A Friday Wrap Up

 This is a little hideaway my husband and I used to go to sit and read or listen to the rushing creek. It came up in my memories on my one-drive cloud. After the devastating fires we had in 2018, it no longer is as lush with trees and vegetation as it once had been. But it is coming back and the last 2 years of healthy rains, sure help. This is Brandy Creek in the Whiskeytown Recreation area near us. 

I hope this Friday finds you all well - I'm tired. I have been burning a candle from both ends- OUCH! I don't like to be busy busy. This week I have had places to go, and people to see and I am done. I'd much rather stay at home. 

This morning, I was hurting - we had some valley fog on Thursday that was so cold and thick it seemed that the cold crept into my bones and took residence.  I couldn't shake the cold or the arthritis that flared in my left knee and my right hip. I don't get that usually. It's better now but yesterday I was hobbling around like a 70 year old...wait, I will be 70 in 3 weeks. 

My therapist and I have been talking about the aging process. She pulls no punches and I appreciate that. None of this, 

70 is the new 40 or 50.

Great if you feel that way, but I'm keeping it real. I surely don't! I'm actually okay with aging and about eventually dying. I just don't want it to hurt! 

Just have to keep trusting God and keeping my eyes on the ultimate prize. 

This is Clear Creek Gorge. We used to pan for gold there - we haven't done that in a few years. Pack a picnic lunch and just enjoy. A good time to pan for gold is in the spring and after heavy rains. 

This area is a beautiful spot to watch the salmon spawn. 

A few years ago, we drove up to Oregon's Crater Lake with our dog, Laydee to a dog-friendly B&B.  The weather was not so good. It ended up snowing and there was fog so thick we could not see the lake. It was one big bank of heavy fog. I've seen Crater Lake but my husband hadn't ever seen it and at this date, still hasn't. 

The gal who owned the place also raised sled dogs and raced in the Iditarod every year. To the side of the property, she had many sled dogs - in their kennels and every day she would take them out to run them. At this particular time, we had the whole B&B to ourselves. She lived in her house down the road. It was nice and we were able to get out and about with Laydee and do some hiking, before the weather changed. I have since heard, that after the pandemic she closed down. 

Today, I needed to go grocery shopping. I took my husband with me. I'd rather leave him at home. He is like a child - he walks slowly looks at everything and talks to everyone!  I have a list and I mean business and want to just get in and out.  I have to watch him - he tends to add things to the cart - mostly junk and then I get surprised when we are loading up the groceries. I took a chance and also let him tag along with me to Costco and then to the meat market. 

I bought some chicken wings at the market for Sunday. At Costco, he wanted these frozen Beef Wellington Bites from Chef Gordon Ramsey. $15.99 - How could I refuse? I didn't know he had a line of food. Instead of having those for appetizers, I will have them for dinner one night this week. Then in my mind, it wasn't that expensive. I can spread them out for 3 dinners. Add a salad and another side and it's dinner. 

I thought these were good prices for quality meat at the butchers. I do not like the low quality I am finding at the supermarket. It's pretty crappy the last few times I have bought a roast - meat and gristle. I've decided it was better to spend a little more on good local meat than to buy from the supermarket. 

Tonight we are having pizza but I'm giving my husband a break so we bought a make-and-bake pizza for tonight. 

I'll wrap this up - I didn't know this post would be so lengthy. I will leave you with something to ponder that my husband said to me this morning,

If I am standing still, why does my nose keep running?

God Bless


Twins and Triplets on a Tuesday


My Grandma was a twin. (This was her on her wedding day) 

Her name was Nannie and her sister was Fanny. Imagine naming your baby that, in this day and age. Fraternal twins tend to run in families through the maternal line. It is caused by a multi-ovulation gene.   Fraternal twins can be a boy/girl or 2 of one sex but they look like siblings rather than identical. They could look almost identical but that doesn’t make them true identical twins/ monozygotic - in other words, it took 2 fertilized eggs. Identical or monozygotic twining is one fertilized egg that splits into two or three...My triplet cousins - the boys were identical twins (one egg that split into two) and another egg joined the party so she was just a single. No fertility drugs were used. It was all natural and I was told she gave birth to all three vaginally! OUCH!

My Grandma's mother (Salle, my Great Grandmother) not only had twins but had twin siblings from their mother, my 2nd great-grandmother, Rebecca. 

My 3rd great-grandmother, Martha had twins. 2 girls. 

Now on my mom's side - 

My Grandma Mabel's sister gave birth to boy/girl twins. 
Fraternal twins. 
Bobby and Margaret. 

My 2nd Greatmother's mother, Elizabeth also had boy/girl twins. 

Leonard and Margaret 

My 3rd great-grandmother also had a set of girl twins. Olive and Mary Alice. I have their photo somewhere - they were older when their photo was taken. 

My sister and I could have had twins - with 35+ cousins, 2 of my cousins had twins. The triplets and boy/boy twins. Don't know if any of my cousins have twin grandchildren. That would be interesting. 

Do you have twins or multiples that run in your family? 

I wouldn't have minded one bit if I had twins. I used to Nanny for a set of boy/girl twins. Max and Stella. They were so cute and fascinating to me. 

I had twin best friends, growing up that were identical. 

Famous Twins

Mary Kate and Ashley

Robin and Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees 

As far as the celebrities go - I didn't recognize any of them on the list I looked at - except for these two sets -  I don't follow the celebrities of today.  And of course, throughout history, there were Jacob and Esau from the Bible and Apollo and Artemis from Greek mythology. 

I remember the movie Parent Trap where Hayley Mills played a twin. 

Patty and Cathy

The Patty Duke show, where it was her cousin who was identical to her. 

Well, that was fun. 

I hope you enjoyed it. It started out with me wanting to explain the part of the twin and single birth = 3 born at the same time or being a triplet. Then the subject morphed into everything else. 

Take Care,

Faith and a Praying Grandma

I ordered this special book and received it Saturday and wanted to share about it. It's special because it was written by my cousin, Terry Squires. 

Her webpage says this: 

Terry Squires is a veteran author, speaker, television host, and creator of many gift products for teens and adults. Her 20+ books include the bestselling TodaysGirls.com series, the Communicate Christ series, God’s Stories-My First Thoughts, Bible Stories for Bedtime, Ancient Heroes, created and contributed to the ONE Impact Bible, I Seek Truth and soon, This Is Faith.

Terry co-produces and hosts her weekly syndicated television program, Today’s Nashville – This Is Faith, and speaks, nationally. Speaking topics include The Power of One and I Seek Truth –Seeking His Truth for Your Life. Terry lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is married to Ted Squires. 

Terry was a triplet - the youngest grandkids. Actually, they are not technically triplets - we all just referred to them as such. The boys were twins and she was a single birth - they all just came in one adorable package. 

You can see how she hasn't changed much since she was a little girl. 
I am told by my other cousin, that Terry is the sweetest person - 

She has a talk show in Nashville - Wish I could watch it.  She interviews some of Nashville's stars and they always talk about their personal Faith. 

The "triplets" sitting in front - my sister on the right with the white puffy top. 
I am standing to the right at the end - wearing white shorts and a light blue top.  I was 17. 

My sister and I were the outcast cousins from California. We were like foreigners when we would go back. It was fun when we were little but in the tween/teen years, it was not fun at all. I always felt awkward; like I wasn’t a part of the family. 

But Still...

It is nice to be able to delight in their many successes and Terry is one of them. I also have another cousin who is an Academy Award-winning music supervisor, who puts together soundtracks for high-profile film and television projects.

I did meet her once. 

I remember being told, that when the triplets were being delivered, their father had no idea, and neither did my aunt. Probably around 1960. They both went into the hospital believing it was just one big baby. Then they were told when she was in labor, that they were having twins. How fun but it was a complete shock. 
I remember hearing that when the 3rd one came, my uncle passed out. They already had 2 young daughters. 

Even though I never really knew them, they were the pride of the family. We always received photos of them and they were so cute and talented - singing and dancing at the Indiana State Fairs. 

This Devotion is written in the first person, so it's easy for the reader to identify with each topic - from Genesis to Revelation.

It's a good read and I am looking forward to her new book about Faith. 

Our Grandma would be so proud - I know,  she kept the faith - an old-school Methodist who loved God and taught her 9 children the way of the Lord and watched most of them straySadly she did not live to see them all come back to God before she died. 

There is still HOPE if you are a praying Mom and Grandma. 

I did not have that day-to-day relationship with her but we did write letters back and forth - we were pen pals. And in every closing, she would tell me to be "ready" for when the trumpets sounded - when we would all meet with Jesus in the clouds and live with Him in eternity. 

I still have those precious letters! 

She always told me she was praying for me to accept Jesus and go to church. There is something about a praying Grandma - God listens.  And the tally is not in yet  - I do know from my time on Facebook, that at least half are committed, believers as are their adult children. 

For me, it didn't "take" until I was 33. Better late than never! 


A Double Rainbow

Navy sent me this photo of the double rainbow that was seen all over our area yesterday. 

A double rainbow and a 49ers flag

Is this a good sign for Superbowl Sunday? 

And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there anymore be a flood to destroy the earth. And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

Genesis 9:12