Out on the Town

This is the first time since moving here that we went downtown to watch the lighting of the Christmas Tree.

After parking - and a couple of hours before the tree lighting event, we walked over to the old City Hall to hear a Christmas concert from the high school's music department. The Old City Hall as we call it, was built in 1907. 

It is now an Arts center. 

This is what it looks like today. 

The Christmas Choir was outstanding; all dressed up in turn-of-the-century clothing - I always enjoy seeing our youth today actually doing things that benefit themselves and others instead of some of what we tend to see on the news. There are good teens out there. 

The orchestra was good too - 

They even asked us to dance the waltz. 

When was the last time you Waltzed? 

After the 30-minute concert, we walked to a nearby Mexican restaurant and had a light dinner. 

Our town is really "into" classic cars. They are everywhere, all the time. There were many classics parked on the main street; all decked out.

Five, four, three, two, one...

The tree lights up! Then it almost immediately went dark again. Everybody mumbles, children are whining and then they come back on again. 

A little extra drama doesn't hurt anyone...

I went closer to see the tree - Kids were climbing on it. I was jealous...
I used to love climbing trees as a kid. 

This part of downtown has umbrellas in the summer - it's called Umbrella Alley. 

I don't know what they call it when there are no umbrellas. 

We walked down to the classic old movie theater - The art deco-styled Cascade Theater was built in 1934. In the 1970's they split up the theater to accommodate four movie screens which was popular at this time. 

It eventually fell into disarray - was vacant for a time and totally run down. Until it was purchased by Southern Oregon University, in 2002 and they totally restored it to its original beauty. 

It is now used as a community auditorium and arts center. 

We stopped at the Art Hunger Center. 

I love all those cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup. 
I'd love a print of that for my kitchen. 

This is in the old I.O.O.F building that has been restored and is a work of art in itself. This was a couple of years ago before the Art Hunger moved in. 

It's a community art show - for all local artists who perhaps wouldn't have ever been able to show their art to the public. 

Heck, I could probably show art in there if I wanted to, which I do not. 

It was festive inside - I had to laugh that, this phone booth is now a relic that young people were getting their photos taken in. 

These ornaments were on very thin fishing lines so you could hardly see them. 

It was a nice evening, enjoying our community. It was cold and crisp so it felt like winter to us. I had to dig out my wool coat! 

Today was my husband's birthday so we observed it yesterday. Right now he is out with his daughter. Tomorrow we are going to a Christmas Symphony at the local college - so that is part of his Christmas gift as well. 


Friday morning I had my cyst removed that was on the back of my neck. It was painless and the Doctor said he is confident that he got all of it so it shouldn't be growing back. 

This was from last year. I still haven't hauled out the boxes to start my decorating. I think we'll start on Monday - 

It's pizza time and the husband still wants to make pizza even on his birthday. That's good because we went out for breakfast yesterday as well as dinner. 

Pizza it is! 

Take Care 



  1. That is a nice downtown with a lot to see! The Christmas tree lighting here in Downtown Detroit was so jam packed with people it's not even fun! We haven't gone in a long time!

  2. It looks like a lovely town. Sounds like you had a nice time. The tree is beautiful. I would love to see those umbrellas in the summer. Thanks for sharing your town with me.

  3. What a wonderful day! I love small-town downtowns.

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband. My husband made pizza on his birthday too back in Nov. :)
    How nice to go and watch the lighting of the tree. What a beautiful tree!!
    Yes, there are lots of good teens out there and so nice to see some of them.
    Love the 'floating' ornaments.

  5. Dearest Debby,
    Happy belated Birthday to your husband!
    That was a fun night out on town.
    Would LOVE to see only white Christmas tree lights but that is a personal taste.
    The very best Christmas tree lights and street decoration we saw was in Singapore—all white and also up the tropical tree trunks and palm trees.
    Great concert it sounds like and you have some very valuable buildings in town!

  6. Wow, what wonderful photos of what looks like an amazing place

  7. Ohhhhhhhh ... the TREE! And the LIGHTS! Fantastic. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite time of the year.
    Blessings. xx

  8. Hi Debby! I really enjoyed this post and seeing how your hometown is decked out for Christmas. Looks like you had a really nice time "out on the town." Such fun memories! I love that old theater. There is one in our area that is being restored also. It is so cool when old buildings are restored. So glad that the cyst removal went well. Have a great week. See you again soon!

  9. It was fun to see Redding through your eyes. The town Christmas tree is so pretty. Umbrella Alley sounds nice too, all lit up. That ornament tree is very cool. I'm so glad all went well when you got your cyst removed. Happy Birthday to your husband. Yes, PIZZA! There is nothing like it. ; )

    A Merry Christmas season to you, Debby.


  10. What a huge and beautiful tree. I love Christmas choirs and carolers. Janice

  11. What a beautiful tour of your downtown. Ours is rather boring, but at Christmas things do get a bit livelier.

    God bless.