A Walk Across the Sundial Bridge

What a glorious sunny day for a walk across the Sundial Bridge.  I almost had the bridge to myself - then I saw a lone walker at a distance. It was morning and only a few people were out and about. 

So come walk with me...

Looking west toward the Trinity Mountains- 

if you look closer you'll see a fly fisherman. 

I'm going to walk that way...once I cross the bridge. 

Looking East - 

I just had a sweater on - while walking, it was quite nice and I never got chilled.  Around 60. 

Some birds on the wire...

Good Morning Birds...

Hmm, what's that in the distance? I haven't seen that before. 

They are setting up a private event that is happening soon. 

There were several Geodome greenhouses with sofas and coffee tables inside. 

It looks like a nice warm place to sit and converse with friends.

To the side was a firepit with chairs - 

Outdoor lights lined the fencing - Obviously, it would be an evening event. 

The Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay) is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge for bicycles and pedestrians that spans the Sacramento River and forms a large sundial. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava and completed in 2004 at a cost of $23.5 million. The bridge has become iconic for Redding.

Many locals were furious about the cost. I wasn't living here, but I remember my parents telling me it would be a bust.

That prediction didn't age well. 

I sat here for a short time - still feeling a bit weak from my Sunday episode. 

I probably should turn around - but I decide to keep walking. 

We had some consistent rain and wind - so the park area had downed branches. 

Every time I walk past these two, I think of my boys, who are adults now. 

I miss those precious days. 

The train trusses are so cool. I'm still waiting to be at the right place at the right time - for a train to cross. I waited - but decided to just keep walking. 

Maybe when I walk back. 

See the little plane? It was going around in circles. 

Maybe looking for a train? 

Yeah, so I have a thing for train trusses...

These probably won't be around in 20 years. I hope I am wrong. 

Another angle. 

"Okay, Debby - enough of the train trusses." 

How about another bridge? There is another bridge on the other side of that one...and a walking bridge that burned down during the Carr Fire but has been replaced. If I kept walking on this trail, I would reach Shasta Dam. 

That's not happening. I've already walked about 3 miles (didn't seem that much) 

but I'm getting those stomach cramps again and I better start trekking back to the car. (with in-between sitting) 

I sat under the gazebo - 

The two Redwood tree trunks caught my eye...

I'm pleased with how this turned out. 

I saw the fish hatchery truck. 

Wow, was I going to actually be able to watch them dump salmon into the river? Great timing. I have never seen this. 

I tried to get a video as the salmon made their way to the river from the truck - but Laydee was restless and tugging at her leash. There were some good-sized salmon.

 I heard a group of fishermen, yell "Hooray!!!" 

I'm walking back, a bit tired after being ill on Sunday. 

Just have to make it across the bridge and then to the lot. I'm getting clammy and I hope I don't get dizzy. 

Looks like the top almost disappears into the sky. 

Told the coots, I'd see them again soon. 

I made it back. What a bummer. My legs don't hurt - so I am not sore from walking. It's because I was sick on Sunday and yesterday.   It probably wasn't a good idea to take a long walk so soon after - but hey, I did it, and everything was fine. 

Came home, ate a light lunch, and took a nap with Laydee. 

Thanks for joining me on my morning walk across the Sundial Bridge. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 


  1. Interesting views in your walk. Looks very nice area to walk and able to be back home safely. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  2. What a beautiful blue sky! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a bridge not sure how I would deal with walking across it with my fear of heights

  4. What gorgeous photos! I am so glad you gave a link because I had not seen this post for some reason. The bridge is totally amazing! And I love the shadows on the water in all shades of blue. Do you know the purpose of the cute greenhouses with living rooms inside?

    1. I think so - I hope to share that tomorrow.

  5. Cool bridge. Such a lovely day too. Nice post.
    Blessings. xx

  6. I'm glad you sent us back here, I did miss this post.
    What a beautiful place! I love the Sun dial bridge. It's beautiful and so unique. I am also a lover of train trusses. If I lived nearby I'd be walking here too.

  7. First time I visited Turtle Bay and the bridge was because I wanted to see the art exhibit that was there at the time "The Art of the Brick" , all Lego scruptures.
    We were lucky to be at Caples Lake in the Tahoe area one time when two tankers showed up and dumped trout into the lake. It was really cool to see that.

    1. That was a first for me!
      Turtle Bay has some really unique exhibits.

  8. A beautiful bridge but yes pretty costly. We have coots here. A beautiful walk for sure and so glad you did not get dizzy. Janice

    1. walking back to the car was a bit stressful. I kept sitting down when I found a bench.

  9. Some cool photos of the Sundial Bridge. I like that photo of the bridge at an angle. Love the gazebo too. This was a nice outing with sunny skies.

    ~ Sheri

  10. I agree 100 percent, AWESOME photos each and every one. A spectacular place to walk. this is my first sight of the bridge and have never seen anything like it. Wow! and a wow for every photo, each and every one. I want a geodome like this in my back yard with AC and Wi-Fi and a keep out sign that says Sandra's She Shed.

    1. Now there you go - I'd like that Geo Dome in my backyard for me too!