Summertime = Oleanders.

These oleanders on the side of my house are at least 12 feet tall. 
My dad planted them—red was his favorite color. He also planted white ones, but the pink and red seem to choke them out and are not as hardy. At one time, we had them on the hill and around the house, but as the years have gone by and trees have shaded them, my husband had to dig some up. 

They are so pretty and colorful that they will flower all through the triple digits of summer. They are so drought-resistant that they can go without water for quite some time and still seem to thrive. 

I wouldn't have them if I had small children. (and pets) 

My previous cats and dogs have never craved their poisonous leaves.  Susie, on the other hand, has never been outside, and since she eats all plants, real and artificial, I would never trust her outside not to munch on them. All the more reason to keep her inside. 

Some of the oleanders at a neighbor's house are at least 20 feet tall and all white. I'll need to go over there and take a photo one day.

I haven't bought any flowers this year so far. I probably will. 

Yesterday it was 76 degrees. Today it's 86, and I believe tomorrow will be back in the 90s. Looking ahead, I do not see any days over 100 degrees, and I am very happy about that!


Today, we visited a new church and arrived 15 minutes early because we thought the service started at 10 am, as stated on their website. However, we found out that the service actually started at 10:30 am. Despite the confusion, everyone was friendly, and we had a pleasant chat with some of the members.

Since the head pastor was away, one of the associate pastors delivered the message. While the service was fine, there were a few points I didn't fully agree with. These differences were not related to any heretical or salvation-related matters, but rather interpretations of certain aspects. We both agreed we would go back next Sunday. 

Just like getting 3 estimates...

I just realized that when it comes to finding a new church, it might be wise to visit at least 3 different ones before making a decision. It really is a big decision. I usually like to make quick decisions, but when it comes to finding a good church, it's important to do some research and not trust our "feelings." Walking into a new place where you don't know anyone can be tough, and I don't like that feeling. Luckily, everyone at the church I visited was kind. After a couple of times, if we feel like it made our list, then we'll talk to the Pastor. 

I don't want to have to do this again...


before her thingy

When we arrived home from church, I noticed blood in our bathroom on the wall, at about Laydee's height. We then started finding more blood on the hallway walls and doors. It seems that her cyst, tumor, or growth thingy is bleeding. She must have knocked it. The last time she saw the vet, we were told if it starts bleeding then it will have to be removed. 

A month ago, we decided to cancel our pet insurance due to the high monthly premium, believing we would be able to save money and have a special medical fund for our fur babies.  It's only been one month, and we haven't yet saved enough for surgery. It's one of those moments where you just have to laugh it off. Oh well, that's life for you. I'm not going to worry about it. Those "what ifs" can set you crazy! 

It seems like appliances and pets always break down or get sick on three-day weekends. On New Year's Eve, we spent part of the evening in the veterinarian's clinic because of Susie. It's not bleeding now, so we will wait until Tuesday. Meanwhile, we are keeping an eye on it, and she won't be left alone.  Tomorrow, I will miss the Memorial Day services at the Veterans Cemetery. I won't leave her in a hot car! Anyway, it's against the law. I haven't missed a service in decades, so that will feel a bit strange for me. 

I am feeling so happy surrounded by beautiful flowers, they bring me so much joy. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.



  1. I am so sorry about Laydee! You are a good fur baby mama to not leave her alone now, for at least awhile. Keep me posted! I agree about finding a new church. It is so stressful, and hard to remember so many new names as well. We have to use our heart, but also out head as to match our beliefs with theirs. I do think one needs to attend several, and pray about it for a sign. Gosh, I didn't know any of this bout oleanders! Why don't more people have them??

    1. Probably because their leaves are poisonous

  2. Dearest Debby,
    Hoping that Laydee will be fine!
    Finding another Church is not easy and one has to thoroughly consider many things.
    As for those incredible Oleanders, it is a contradiction what you write about the white ones not being as hardy... Yet your neighbor has a 20 foot tall white one. Guess that is still the same climatic condition.
    We also have 90°F already but plenty of rain as well.
    Certainly miss the double white we used to have:
    In Austria and Italy they line the Interstate and that is such a lovely sight!

    1. My husband believes that the white ones survive when the reds and pinks are not grown with them. Who knows. When we had the whites, the others crowded them out. The neighbors just have the whites.
      Oleanders grow along side many of our highways as well and they grow so lush and tall.

  3. Awww, poor Laydee. She's so fortunate to live in y'alls home. Do keep us posted when convenient. I pray all will go well and the cost stays minimal.
    I dread if or when we have to search for another Church because our congregation keeps getting smaller and smaller. We still sing the old hymns while teaching salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ (saved by grace). So many are dying off or falling away because we won't "modernize" plus the young don't see the need to attend. That's sad. Anyway, good luck in finding one that truly teaches the Gospel. That's almost becoming as rare as hens teeth.
    Oleanders are so lovely. I won't have them on our property because of the dogs. Oleanders are highly poisonous, even if burned. I have a photo of an Oleander Moth. Have y'all ever seen one? They are so pretty! The Moth is my favorite shade of blue.
    Hope you have a peaceful, relaxing Memorial Day. 💙

    1. Many churches are losing people - the pandemic and lockdowns didn’t help and people got used to watching it on YouTube.

  4. The Oleander is so pretty!
    I'm sorry about Laydee, that's so hard.
    Finding a new church is a big decision and not an easy one.

    1. I don’t like not having a home church.

  5. The oleanders are so pretty. We used to have them at our last house. I think it would be a good idea to try a few more churches. So sorry to hear about Laydee. Praying she will be okay.

  6. Beautiful flowers, I hope Laydee is ok

  7. Those Oleanders are blooming beautifully. They must be a sight on the side of your house. Love the red ones! I hope poor Laydee is Ok. She's such a loyal companion.