December Hodgepodge


1. What's one fun thing on your December calendar? 

Hanukkah on the 7th 

Observing Christmas on December 23 this year due to scheduling issues. 

Local events will be happening around town and towns near us. It's still early - I do like to go to the smaller towns and take in the small-town ambiance. Since I have my shopping done - we're game. It's a nice feeling. 

2. Sherwin William's Color of the Year for 2024 is Upward, described as 'a hint of silver lining', 'a breezy blissful blue' (see sample here). Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year for 2024 is Blue Nova, where 'violet and blue come together in a sumptuous hue'. (see sample here) Valspar's Color of the Year for 2024 is Renew Blue, a balanced blue with a touch of grayed sea -green' (see sample here)

Seems like the design world is keen on the color blue for the new year. 

Of the three colors listed which one's your favorite? 

I like Renew Blue which looks like the color of my kitchen cabinets.  The Blue Nova is nice, too. 

Do you need to paint? How likely is it you'd select one of these shades for your home? Which one? 

I plan on painting the hall, our bedroom, and the master bath after the new year. I won't be choosing those colors. 

Do you have a lot of blue in your home decor currently? What shade? 

I have pops of blue spread throughout. 

3. Do you struggle with 'the seasonal blues'? 

I've suffered from depression since I was a teenager. I am happy to say, that while I can get a little blue, I now have a godly Christian Counselor I speak with every other week, and I have several avenues of support. Plus I have God. 

What are some things you do to try to beat the blues? 

Gardening and getting outside in nature - taking in a hike, listening to running water (the river, waterfalls, a creek or ocean) Playing with my dog and cat who make me laugh.  I enjoy painting walls and redoing furniture. I'm always changing something in my house or garden. These activities are calming to me. 

I purposely don't get in over my head when it comes to social events or self-imposed "stuff" I have placed on myself or my calendar. Years ago, there was a book, that was called, "Don't say Yes, when you want to say No."  I was always saying YES to everything. I had a terrible history of getting overwhelmed in the past. So what has worked for me is to eliminate those stressors and to just say NO and not feel guilty about it. I can't be everything to everybody and I no longer feel compelled to do so.  I do what I can do and leave the rest of it.   I am learning to embrace the simplicity. 

4. Blue 'em or no? How many pair do you own? Are you married to a particular brand? 

 I'm a San Francisco gal, so it was always Levis but I'm no longer "married" to any brand anymore. Anything that fits me well and is at my price is my brand. I don't know off hand how many jeans I have - I’m guessing at 7. 

5. In terms of holiday preparation (baking, shopping, wrapping, mailing, meal planning, etc) how far along are you? 1=haven't given it a second thought, 10=nothing left to do but wait. 

Decking the Halls - I'm at level 4. Just taking it a day at a time. The tree may get put up tomorrow, but I've been saying this for the last 2 days. 😏

Baking - I don't make set plans to do all the big baking - I do it when I feel like it and if I don't, then I'm fine with that too. 

Shopping - I'm 100% done. 👏

Wrapping - I don't wrap anymore. I use Dollar Tree gift bags and it's a done deal. 

Mailing - I don't send out cards anymore so there are no huge mailings. I make phone calls instead. 

Meal Planning - Yeah I do have to sit down with myself and decide what I want to make for the Christmas (23rd) meal. Trying to decide whether to have a traditional Christmas ham dinner or something fun like Mexican food. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 


  1. Well here we are at another day of hogepoge and here are my answers.

    Spending time with my siblings on the 23rd is a fun thing I am looking forward to.

    Blue was my dad's favourite colour and I think of him when I see that colour.

    My house was painted last year so it's all good, blue home décor would be nice.

    Seasonal blues isn't something I have ever had a problem with depression and me are old friends, I used to listen to loud music in order to to help cope or I would go for a nice long walk.

    I love blue jeans don't wear them at the moment as I don't own any at this moment.

    I am about a third ready for Christmas

  2. I like the Nova Blue best and I do have a lot of blue in my house.

  3. We need to paint the ceilings here, and this time I think we will hire out. Getting much to old to be cricking our necks painting overhead.

    God bless.

    1. The next time we paint, after this time - years from now we will hire out or just live with it.

  4. Learning to say no is a big deal and a great step to letting go. I am going at a slower pace this year. A couple of injuries contributed to it. I like to wrap up most of my gifts for my immediate family. Others will get gift bags. Great on going to counseling and relying on God's strength is so important!

    1. Its been a slower pace around here for the last couple of years due to surgeries - I think I have gotten used to it. lol. I may or may not wrap the gifts - we do have wrapping paper I need to get rid of. But if all fails, there's the gift bags!

  5. Happy Hanukkah! Sounds like you are all ready for Christmas. How nice that your kitchen cabinets are blue. I am happy to hear that you are handling your depression. ((Hugs)) My tree is up and I hope to put ornaments on it soon. I have had the blues but I don't know why. You do sound very organized. Way to go!

  6. Such good advice to not say "yes" to things you really don't want to do. I've had to learn how to see "no" firmly but kindly and then not feel bad that I set boundaries around my time! In a way, moving to a new place helped me because I didn't have any expectations placed on me by others and could start over with doing only the things that I felt led to and that brought me joy. Happy Holidays!!