Leap Year in Antigua

This is the newest photo from Antigua. They are having a great time and especially love that the beaches are not wall-to-wall people. 

Back here at home, we're having some "weather." So far, it's just stormy weather with high winds and a lot of rain. Cooler temps as well. 56 right now as a high and down to the low 40s at night. "They" are saying we might get some snow in the upper Sacramento Valley. 

We can no longer say, that it is unheard of...

This was last March. (2023)

It was fun and pretty much everyone is hoping it will happen again. 

I've been writing and pre-scheduling blog posts for my other blog for the upcoming, April's A-Z blog challenge. If you don't know what it is, you can read about it here. I don't do it every year and never on this blog. I've done it a few times on my now-defunct blog (my Morning Cup of Coffee) and my Genealogy blog, this will be the 2nd time. It's fun, and fairly easy if you start now or soon, to pre-write your posts and get them scheduled. Then all you have to do is sit back, read some other different blogs, and read your comments, etc. With our blogging communities starting to dwindle away, this is a good way to meet new people and not get so stuck in a blog funk. (which I am going through now) 

Today happens to be Navy and Sara's wedding anniversary. 

They were married on Feb 29, 2020 - and decided that they would take a big vacation every 4 years. That is why they are in Antigua. They went to Hawaii and were there when all hell broke loose over here on the mainland with the covid crud - they were isolated and then when it was time to fly home, they got held up at the airport. By the time they got back, their world as they knew was all different. 

On their wedding day, it was clouding up and then a cool breeze swept through, and then by the very end of the service, it started to sprinkle. Thankfully the reception was indoors. My sweet Nina was there and was the last time, we were all together before she died of a drug overdose in Nov 2020. I can't help but think about her. Everyone was so happy and together. Later that year, we lost my husband's father in December. 

Well, enough of that! 

I best be getting over to my other blog and start writing some stories about my ancestors.  Here's hoping you're all well and looking forward to Spring. 


Leap Year
Funom Makama

An unusual Bus of 366 tires one of its twelve compartments is one more than normal



  1. What a gorgeous Antigua photo! I didn't know you have another blog.

  2. Antigua is beautiful! Happy Anniversary to Navy and Sara!

  3. They chose to get married on a Leap Day. How unique!

  4. I think getting married on 29 February is a cool idea, not something you hear of much.
    Antigua isn't a place I am familiar with but then I am not familiar with a lot of places, the photos though are wonderful.

    1. And being born on a Feb 29th is really cool too. Our town announced 2 leap year babies born yesterday!

      Antigua lies at the conjuncture of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean well past Cuba. They used be a British colony.

  5. Snow?! Well, at least the Spring flowers will enjoy all that ground water once it warms up.
    Antigua does look beautiful. Makes me want to go lay on the sand there and zone out for awhile.
    I'll go check out the A-to-Z blog. See what's what.
    Blessings. 🌻

    1. They say it is lovely and not jammed packed with people! A real delight

  6. What a lovely beach. I think I would enjoy a trip to this kind of beach.

    God bless.

  7. Beautiful photos.
    Love the snow.
    Happy Anniversary to Navy and Sara.

    1. The snow is nice and I’m hoping we get a little dusting.

  8. I didn't realize you had two different blogs, or is it three? How do you keep up? I can barely manage one. I used to do two, one for Lily Grace and mine. But keeping up with a very precocious doll can be exhausting. She really kept me hopping for a while and I finally told her she'd had enough adventures for a while and I needed a rest! LOL. She still keeps us entertained here at home, but I just don't always share that with the world, as they mostly think I'm crazy already anyway. LOL. Glad your kids are having a great time on their honeymoon anniversary vacation. Sounds lovely. I can see why they were happy to do this after what they went through before. Wow.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend no matter what the weather is. Take care my friend.

    1. Yeah I have my Genealogy blog. I only post there when I am working on something - so it’s not that time consuming or I post there when I have run out of things here to post. I have a 3rd blog- mostly my thoughts that I can’t post on this blog. It’s not for the faint- hearted and I only post on that one when I need to vent.
      I do love to blog. It helps me clear out all the clutter in my overactive mind. 🤪