Up to the Mountain

Isn't this a beautiful sight? 
It almost looks like a painting. 

We drove 55 minutes north to Mt Shasta, after breakfast this morning. Then we ate at Black Bear diner. Drove up the mountain - saw the snow and drove back home again. Home by 1pm. 

Bunny Flat elevation 6950. 

The road to the top is closed this time of the year. 
You can hike up and go sledding,  cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing. 

I won't be, but you can!

The trees are so pretty decked out in snow. You can't beat these "decorations". 

Funny how I'm hearing many of you are having nice mild weather and no snow yet. I think the West Coast mountains always get the first snow in the nation besides Alaska - well technically Alaska is part of the west coast. 

I can't complain about the weather though - it was in the low 60s today and sunny. Even on the mountain, it was a warm 36 degrees. I didn't even need a coat. My feet got cold, due to the ice. No wind at all. 

I thought this tree was different with all the moss on it. 
Even nature has skinny trees! 

We're blessed to live close enough to visit the snow in the day. It used to take 4 hours when I lived on the coast to get to Tahoe where my folks owned a duplex. Well, really it took 6 hours - 2 hours just to get across the Bay Bridge and the Carquinez Bridge. Then bumper to bumper traffic through Sacramento. Then you had to stop for a chain inspection. 

In the middle of the night - 4 hours. 

The snowpack is now in higher elevations  - but soon it will be lower closer to us. I don't want to have to put on chains just for a drive. So we always turn around just before that. Laydee loves to play in the snow so we'll be making more day trips so she can run after snowballs. When she sees snow, she gets all excited. 

We finally have the tree up 

- had to move the recliner to the side and the tree is in the corner of the front window which is a bay window. It looks fine. 

I decorated around the house and then, I spent a couple of days, LOOKING at it and have decided, I needed LESS. So I will be putting some of it away. My husband put less ornaments on the tree as well. That's just the season we are in. It's not like we're not in a festive mood; because we are and looking forward to it all - perhaps our tastes are changing.  

I do have way too much stuff - I just don't have the space to properly display it tastefully - it would just be crowded in with other stuff and not given the dignity, to stand on its own merit. 

Oh, brother. Do Christmas decorations have dignity? That was a stretch!  

When I get it the way I like, I'll take some photos. 

Foodie and I went out yesterday, grocery shopping, and we hit a couple of non-grocery places too. The Hobby Lobby here had empty shelves! Totally out of lights! I noticed at Costco, the big beautiful trees they had on display were sold out. Dollar Tree was sparse as well. I'm happy that I am at a place, where I don't need any more new decorations. I can walk through these places and not buy a thing.  We've been using the same lights for years. Every year, I keep telling the husband,  "This is the year we'll probably have to replace the lights."

Well, it better not be this year, because there aren't any left!  

I can't think of anything more to say than to just bid you all a comfy cozy evening and a well-rested slumber. 




  1. Dearest Debby,
    The pure snow up the mountain at that altitude is really the best view.
    Good thing that Laydee enjoys playing in it and hope her feet don't get too cold!
    Wearing warm and comfy foot gear is a must for feeling well.
    That skinny tree, covered in moss is a sick or dying one... That's when competitors start growing on it and slowly digest it. Mushrooms do the very same.
    Enjoy your snow season!

    1. Laydee is a lab and very outdoorsy even though she is a pampered house dog. She does love adventures and doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cold.

  2. Beautiful photos Debby.
    We've collected too much stuff as well. I've been spending this year giving away or selling a lot of things. It feels so good to "travel" light.
    Have a glorious Sunday! xx

    1. We’re going to clean and reorganize the garage after the new year and that is when I plan to make the purge. Yes it does feel good to travel light! 😘

  3. Wow, I had no idea it had snowed that much! No snow here in Florida, lol. As for decorating, funny, we had neighbors yesterday (well, 2 brothers who are widowed and live together) who were putting up the Christmas lights on their house and asked us if we wanted any lights? LOLOL--Sure...folks are always giving us things. lol---every year I say I am going to do less, and it never happens. sigh....as for Hobby Lobby, their music yesterday was very loud the shelves were stocked here. Wishing you a very happy day my friend.

    1. Yes in our high elevations the mountains get a ton of snow.

  4. Debby, you drove to Mount Shasta, how wonderful! I want to drive to the town of Mount Shasta and just hang around for awhile. Your photos are beautiful! We will be getting snow soon here too, but I don't think quite as much as this. Can't wait to see your tree. I hear ya on decorating less. I only put the things out anymore that I love and have meaning to me. The outing with your son sounds nice. I've been wanting to go to Hobby Lobby. I love that place around Christmastime. Your photos truly are nice, Debby. I enjoyed looking through them.


    1. I always enjoy the town of Mt Shasta as well. Some cute shops! The mountain we always try to get up to every season. I hope you can get around to visiting the town. Funky place - that’s why it is such a gem!
      Enjoy your snow and week. 😘

  5. It is beautiful indeed, in fact there is one awesome photo after another, I have seen snow but in order to do so I have to travel a number of hours to do so, as it doesn't snow where I live.

  6. I know exactly what you mean about too much stuff, Debby. I'm in the same boat and I don't have the room either -- although I'm still using as much as I can just because in a few years I'll be downsized to the max and much of it will have to go. So I overdo it now while I can. (And while I can still get it up the steps!) I know when I put it away that there are things going into the "give or donate" box. Your snow photos are gorgeous -- that fabulous blue sky is terrific. And finally, thanks so much for finding me at Marmelade Gypsy and coming by!

  7. What lovely pictures of the snow on the mountains. Love them.

    God bless.

  8. Those snowy pictures are breathtaking!!
    Amazing that its hard to find Christmas things 2 weeks BEFORE Christmas. I had trouble finding cards! last week.

  9. What beautiful mountains and yes they could be a painting. Janice

  10. Those photos are stunning! When we sold our large house I gave the vast majority of the Christmas decorations away.

  11. Beautiful! We have had snow, but nothing that stayed. We hit a warmer day record over the weekend. Oddly warm for this time of year.

  12. Mt Shasta is very special. We always went there in the summers when our kids were small and even before that for our anniversary . At one point we wanted to move to Mt Shasta city, it's certainly a spiritual hub. Now Tahoe is our go to and there is lots of snow there now too. I do the same thing with Christmas stuff. We're very minimalist now and only put a few things out and then I end up putting even some of that away. I just did that for Hanukkha. ( no we are not Jewish, I just love lighting the candles and what they represent). I had a few things on the table besides the menorah and decided it was too much.

    1. Tahoe was where I went to as a kid. That’s nice you join in and observe Hanukkah!