Refreshing Rain

Sundial bridge on the Sacramento River

This was taken yesterday by the City of Redding on their X page. Fall is starting to show up in certain areas of town. 

A tree in my front yard - 

Same tree, but looking inside.  

As you can tell by the other trees, 

we still have the majority of leaves still hanging on...

My husband is painting today - the posts on our covered patio. 

Seems we're always painting, doesn't it? 

It started lightly raining so he's done for today. 

On Wednesday mornings I attend Bible Study Fellowship - and we're studying the book of John. As you can see it is a big book - there is a lot of reading and studying. 

A few days ago, I was invited to visit yet another bible study at a church 12 miles from me - out in the sticks. 

Hey, why not? 

So today I went and it was awesome. Wonderful group of women - I knew two of them and we're discussing the book of Job. There is no workbook - we read a chapter - we discuss and we pray. 


BSF is a lot so I was hoping this study would be more of a discussion/prayer group and it was. I didn't want two big studies - So today was just what I needed. 

During times like we are having, where should one be? 

In His Word. 

I am enjoying the rain which started just after I got home. So cozy. Tomorrow it will be around 77 - I am really liking this weather. 

a few "projects" I want to do before Thanksgiving and before I start Christmas decorating. 

I sanded my dining room table - so I need to stain it. 

I need to start my Fall decorating...I am very late.

I have a little round table I wanted to sand and stain. (I figured I had the stain out, anyway right?) 

I have a piano bench I want to sand, paint/stain and I was to add a covered cushion for extra seating. 

Need to start buying my Thanksgiving meal so I am not buying it all at once. 

I have some zucchini, banana, and pumpkin breads I want to bake in the little bread pans I bought at Dollar Tree to give out as gifts. 

Of course, I am not going to stress out about it all because none of it is THAT important. Well, other than the meal. The rest is just "stuff". I can always throw a tablecloth over the table and no one will be the wiser -

I just need to keep myself busy and productive or else the cares of the world seem to land on my shoulders. I am sleeping much better at night by keeping busy - so I am thankful for that. I am one, that cannot look away or pretend something isn't happening, that is happening. It's how I was raised to always be informed. I just have to make sure I don't become consumed by it all. It's all about BALANCE, isn't it? 


Ring captured a teen stealing a pumpkin in our neighborhood. 

Halloween was fine. We did not have any vandalism - We gathered up some goodie bags to give to the younger neighborhood kids and then closed up shop - and turned off the lights. It was quiet till about 8 p.m. when the cars started coming into our subdivision. For about 2 hours, we heard car doors opening and slamming and saw adult-sized people - no little ones.  We were not the only house that turned off the lights. I guess everyone is starting to get sick of the older teen-driving youths. Don't they have Halloween Dances anymore like we did? 

I do miss the old days, when it was the cute adorable little bunnies, or toddler-sized Superman coming to the door. 

Until tomorrow, 



  1. Yeah trick or treating should be for they younger children in cute costumes not those who who are teenagers and should have out grown such stuff. Now it is time for me to start thinking about Christmas

    1. Yep it won't be long till Christmas will be in full swing

  2. I'm glad you like your new Bible Study class. I love to hear the writings of Job. The zucchini, banana, and pumpkin breads will be a nice gift. I just went to the Dollar Store today, and bought some fairy lights. They aren't really long enough, not sure what I can do with them. Glad you got some rain. We got some rain yesterday also. Your leaf photo is so pretty, love that.


    1. I'll have to check out those fairy lights at the Dollar Tree. It's lightly raining right now. I'm enjoying it.

  3. Wonderful Fall leaf colors. I like the new post color your hubby is painting. Makes that outdoor room pop. Janice

    1. That is exactly what was needed - it was boring and needed a POP!