NuPon and our church visit


I snapped a photo of the tree in my backyard that popped up last summer. Weirdly, my phone has no clue what it is. It grows white flowers that eventually fall off, and it doesn't have any fruit. It might be some kind of nut tree. It just showed up next to our workshed. This area grows olive trees, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds. Looks like something the birds dropped from somewhere else. It is much bigger than last summer. 

Last week, I took a walk by the Sacramento River. 

This is one of many parks we have on the river. This is called Nu Pon. It means Salmon Run in the Winnemen Wintu language. 

The Winnemem Wintu (Middle River People) are a Native American band 

of the Wintu tribe originally from this area.

Standing on the bridge looking both ways. 

When it is the salmon run, you can look down into the clear waters and see them spawning. 

The riverlets meander off from the main river
and weaves in and out - creating habitat for wildlife and protective fish channels. The young salmon and other fish can safely grow before emerging into the big river. 

Isn't it incredible that this is located right in the heart of our town? 

Since the Wintu lived in this area, many plants were used for their medicines. The Mulleins have a long history of treating respiratory health, wound cleaning, and urinary tract infections.

I wouldn't know how to use it for medicine - but I don't think it's such a bad idea the way things are going in this country to learn. 

The flowers are pretty and dainty. 

A view of the big river - 

We've taken Laydee to this spot before to swim. 

I chose not to walk among these plants, so I attempted to get a not-so-good close-up. The beautiful trumpet flower, which is quite large, is known as a sacred thorn apple and belongs to the Nightshade family. Another name for it is the Devil's Trumpet. Due to its psychoactive alkaloids, it is often used as a hallucinogen. There are many patches of these plants growing beside the river.

This was a nice shady spot. 

Heading back. 

We'll be back. 


This morning, we went to the church I have been attending on Thursdays for Bible study and prayer. We were welcomed by all the ladies who already knew me, and that always makes a person feel wanted. We enjoyed the teaching and the worship.  Afterward, there was fellowship downstairs, and everyone was friendly. We are looking forward to going back next week!

It will soon be dinner - tonight it is vegetable lasagna and a spinach salad. 

Until next time,


Oh Wondrous June

Oh, wondrous June!
Our lives should be like thee...
with such calm, grace -
 fulfilling with destiny.
Thomas Wentworth Higginson

June 1 - 

I find it incredible that in just 6 months, we'll all be filled with the excitement 
and joy of the Christmas season. 

For this time, I'll cherish the present moment in June, appreciating this peaceful area near my home that I often visit on weekdays. 

Today marks the beginning of June, and I'll savor every moment.

It was peacefully serene - 

with the occasional cry of a majestic raven 

or the call of a Canada geese from the pond. 

Last year, a new tree sprouted in my yard, and its leaves are similar. 

 I took a photo to identify it, and my phone suggested it's a black walnut.  

I'm not convinced that my little sprig of a tree is a black walnut tree. 

The only thing missing is a glass of lemonade...

In June 

A quiet hour beneath the trees; A little, whispering, lazy breeze; A perfect sky, Where, now and then, an idle cloud Strayed from its mates to wander by, And near the border of the wood A thrush that sang, serene and strong, The flute notes of the perfect song We almost understood; Then eventide—and in the light The mystery that preludes the night. 

by Matilda Hughes 


Aloe Vera Flowers and Updates


My Aloe Vera plant is in blossom. 

I still think they look like bananas! 

This morning, my son and I had a great time exploring thrift stores. He managed to find a good-quality frying pan for just $5, which was a fantastic deal. After that, we headed to a sporting goods store, where he purchased a river tube and a life jacket for an upcoming tubing adventure with his friends on the Sacramento River.

I also treated myself to a nice pair of sandals and was pleasantly surprised to receive a $10 discount at the checkout. My feet are growing - I used to be a size 5 and now I am a 6. 

Later, I went grocery shopping and spent $138, which is quite a lot considering I didn't buy any meat. I am considering collecting my grocery receipts and mailing them to the White House!

It's the first time I have been blessed to enjoy two of them in bloom. 

Last Thursday, we brought Laydee to the veterinarian for a check-up. Once again, the vet reassured us, especially my husband, that the small dangling skin tag was probably not cancerous. The results of the two biopsies were inconclusive, and the tag is not displaying any typical cancerous features. The vet emphasized that the tag was not causing Laydee any discomfort and that any surgery to remove it would be purely cosmetic and potentially risky.

At some point, you have to trust your veterinarian. We've had her for years and she's wonderful. She's not the kind that will recommend unnecessary treatments just to increase the bill. She always provides us with options, and when we ask for her opinion, she tells us and explains the reasons behind her recommendations.


They are definitely unique. 

I've been busy with some writing projects and reading some research books.  I'm anticipating the arrival of a research book that I ordered last month, which is expected to be delivered by mid-June. The book focuses on Scott County and its inhabitants, The Mountain Folk, with mentions of my ancestors throughout its pages. It will provide me with valuable insights into their lives and experiences. 

Every Thursday, I drive over the river, through the city, and toward the rural part of town to attend this church prayer group and bible study. I have really clicked with these women and when I told them that we were looking for a new church they all were hoping we would end up there. So, the last few evenings, we have watched their church's recent sermons on YouTube.  We enjoyed the Pastor's sermon. So, we're going to that church on Sunday and I'm thrilled. I texted my one friend and told her. She was hoping my husband would come, because her husband doesn't go to church. My husband knows her husband through the VFW, and of course, I know her through that organization as well. I used to be the President of the Ladies Auxiliary and Susan was the chaplain. We used to have some good times back then. 

The church is quite small, but that's something I appreciate. It's easier to know people and I estimate around 100 people attend the service. I've grown tired of the massive informal mega-churches with the loud rock music and people dancing and calling it worship. We actually have one of those here - Bethel Redding, along with their downtown recording studio, Bethel Music. Their leaders are Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton. 

Finding a reliable, wholesome church that teaches truth can be challenging, as many have strayed from biblical principles, similar to the way Bethel has.

Cold and clearwater on the Sacramento River

On Wednesday, I decided to take a leisurely stroll along the river and ended up with some nice photos. I'll share them the next time I post. 

The weather has been getting hotter, which is pretty typical for summer in this area. The low humidity has been causing me to experience constant static shocks. Just today I got a shock and even heard it spark when I reached into the frozen food section at the grocery store. It's been the same story when opening the car door or turning on the lights at home. My husband doesn't seem to be as affected by it, so maybe it's just my unique chemistry. I always talk about getting a humidifier for the house to alleviate this issue, but I never seem to follow through with it.

Anyway, that's enough from me for now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Flame Grilled Hodgepodge

 From this Side of the Pond

1. Growing up, at what age did you think you'd become an adult?

 As a child, I didn't have a specific age in mind for what constituted an adult. I just remember thinking that anyone 30 and older was ancient. 

 At what age did you become an adult? 

When I turned 18, I voted in my first Presidential election in 1972, between Nixon and McGovern. 

Moving out of my parent's house at 19 to live in my first apartment was a big step toward independence for me. My mom warned me that if I moved out, I couldn't come back, but she later clarified that she didn't mean it in a hurtful way, but rather to encourage me to stand on my own feet. I had a good job and was a member of a union, which provided me with health, dental, and vision coverage. I paid $180 a month for rent and took evening classes, all without relying on my parents' support. I felt like a real adult!

 2. What's a favorite item you've bought this year?

 I can only think of two books for my genealogy research. I'm sure once I post this, I'll think of something else. 

 3. May 28th is National Hamburger Day...are you a fan? 

 I wouldn't say I'm a "fan" of hamburgers or the day. LOL. I enjoy eating a good hamburger, and that's about it. 

 If so, how do you like yours? 

 Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and toasted bun. No cheese for me anymore. Sometimes, I like grilled onions and mushrooms without the tomato and lettuce. I do enjoy patty melts, which are mostly considered a "sandwich." My burger has to be beef. I absolutely gag if it is a ground turkey or chicken burger. To me, that is not a burger! I don't use ground turkey or chicken in anything. 

 When was the last time you had a hamburger? 

 Sunday, we grilled hamburgers. 

 Besides the backyard grill, what's your favorite place to go for a burger? 

 In-N-Out offers the best burger in town for the price. Another great place downtown is Woody's Brewery, which makes a mean hamburger! 

 4. How have your priorities changed over time? 

Life shows up; I am now "senior-adulting."  The things that I once thought were important are no longer a priority at this stage of my life. 

 5. What's one thing on your June calendar you're really looking forward to? 

 I have 2-afternoon classes I have signed up for - Antisemitism Knows No Party (Tamara Berens & David Bernstein) through the Friends of Israel. 

 6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I’ll pass on the random thoughts! 

Thanks for dropping by and reading. Until next time,