Rise and Shine, It’s Monday Time!

Navy sent me a text this morning - the view off the hotel balcony in Antigua.


I noticed my spell checker kept changing Barbuda to Bahama. The Antigua/Barbuda Islands are in the Caribbean - southeast of Cuba -  and Puerto Rico. 

It's a 5-hour difference. 

Harry says, "Feed me". 

Ed has been hiding...

The almond tree is blooming nicely. 

Did You Know...

In Chinese culture, the almond flower holds significant symbolism and cultural importance. Associated with purity and femininity, the almond flower is often depicted in art and literature as a representation of beauty and grace. Moreover, it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, making it a popular choice for decorations during the Chinese New Year.

Additionally, the almond flower has historical and medicinal significance in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is utilized for its healing properties. Overall, the almond flower plays a vital role in Chinese culture, reflecting the deep-rooted connection between nature, symbolism, tradition, and the almond flower in Chinese culture.

BTW - my hay fever seems to have passed. 

I'm glad I dug these up last year and moved them - the primroses are not hearty enough for our 100+ degree summer heat. 

I do need to get them in a better pot for Spring. 

I can't believe I have restrained myself, by not going to the garden center this year. Firstly, I've just been too busy and secondly, I want to give it more thought as to what to buy and where to put them. 

I will order some specialty sunflower seeds - 

Our sunny warm days are slowly leaving us, with cloudy days in the H50s/low 60's. Rain is coming by midweek. My poor husband woke up this morning with an itchy red rash. He's at the VA clinic getting it checked out. No, it's not Shingles. No pain just itches! 

UPDATE: Just before I was to hit PUBLISH, he texted me saying the skin rash is eczema. 

I hope you are enjoying your day and the rest of the week if I don't get back here otherwise. Maybe if Navy, sends me more photos, I will post them. Take Care. 




  1. sorry about the ezema and that cat is so precious... yay for not shingles

  2. Your primroses are so pretty! I am amazed that you were able to keep them. I want to thank you for the birthday wishes and for visiting my blog this morning. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. What a gorgeous view! The almond flower almost looks like a cheery blossom to me. Janice

  4. I hope your son is having a great time on his trip! A pretty photo he sent you. I love those red flowers in your garden. I am wondering what health benefits the almond flower is? Your almond tree sure is pretty. Sorry to hear your husband has skin rash. That is the cutest picture of your cat in the laundry basket. I've been wanting to visit the garden center just to browse.

    Have a good week, Debby.


  5. Harry has a cute face. Maybe Ed was on-line ordering more pet toys while you were distracted. Never trust 'em with the computer and a credit card. LOL
    Somehow, I've managed to not go nuts buying flowers yet. It's SO nice here. I really want to start planting. On Friday we're going to meet many of the ladies from Church at a local huge (I'm talking acres!) nursery not too far away. I think the nuttiness will begin then.
    I like that about the almonds. Their blooms are so pretty.
    Sorry about your husband suffering from eczema. That must be very uncomfortable. I just learned out 20 year old niece is covered in rash too. I hope it's something easy to "fix". For now we wait for the results ...
    Our up-right freezer bit the dust, but, I'm not gonna worry about it. It's pretty today, we're healthy and life is peaches and cream thanks to Jesus.
    Blessings from purdy Gawga. xx

    1. I’m glad he went in to the VA because this morning it has spread to his whole body. He’s on antibiotics and some ointments.

  6. My son has eczema, and it can get pretty itchy! The almond tree has such pretty flowers.

    1. Foodie was allergic to everything as an infant and toddler. He would get it pretty bad and then grew out of it. My husband did share he used to get it as a child so as we age, some of this comes back to visit.

  7. Eczema is not fun. Hopefully the rash goes away and does not come back. Love those almond blossoms!! So pretty and the primroses are beautiful.

    God bless.

  8. Those primroses are so bright and cheerful. I am so ready for spring but with it comes hayfever. I stay inside and enjoy tthe flowers from afar.

  9. Dearest Debby,
    Good luck for your husband with his eczema! Itch is so annoying and sleep depriving...
    Antigua no doubt feels great compared to most of the USA.
    We however had 77°F today and I walked in shorts with my wheelchair as stabilizer.
    Oh, those primroses bring back fond memories from my birth country.
    We tried several times to bring some home on the plane from Santa Cruz' garden center but they are not up to the heat in summer here.
    You had me laugh with your writing they're not hearty enough—hardy you of course meant.
    Harry has grown up a bit since he was a kitten and no doubt will be hungry!

    1. Yes he tossed and turned as I slept like a rock. I had no idea. If he keeps busy he says it doesn’t itch as much

  10. That's a beautiful scene from Navy!
    Primroses are so pretty and those almond blooms.
    Sorry about the eczema, that's no fun.
    The weather is crazy here. Supposed to be in the mid 60's tomorrow which is almost record setting heat for us. Then Wednesday? Snow flurries are predicted!

    1. You know I’m a weather buff and have been wondering if you all back there, having the mild winter are heading toward a drought? One of the characteristics at least here, were beautiful sunny and warm winters when we should have had rain. It will be interesting

  11. Looks like Navy and Wife are in a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing it with us! The flowers are lovely...yes, it is spring time here and things are blooming, and there is a lot of pollen in the air as well. We planted some flowers yesterday. I put mulch around them tonight, hoping to help keep back the weeds and also erosion of the soil since this is on a little bit of a hill. Time will tell. A gardener I am not. Oh, so sorry for your hubby's eczema. That is never any fun. I hope they gave him something that works. Take care and enjoy your nice days.

    1. He has it all over his body now. At least he’s on meds and has some ointments. Miserable!

  12. Oh, so sorry for your Hubby and that "itch" how awful. Hope the meds work asap!!
    I am glad your allergy stuff is gone too. I am enjoying our sunny day because I know what's on the weather agenda for Friday. That's my elderCare day and when its raining and miserable cold Lynne and I can't go outside. Makes for a more difficult day, but God does supply more energy for those days, for which I am thankful.

  13. The primroses are so pretty as are the blossoms on the tree.

  14. Great photos lovely view from the balcony and I did not know about the almond flower, that's interesting