Happy FIRST Day of February!


I'm so glad to be out of January. I wasn't feeling so good in January, so I look forward to better days ahead. I uploaded just a few of my husband's photos from his day hike to Brandy Creek Falls the other day. 

I will sprinkle in some chit-chat in between the photos that may or may not have anything to do with the photo. That is just how my mind works...

The creeks are full because of all the beautiful rains we are having. I especially like seeing all the green moss on the big rocks. 

The BIG anticipated Pineapple Express either has yet to hit here or was a complete bust. Yes, we've had rain but a gentle rain. Nothing at all out of the ordinary. So if this past storm didn't put the fear of God into the followers,  they are now pushing yet another weather phenomenon - California's predicted ARKstorm. 

I guess since our drought is kinda-sorta over (for now) they are now predicting a hypothetical megaflood that would devastate our central valley, calling it an ARKstorm. 

*The reason why they call these particular storms a Pineapple Express, is that they come from Hawaii and they are a warmer storm than the usual winter storms that come from Alaska. 

He said he didn't see another human until he hiked back to his van. 

To be out there all alone can be exhilarating and a little scary. I made sure he had his bear spray with him. 

Back to the ARKstorm - 

In California history, we had a great flood that became an inland sea back in 1862. "THEY" believe this type of storm will occur every 100-200 years. I think I'm safe. If it happens in 2062 I will be dead. 

It's the young people who hear this and it's just one more thing they have to worry about. 

Fear Rules. 

Whatever happened to when we used to say, SHIT Happens?" 

Okay, on with the hike...

At this point he is almost there - he stopped and had lunch, enjoying the sounds of the rushing creek. 

Then he gets to this...


A terrible time for our area 

The Carr fire we had back in 2018, nearly wiped out the Whiskeytown area, part of our town, and due to budget restraints, COVID, 
and the "no-one-wants-to-work-anymore" - the cleanup is slow. I don't get it. Not to mention so many people still haven't had the go-ahead to rebuild their homes due to all the environmental restrictions now. 

The local government hasn't made it easy. 

He should have checked the website before. 

At least it was a huge hike... and he still was able to clear his head and enjoy the surroundings. 

So on his way back, he took a photo of this tree - he knows I love trees. 

And fungi - just because they are so pretty. 

Friday at 2;20 pm

For some who may have missed as to why I have to take the written knowledge exam again - I turn 70 in March. In California, after age 70 we have to take a written exam every 5 years. I was squawking about it because I hadn't taken a written exam in 15 years. Let's just say I was a bit rusty on new laws. 

So tomorrow is the day and I'm fine about it. I'm confident and I have an app on my phone with all the tests - and practice exams. I have passed them all except for 2 and those were yesterday. I think I can study too much and then I start to second-guess myself. It's time to get this show on the road.

I got some advice from a feisty 80-year-old - she told me to take the paper test rather than the computer - that way you can go back over and see if you made any mistakes, whereas the computer one, you can't. 

And so that's what I plan to do...

Good News - 

The plumber came by and didn't have to cut through the wall for the shower. He fixed the valve and to save $$$ my husband will get a new faucet and install it. Actually, my husband could have fixed it - for some reason, he thought it was a bigger job.  The plumber showed him how to fix the outside faucet and my husband can fix that as well. It all cost $192. That is not bad at all. Not at all what I was conjuring up in my mind...

I won't bore you any longer. 

I hope you are as excited about February as I am. 

Take Care


  1. Always have something to fear, I think there is talk of Yellowstone park blowing up and taking most of North America with it...most trades jobs are not that difficult, it is the knowing how that you pay for.

  2. Your husband must be a photographer. His photos are beautiful! Especially the moss on the rocks. It is like nature's painting. And I love the perspective of the tall tree. I have no doubt at all that you will pass the test! But I am so glad I do not have to take it. Great news about the plumbing!

    1. Just someone who enjoys taking photos. I like the moss on the rocks as well.

  3. Not bored at all. This was a very interesting post. I loved all the pictures. Sorry he didn't get to take the whole hike, but it sure looks like he saw a lot of beautiful stuff...the water photos are amazing. Oh, a written driving test! I wish we had to do that here in Florida where there are so many OLD people who drive like maniacs. Especially the snowbirds. Oh, that "arkstorm" looks like it could be very bad if it happens. I pray it doesn't. Wow. And yes, I am excited about February. Not sure why...it's just better than January I think. My hubby's birthday is in Feb. and we usually celebrate with family and/or friends. It's kind of the beginning of spring here too, and it's just a happier month. Have a great February! Take care and God bless!

    1. I'm not concerned about stuff that will happen after I die...I guess that makes me a bit selfish but honestly, that's how I feel.
      February is our anniversary month and many of the fruit and nut trees start blossoming in February. My sons wedding anniversary is also this month - on Feb 29!

  4. The pics were very pretty. Especially the green moss. Hopefully no floods for you. Living by a major river here, we could flood, but I cannot fear the unknown. If I lived in fear daily, nothing would get done. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Janice

  5. Lovely photos. * So, how did the exam go? Prayers it all went well. * Those fires look so devasting. We've had fires roll through the Okefenokee Swamp a few years ago. It all grew back but it looked sad for awhile. * The lack of workers is everywhere now. I see healthy young people hangin' out in the streets in the towns. I don't know how they can stand their lives. Maybe that's why so many drink or take drugs. * Hubby and I have always been the Do It Yourself type. Plumbing and electricals are easy once one gets the knack of it. Just takes practice and patience. You can do it! * Love In Christ. xx

    1. I passed with one try! Missed two! I'm happy it is done and over with.

  6. Photos are gorgeous. Good luck on your test. Blessings

  7. Great photos that your husband took on his hike. I hope you do well on your driver's test, Debby. Sounds like you are prepared for it. Plumbing issues are so expensive. We had plumbing done awhile back, and I really appreciate them completing the job. That tree photo looking up is wonderful!

    Your new blog design is very nice. The font was a bit small to read for my tired eyes.

    Happy February, Debby.


  8. Lovely photos. Wishing you sound health and better feeling in February.

  9. Wonderful photos mostly I just looked at the photos due to having trouble concentrating on what I am reading

    1. I'm pleased you were able to see the photos -

  10. The photos he took are beautiful and very interesting. It sure did pour here in the Inland Empire yesterday. I had to drive in it to a doctors appointment. We are expecting a lot more next week.

    1. It did rain hard in the middle of the night and this morning after we got up. But nothing for the rest of the day. Yes our forecast says more rain too.

  11. Love the rocks with the moss on them along the river. Beautiful.
    I would think that the road test would be more important than the written one!!
    Good luck with the test, I'm sure you'll do fine with all the studying your doing! :)

    1. I would too and would have rather, taken the actually physical driving test. I think the driving test is when you are in your 90's.

  12. What pretty colours in the fungi. I take pictures of that as well as many times the colours are just gorgeous. Wishing you luck on your test.

    God bless.

  13. Congrats on passing!! Those are some beautiful pictures from your husband's hike. Hope you have a great weekend.