The Sacramento River and all that Rain

Yesterday after the vet appointment for Laydee we drove over to look at the Sacramento River. It is swollen - with a swift current. I checked and Shasta Lake has risen 3 feet daily. That's massive compared to how huge this lake is.  Shasta Dam and Keswick Dam are supposed to be releasing some water today. We might drive over to take a look later this afternoon. 

Nevertheless, areas close to the river are close to flooding. The weather forecast looks like we will be drying out for a few days with sunshine and warmer temps. 

It's a soggy mess out there! 

Yesterday we took Laydee in for that cyst thingy on the underside of her neck. It has doubled in size in 3 months. They took another biopsy. The last one was inconclusive - My husband insisted they do another - The Vet asked us what we wanted to do. My husband asked her, "If she was your dog, what would you do?" and she answered honestly - and said she would do nothing until there were signs and Laydee was fine. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it - she eats and poops and pees and does everything she is supposed to. She's happy and shows no pain or discomfort. 

We'll find out between 4 days to 2 weeks. 

I love her to death - but that is how I feel as well. My husband even admitted that he wasn't so keen on having it surgically removed - she is almost 11 years old and there are risks. My husband adores Laydee (so do I) and sometimes I have to be the one who talks some sense into him. 

So, $550+ later...

Thank God we have pet insurance. It was good to go in now as on March 1st the new policy starts and that would mean having to meet the $250 annual deductible. We also loaded up on her medication, flea and tick, and heartworm meds for 6 mos which also gave us a discount because we opted for the 6 month plans. 

Every little bit saves. 

As I was leaving my bible study, some young gal called out to me - I turned around and she told me, someone wanted me to have this. I asked her who, but she dodged my question by getting distracted in picking up her child, among the crowd. I wasn't going to chase after her...

I don't know how to take it. My husband told me not to "overthink it and just accept it." 

I still wonder why? 

I keep thinking it is a mistake. Maybe another Debbie??? 

I plan to talk to my bible study leader, later today or tomorrow - I will ask her what she knows. I need to ask her questions about taking on a leadership role next year before I can make a good decision. I still have questions. 


We're meeting my son and his wife for dinner at my favorite Mexican place here in town. They are leaving Saturday for their leap year honeymoon - to Antigua. We'll be going over to their place to feed, water, and love on our grandkitties - Ed and Harry while they are away. 

PS. Liberty has laid her second egg and now we're waiting on egg #3. 

Time for me to enjoy the quiet while the husband naps - 

Talk to you soon. 



  1. Wow, that river looks ominous! Glad you are up nice and high. Praying for those who aren't. Also praying for Laydee and the decisions you will have be making. May God give you guidance, and may Laydee continue to do well in spite of the growth. Regarding the gift, accept it with grace. God wants you to have it, so that's that! There doesn't have to be a "reason". He just wants you to have it as a gift of love, and someone felt led to give it to you. Maybe someday you can "pass it on" to someone else who God directs you to, but in the meantime, it's there for you to use as needed. Just say thank you. God knows. Hope your kids have a nice "honeymoon" trip. I'm sure the cats will be happy to see you! Oh, it will be fun to watch the eagles and their eggs. So far we still just have one Crane egg that I can see. If there is another one we may not see it until the baby is born! Time will tell! Have a blessed rest of your week.

    1. I wish I knew who to thank! It’s different to be on the other side of receiving.
      I’m excited for my kids on their trip.
      Harry is the outgoing cat while Ed is just Ed- kinda cranky but oh so adorable

  2. So, you did the biopsy and are waiting for the results? Please let us know as soon as you find out!

  3. Dearest Debby,
    Oh, California had mud and flooding problems and so had Georgia.
    It has been years since we got water entering our Rose Suite area.
    So Pieter ran on February 12 the two wet vacs from 11:00 AM till 9:00 PM. He did carry the heavy buckets out to dump behind the house, running down a slope.
    We both were not fully recovered from our Bronchitis and that's why we could not ask the 17–year old teenager from our Church to help him out. It was rough for Pieter at his age of 94... but he did it as I don't have any strength. Lost again weight due to my bronchitis. Now the magnolias are in full bloom—quite a difference from the rain and more rain.
    Nature can be cruel and especially with a builder that left all tree trunks under the foundation... we both worked and lived in Indonesia and he cheated us big time. Those trunks in 34 years of course do shrink and create openings for water to seep in...
    Pieter uncovered them while digging out that area for building the Rose Suite.
    That's life! At times very tough but we're grateful for being alive!
    Your husband is right—just accept it!
    Our late kitty Dido boy also had such a growth but we never did anything about it, he was fine with it.

    1. Mariette, Oh my what a mess! Pieter is such a trooper to be able to do all of that at 94 years young! I hope you all can dry out and get in some restorative rest so you can heal from your bronchitis.
      Take care and God bless.

  4. Oh boy, the river is sure moving quickly and seems so much wider.

    As your husband said accept the card and perhaps at some point play it forward.

    God bless.

    1. I sure wouldn’t want to be fly fishing on the river now.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this about Laydee. I hope she will be Ok. I've never known anyone who has pet insurance. So, the lady at the Bible Study gave you a $50 gift certificate? That was really generous. So glad to hear the Sacramento River is all filled up. And that's awesome you can see Mount Shasta from your neighborhood. I can see it clearly from my town as well. It's such a pretty sight when I drive to the creek.


  6. Yes - apparently someone who wants to be anonymous handed it to her and told her to give it to me. Isn’t that wild? I don’t believe that has ever happened before so it was a shock.
    I can see both Lassen and Shasta - on clear days. They are both very prominent mountain peaks.

  7. Wow! That is a lot of rain there. We had a very nice day yesterday, but now we too have rain. That is so sweet someone thought of you! What a blessing. I hope the doggie is okay. We went through that with several of our kids dogs. It's always tough when they are older and have tumors or cysts. I hope all goes well.

  8. We've had so much rain here in the South that all our rivers and tributaries are swollen too. It'll dry out then come Summer we'll be begging for more rain, I'm sure. Makes me especially thankful to live on our little "sand hill". If we flood everyone needs to build an Ark! *lol* It's pretty, oh so pretty, this morning. Just a slight tinge of oranges, pinks, greys, in the sunrise. It's the kind of sky that makes one go siiiigggghhh ... *grin*
    I also pray that Laydee's growth will be benign and nothing worrisome. Keep us posted about her? Thanks.
    The anonymous gift: I guess someone doesn't want to admit to it?! It will be interesting to hear the backstory on that!
    Hey, how's all the genealogy mysteries progressing? I've been reading old newspapers on-line for Macon and Lawrenceville, Georgia during the time of the real pandemic in 1918. A lot of folks died from the "Spanish Flu" then. It was truly devastating. Some of the ones I'm reading are from the 1880's (in Macon). I take it all the writings with a grain of salt, of course, (being that we're all human and don't always get the facts right) but the history of so many events that are now forgotten is really fascinating. I do love history.
    I'll shut up now. *giggle*
    Hope your day is beautiful and blessed. xx

  9. Wow on the Sac. wonder my phone weather app talks about flood warnings. I have to say I'm glad we aren't in the "Flood Zone".
    Hope your sweet dog continues to have a good long life ahead. That dog insurance really paid for itself.
    As others have said..Just accept the God given gift and pay it forward in the future. It is hard for me to be on the receiving end of things..not my usual position..
    Have a great day.

  10. Thank you for sharing the river with us and the news about how the rain is affecting your area.
    I hope some of the rain is helpful .. I know for many years California was so dry and all the wildfires that happened.
    Praying for your dog!! It is not easy ... but she does sound happy.

  11. So much rain, which is good but too much isn't good.
    With a dog that old I wouldn't be going down the surgery route, as some don't recover well from the surgery and if they don't pass during the surgery had that happen to a couple of people.

  12. Glad that Laydee seems to feeling well...and doing all the best doggy things! Enjoyed your first visit here (from some blog trail or another) but nice to meet you:) Have a great day!

  13. Sorry about Laydee but she's happy and not in pain.
    I agree with your husband, just be thankful and happy that someone thought to do you a kindness. :)

  14. I once recieved a cashiers check in the mail for 100.00. it was in the mid 70's so that was a lot of money then. we needed it, I never found out who gave it to us. my family would have just give us the money and a hug. and they had no money to give away. I think God put it on someones heart to give it to us.
    our Dog Baby Girl, had a hugs cyst, she was the same age as yours, the vet said cut it out, baby nearly died, and was never the same from being put to sleep. she lived 4 years and when she died she has 4 of those huge cysts hanging on her and was fine. i agree with the vet. ignore it unless she suffers is what I would do.. and unless you are thinkiing of allowing chemo which i would never do, there i sno need to know what it is

  15. Thank you for your e-mail on my post today, Debby. I appreciate it, and it means a lot to me. It's a foggy day today. We're supposed to get more snow in March. Spring won't be here quite yet. ; )