The Summer Heat is On - and Grocery Thoughts

I don't believe this has ever happened before. This year, we haven't planted anything - no tomatoes, no zucchini, and no green beans. I also haven't planted any annual flowers. 

How did this happen?

We were both preoccupied with other things and time got away from us. 

Luckily, my perennial flowers are doing great and doing their job by, blooming every year without much effort from me.

The Johnny jump-up plants at the base of the potted palm on the left come back every year. The citronella, lavender, roses, petunias, gerbera daisies, and red geraniums also grow back every year.

The pomegranate trees are adorned with stunning flowers that will soon give way to their fruit. 

The almonds have already bloomed - Homegrown almonds are simply the best.

These flowers bloom multiple times a year and are part of 
the Chrysanthemum family.

We also have additional pomegranate trees located beside the house.

On the hill, we have these white vines - Field Bindweed. It is rhizomatous and likes to climb or creep, usually found at ground level. Also known as creeping jenny, possession vine, and perennial morning glory.

In our pond, we have a water plant known as Salvinia oblongifolia. This lovely plant is native to Eastern Brazil and typically blooms during the winter, with the remaining blooms likely being the last of the season.

The water lilies thrive in our 100+ degree heat and provide valuable shade 
and shelter for the fish in the pond.

Roses bloom just about year-round. 

My shamrock plant is eager to get in on all the summer fun and bloom and produce its little white flowers. 

It thrives best during winter and early spring.

I plan to plant these Mexican sunflowers in the dirt in the next week. Since we have a long growing season and they love the heat, I enjoy having them bloom in late summer/early fall. 

These are from last year!

One of the most photogenic flowers, for sure!

The bees love them! 

Before the light turned green, I took a photo of this cloud. 

Over the last couple of days, the temperature had peaked at 104 degrees (and 106 in our backyard). The heat has been particularly bothersome for me this year,  I am not sure why. My husband seems unaffected as he spends most of his time outdoors. He only starts to feel uncomfortable once the temperature reaches 115 degrees.

I make him come inside in the afternoon after lunch. 

 He tells me he is part Lizard! 

I'm starting to believe it.  Typically, by 4 p.m., the heat is at its peak, so we both stay indoors. Luckily, we can expect some relief in the next few days, with temperatures forecasted at 94 and 95 degrees. 

On Monday, the city pool will open its doors to the public. I'm planning to attend the water aerobics classes from 5:15 to 6 pm, which are held from Monday to Thursday. Although morning sessions are available, the water is too cold for my bones in June.  I remember last year it took me two days for my bones to warm up after attending the morning classes. Perhaps once the weather gets hotter in the mornings, I'll consider going. In the meantime, it's a refreshing relief to take a dip in the pool when the temperature soars to 100 degrees and above.

My main store I shop at. 

This morning, I woke up early to go to the hair salon before it even opened. I ended up paying $20 for the haircut, and I left a $5 tip, making the total $25. I usually give more as a tip, but for now, it had to remain at $5.  The bad economy hurts everyone! How much do you all usually pay for a haircut or trim?

That was with my senior discount. I don't know what they charge for a regular cut.

 After that, I headed to the grocery store for the dreaded grocery shopping. Before I took a look at my receipts. To my surprise, I realized that I've been spending at least $35+ more per week on groceries for the last 2 months. If this trend continues, it will add up to $1820 annually, without factoring in holiday expenses and extras. This means I'm essentially paying an extra $156+ each month. 

That hurts when you're a "saver" and on a fixed income. That is less money I can sock away. 

In my area, I've found that Winco offers more affordable options. They are an employee-owned store. Another store I like is Holiday Market, which is a bit more high-end but prides itself on selling local produce and meats while being 100% employee-owned.

I've had to make some adjustments to my grocery spending habits. While I used to be more flexible with my budget, I've now become more mindful of the prices of the things I purchase. I put more things back on the shelves, than I purchase.  

Do I really need that? 
What substitutions can I make? 

The local butcher nicely packages my meat in smaller portions,  individually for me. Fortunately, we are not big eaters. One pork chop is enough for me and a nice salad.  Sometimes, I can't even finish a whole hamburger/bun. 

Of course, I realize this is all my imagination - the economy is great - everything is great. 
The best ever!



  1. Such lovely photos of the flowers, I liked them.
    I haven't paid for a hair cut in 30yrs, so no idea what it would cost.
    The price of everything is going up and up and up but not the pay packet that doesn't increase. Finding money for things isn't easy but somehow we manage

    1. I used to have long hair down to my waist until 2019. Then, one hot summer day, I ran into the hair salon, sweating, and told them to cut it all off! I enjoy it shorter, but I don't enjoy having to budget for a haircut once a month. It seems to grow more in the hot summer months.

    2. Yeah thankfully I don't have to pay to have my hair cut and I do have short hair always have done, well since I was 22 I have had short hair

  2. That's the beauty of perennials, they come back. We haven't planted anything either. We just don't get enough sun here in the woods.
    It's been cool here today but sunny. Windy and 60 degrees.

    1. We get too much sun, and so many tender annuals burn up. I love those temperatures. Much like San Francisco.

  3. your sarcasm...mine too.
    Glad it cooled off to 95F today instead of 105F. I was able to be out in my friend's backyard this morning early. Friend has sever dementia, Alzheimers. Being outside was a welcome break for us.
    We do the majority of our shopping at WinCo too. Very price conscious of prices due to a single fixed income..Never enough to go around it seems.
    P.S. lovely yard and blooms.

    1. Well, "they" were wrong. It is currently 102 degrees. They can't predict accurate temperatures, yet expect us to trust them with climate change.

  4. The flowers are so pretty! I don't think I've ever seen a pomegranate flower before. I love them!
    I heard on the news today about the heat you are enduring. I hope it breaks soon!

    1. They are pretty little flowers! The color is pretty.

  5. How wonderful to have home grown almonds. Love your flower show. What beauty. I don't even really want to talk about the grocery prices. So glad I am still working and our house is paid for is all I can say. Janice

    1. At least you have a job. To think I used to enjoy grocery shopping.

  6. Your flowers and trees are lovely. Can you send some heat our way up in the prairies of Canada. Really the weather has been very strange here this year.

    Grocery prices are crazy, but we will endure.

    God bless.

    1. Yes we’ll have to endure - not much of a choice.

  7. It doesn't matter if you didn't plant anything this already have so many gorgeous flowers! Especially those beautiful Pomegranate flowers. Your grass is beautiful; and I like your little stepping stones. What a huge imposing fluffy cloud!!

    1. It seems like the perennials are really putting on a summer show!

  8. beautiful flowers and no extra work.. your garden is lovely. we are on a very limited budget and I have been living in shock since 2020 that the prices are going up and up and up..

    1. No extra work is what I like. These high prices are here to stay.

  9. Last year we never planted any flowers, nor mulched the flower beds. We are paying the price this year for having to buy so much mulch, but it's getting done. No more weeds (or atleast a lot less). Love the flower photos. Yes, grocery prices are horrible right now. I try to make sure we roll leftovers into another meal after the original meal.

    1. Last year we put weed cloth and rocks, in larger areas to save on water and no weeds! It was appreciated this spring with very little weak growth. We have a hill we need to do something with.
      Oh yes, leftovers are mainstay anymore!

  10. Your flowers and fruit trees look great. So lovely. Makes the yard feel peaceful, doesn't it.
    Clouds are pretty. They make the sky interesting. I take pictures of them many times.
    Grocery prices are awful because of high gas prices. Everything costs so much more to produce then bring to market. We're all paying for that. It's all part of the plan to destroy the Middle Class.
    The heat has reached us too. It's in the high 90s with high humidity here in Southeast Georgia. We need rain badly. It's really dried out. I hope everyone is careful about fire. 💙

    1. I want my home and yard to be my sanctuary so yes, a place of comfort from a cruel world.
      Hope you get some rain. I had no idea you all have been in a drought.

  11. That's great that you are taking a aerobics swim class, Debby. Haven't had a swim class since childhood when I completed all the courses. It sure gets hot there, and I can see why you want to be in cool water at times. Your flowers are blooming so nicely, and I love your pink rose. I will share the pink roses that I saw at the nursery on Monday, and they were similar to this color, just a little lighter. And I love your pomegranate tree and the soft blush color, sooooo pretty. Yes, prices at the grocery store are high, but if you go to ones that are less expensive, it really makes a difference. And I cut my own hair; it's curly, so hard to make any mistakes haha. It's good that you are aware of the money being spent in your household. Not everyone thinks of those things. And lastly, that cloud photo is wonderful.

    Have a pleasant weekend, Debby, and try to stay cool.


    1. I will be sore next week. The first week is a bit rough plus I’m older now. I hope I don’t have any issues with my bad shoulder. If I do, I’ll just float around if they’ll let me!

  12. I guess I shouldn't complain about our 97-99 degree temps this week! But factor that with almost 100% humidity, and it does make a big difference! The heat index is much higher than the actual temperature because of the humidity. But still, your temps sound brutal to me! But your flowers are beautiful! I wish I had some to show! I have weeds surrounding my little garden and I can't get out there and pull them in this heat, plus my back/shoulders/arms are keeping me from doing a lot of things. Oh, to have a pool to go to would be so lovely!! I wish we had a community pool of some kind, especially for seniors... I told hubby maybe we just need to get ourselves an above ground pool to cool off in and also to exercise in. It would be such good therapy. Yes, grocery prices are outrageous. I am very conscious of what I buy and spend. It hurts to go shopping these days! Praying for a miracle in the new year...
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend. Thinking of you as you figure out the church situation...or maybe you are settled in your minds about it already. praying.

    1. I remember one time in San Antonio Texas - I walked outside after being inside the terminal and was hit with oppressive heat and humidity! I almost passed out. I can’t handle the humidity . I’m much more accustomed to a dry heat. I don’t know how you all do it but I guess it’s what we’re used to.

      The water class is almost all seniors! It will be refreshing.

      So far both my husband and I are enjoying the new church and it might be the one. Today there’s a potluck.

      I hope you have an enjoyable Sunday. God bless.

  13. At the end of summer last year, I told myself that I was not going to plant many flowers because the Texas heat burns everything matter how much I water. This year...I did the same planting that I always do and I know that I'm going to regret this later on. Water aerobics is one of the Best exercises...You most likely will be sore, but just think of the good you will be doing. A trip to the grocery store is depressing these days. I never have to buy meat, for which I am thankful, but the cost of everything else is horrible. And...the cost of dining out is ridiculous. I know these places have to make money, because they are hit with high prices as well, but when two people can not eat for less than 25.00 at a simple burger spot....then it is time to cook your own.. Hope you enjoy a great week. Your flowers all look great..