of our country…but here in Jerusalem, it’s quiet. Won’t last long…but we know who wins!

Well, it's time for me to close - I can hear the husband in the kitchen with his "pizza-making music" going on - that means It's PIZZA TIME. We usually have it on Saturday night but after our big lunch yesterday we were still full and didn't have any dinner. We had Dutch apple pie instead! 👍




  1. The spot where your parents are buried is beautiful.
    I love what those vets did - they deserve it!
    I also love what your friend in Jerusalem wrote.

  2. It must have been a relief when you heard from your friend in Jerusalem, what a dangerous part of the world to live, nothing nice in the way of a view were my parents are buried .

    1. It doesn't really matter - they are dead. It's just nice for any visitors to sit and enjoy the views.

  3. Ah pizza day, always a good day. :)

  4. I can just imagine your friend in Jerusalem sitting on her balcony. What a relief for you to hear from her.

    God bless.

  5. I love what your friend in Jerusalem wrote..."but we know who wins!" I am assuming she's a Christian? Praying for her safety. I don't think I'd want to be anywhere near there these days. Your Veteran's Day activities sound really nice, and yes, I love that the veterans were given such nice free meals! What a nice thing to do for them! I love that your hubby has special Pizza music when he makes pizza. That's so cool. I am sure it was good! Take care and enjoy your fall week.

  6. I'm so glad you heard from your friend and that she is doing Ok. Wow, the Veterans got many good deals at all the eateries. I've never heard of the annual Christmas wreaths at the cemetery before. It's nice that you spent some time away from the crowds at the cemetery. It can be a peaceful place to visit loved ones. I haven't been to Applebees in so long. I hope your meal was good. Your leaf photo is so pretty. I had the landscaper over this morning, blowing, picking up leaves, raking, and the back of his trailer was filled! There were so many leaves around my yard!

    Have a wonderful week, Debby. Always enjoy your posts.



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