Lets do some updates

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During our last wind storm, a stick blew into the nest and cracked an egg, so now there are only 2 eggs. It's always upsetting when that happens - for the Liberty and Guardian, they just trust.  

The almond tree is looking beautiful. My husband would take photos and text them to me while I was sick. 

I wasn't able to spend much time with Ed and Harry - my husband pretty much doing it all. They were always waiting for him at the front door and then following him around. 


I'm feeling about 44% better. The rest of me is slightly nauseous at times - still in a brain fog and coughing but not like before. I'm not sleeping all the time like I was.  I'm taking the rest of the week off from all group activities. At least I am seeing improvement. 

The husband has been coughing - and sneezing since yesterday. 

Navy and his wife are on their way back - in fact, they should be home anytime now. 

I noticed that the Google sign-in is different. I checked it out and apparently, they have been rolling out the new look over the last couple of months with all of it now done as of March 4. It's really not that big of a change. I only noticed because the print seemed bigger. 

Another change that is coming. I heard that Dollar Tree is raising their prices AGAIN. They will be all over the place in prices. Seems they are having an identity crisis and want to be more like Dollar General. They are installing price scanners in the store. 

It's been raining a lot - what more can I say about that? Snow in the mountains = more water for California. 

Good News -

The husband did our taxes and we are getting back $151 from the State of California and $841 from the Feds.  We're pleased. 

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. 

As soon as I publish this, I will probably remember something else, only to forget it again. I am wrestling with a bad mood - As for my birthday, I'm over it. I'm thinking, that maybe this was a glimpse of what the next decade is going to look like.  (okay I'm wrestling with negative thinking, too) I get this way when I have been sick for longer than a couple of days, I tend to go through a mini depression. 

Lastly, today would have been my sister's 65th birthday. Her name was Donna. I miss her terribly even though in our adult years, we grew apart thanks to our mother's meddling. We were just finding our way back to each other, when she dropped dead, unexpectedly at the age of 56. She would have never liked being 65 or even older. Most of her friends were Nina's friends. She had no old friends that were her age or older. I always felt "less than" when around her because I was getting older and she refused. 

She loved life her way - she loved the men - and the men loved her. She was married four times and I believe this one would have made it.  

I had always wished we would grow old together and it was a great disappointment when she passed. Because of her age denial, she refused to get medical attention - she followed a lot of remedies. 

I always knew she was a drinker. Every time we talked on the phone, she was drunk. She took our mother's suicide very hard and every anniversary, she would call me, drunk and crying, and big sister had to make everything okay. It was after she passed that we learned she died of cirrhosis of the liver. Her daughter said, she believed she knew something was wrong and just wanted to forget about it. She tended to live in a fantasy world. 

Oh, how I wish things could have been different. 

Now I am the only one left from my birth family. 

Donna, I miss you and I loved you. Why? 


70 birthdays


It’s Sunday right? All I have done is sleep. I’ll get up, hobble to the sofa and then I lay down and do the only thing I am good at - Sleep! 

What a drag. I guess there is some improvement- besides being sleepy, I feel so weak. I’m hoping tomorrow will improve and I can stay awake longer. 

As for my birthday- no biggie. It’s funny because I never used to make big deal out of them and so I should have known when I proclaimed this year’s birthday a milestone to celebrate that something would happen. The last time I was this sick was 3 years ago when I had Covid. I don’t usually get colds - I built up a lot of immunities in 30 years dealing with young preschoolers. 

Friday I bought my chocolate chocolate-chip brownies and chocolate ice cream and still haven’t dug into yet. Maybe tonight, just a little. 

So I now proclaim the whole March as my birthday month! As soon as I am well enough I have a dinner and a lunch date with my son. I can do that - I’m 70! 

Freaky Clouds

Yesterday we had some freaky clouds in the skies around town. 

wave cloud is a cloud form created by atmospheric internal waves.

Pretty rare here - so of course we're all standing outside taking a photo. 

In front of Foodie's complex. 

Oh and Happy First Day of March! 

March is such a fickle month. It is the seam between winter and spring—though seam suggests an even hem, and March is more like a rough line of stitches sewn by an unsteady hand, swinging wildly between January gusts and June greens. You don’t know what you’ll find, until you step outside.
V.E. Schwab, 
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

This morning I woke up with chest congestion and coughing. Just out of no place! 

I soldiered on and kept my grocery shopping commitment. I told my son, I'd have to take a raincheck on the birthday lunch at my favorite deli. It was nice to have him along because the longer it took, the more I started to feel like crap. I paid and then went to the car to wait for him to bag everything. 

I could barely get home - 

I laid down but did not sleep. I'm just not used to taking afternoon naps anymore. But the rest did me good and I am up and about again. I don't have an appetite - only for a Ricola now and then. So far I was feeling worse at the grocery store - now I just feel tired and achy with a juicy cough. I did have some orange juice and a scrambled egg. 

So it looks like this is the way I will usher in my 70th birthday which is tomorrow. Feeling more like I am older than 70 - but hey, I'm still alive! 

I'll probably peter out early tonight. 

Take Care.


PS. Blogger is at it again. At least with me. I am having a hard time uploading photos from my computer. So far no problem if I use my phone. No dice when I use my desktop. 

This 70-year-old is not in the mood for this! 


Leap Year in Antigua

This is the newest photo from Antigua. They are having a great time and especially love that the beaches are not wall-to-wall people. 

Back here at home, we're having some "weather." So far, it's just stormy weather with high winds and a lot of rain. Cooler temps as well. 56 right now as a high and down to the low 40s at night. "They" are saying we might get some snow in the upper Sacramento Valley. 

We can no longer say, that it is unheard of...

This was last March. (2023)

It was fun and pretty much everyone is hoping it will happen again. 

I've been writing and pre-scheduling blog posts for my other blog for the upcoming, April's A-Z blog challenge. If you don't know what it is, you can read about it here. I don't do it every year and never on this blog. I've done it a few times on my now-defunct blog (my Morning Cup of Coffee) and my Genealogy blog, this will be the 2nd time. It's fun, and fairly easy if you start now or soon, to pre-write your posts and get them scheduled. Then all you have to do is sit back, read some other different blogs, and read your comments, etc. With our blogging communities starting to dwindle away, this is a good way to meet new people and not get so stuck in a blog funk. (which I am going through now) 

Today happens to be Navy and Sara's wedding anniversary. 

They were married on Feb 29, 2020 - and decided that they would take a big vacation every 4 years. That is why they are in Antigua. They went to Hawaii and were there when all hell broke loose over here on the mainland with the covid crud - they were isolated and then when it was time to fly home, they got held up at the airport. By the time they got back, their world as they knew was all different. 

On their wedding day, it was clouding up and then a cool breeze swept through, and then by the very end of the service, it started to sprinkle. Thankfully the reception was indoors. My sweet Nina was there and was the last time, we were all together before she died of a drug overdose in Nov 2020. I can't help but think about her. Everyone was so happy and together. Later that year, we lost my husband's father in December. 

Well, enough of that! 

I best be getting over to my other blog and start writing some stories about my ancestors.  Here's hoping you're all well and looking forward to Spring. 


Leap Year
Funom Makama

An unusual Bus of 366 tires one of its twelve compartments is one more than normal