Leaves anyone?


Okay so it's not New England - but for California, this is gorgeous. I like keeping the leaves around until after Thanksgiving because we enjoy walking through them. 

Yesterday was a blustery day -

And this was this morning. 

Today will be a mild day - no rain. Yesterday I made a beef stew and we watched the 2008 movie Defiance. 

I also have completed all my Christmas shopping thanks to the marvels of technology. I only have one more gift coming tomorrow and that will be it, except for our one fun gift when we all draw names at Thanksgiving. That little tradition has become so much fun for all of us. 

As I cut vegetables and stew, the view out my window beckoned me to go outside and take a video. I get excited when we get "weather" - most of the time it is just the same old weather. 

I've been a little under the weather - just not feeling as I should.  It's nothing contagious or serious.  It's just me trying to manage normal old-age stuff. I went to the Dermatologist to have my moles etc mapped - I had nothing that was of any concern which was a relief - just these patches of dry skin that are "old age" and genetic.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

 I could have them burned off but I have so many of them in "sensitive areas" that I think I will just pass. 

I do have to go in on Dec 1 - to have a cyst removed that is on the back of my neck, right where the collar is. I had it removed at Urgent Care a year ago, but it came back with a vengeance because they didn't get all of it. Now I will have a dermatologist remove it. 

I stayed home from church this morning due to my stomach - We're having the all-church Thanksgiving at noon. Last year, I got sick after the potluck - my husband didn't. It's me and how my stomach reacts so I am not looking forward to it. I am bringing just a simple bread stuffing. 

Plus since last year, I've been reading how dangerous these potlucks can be. We may worship with these brothers and sisters, and love them to pieces, but do we know how well they wash their hands? Is their kitchen clean? Is the food fresh? 

I never used to feel this way - but after getting sick last year I plan on being very careful since my gut is not doing well now, as it is. 

We put up the dining room curtains - photos pending I promise.

That's it for me - hopefully, I will be back to my chipper self, soon. I do hope this finds you all well. 



  1. That first picture of the leaves is so pretty. There are all the colors of Fall swirling around. Speaking of leaves, just had a landscaper come and blow, rake, gather, and haul away a ton of leaves in my front yard. And now, some are falling again! Oh my gosh, I chuckled about the potluck and the people making the dishes. I am so with you on that - you just never know. But that spread does look good. I'm sorry you have to have a cyst removed in Dec. I hope all goes well with that. I loved seeing the little video of your yard and the windy weather. We had some rain this week, and I was pleased about that. I hope your tummy feels better. I haven't felt too good myself lately.....bad allergies. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for the awesome reads on your blog. They are one of my favorites. ; )


    **Oh, also that is impressive that you got your Christmas shopping done already. I haven't really even started yet. It's going to be a budget Christmas this year, as Jess calls it haha.

    1. This time of year, gathering the leaves is a never ending job until that last leaf...Oh the cyst is not that big of a deal - more of a inconvenience really. I hate having bumps and stuff on my skin and I do tend to "pick" and so it's better they take it out before I get out that great BIG diaper pin and pop it. That wouldn't be smart.

      Yes on the allergies - we both suffer a little not too bad.

      Yes it is a Budget Christmas here as well. They get one nice gift each and that's it. I figure I cook and we have a nice time of fellowship and create memories and that is the type of gift is priceless.

  2. Our youngest son gets a cross between a boil and a cyst on his back every couple of years. He needs to go in and get it lanced or taken out once again.

    We have started to leave some fallen leaves on the ground for the bugs to hide in.

    God bless.

    1. I used to get boils on my bottom as a baby and toddler and had them lanced and I remember to this day how painful they were. The Doctor said this could be a constant reoccurrence. I wouldn't have it done, but it is right where the winter clothes, jackets fall and it rubs and then gets infected.

  3. Wow you're really done early with your Christmas shopping.
    Praying that they get all of the cyst this time.
    Our church is having a big Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday evening at church. We aren't going. Don't really like eating food I don't know where it has been cooked.

    1. Funny. I guess I am not the only one that doesn't really care for pot lucks like I used to. I only ate mashed potatoes and stuffing and had a piece of pumpkin bread. I'm doing okay.

  4. I hope you are feeling better!
    The leaves really are pretty. Ours have all fallen.
    I find I am less a fan of potlucks the older I get.

  5. I agree with you about the potlucks. And now I feel vindicated, and like I am not the only one. Some of the fellowship meals sit out through the entire worship service. Plus there was the trip there. So I am always very careful what I eat, something that isn't perishable. Like rolls, cookies, etc. I like the sound of the leaves rustling in your videos!

  6. Dearest Debby,
    You have/had stunning fall colors in your yard but indeed, strong wind shakes them off so fast...
    Both of us have never raked leaves, it is the best fertilizer for the soil—let them be. In the woods nobody is ever raking...
    Would not dare to go eat at a potluck and one never knows what ingredients are being used since I can't eat so many things.
    Christmas gifts we've never ever done, our tradition was Saint Nicholas on December 6 and with poems for each person—hilarious when they had to read them. A fun family time and it didn't take away from the true Christmas.

  7. You have done so much more then I have still got items to buy and a house to decorate but no leaves covering my lawn


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