About Me

I never know what to say on these "About Me" pages. Do I talk in the 3rd person describing myself on how I want you to see me 

or is this just a Braggadocious autobiography? 

This is what I have come up with...

About Me.

I've been with Blogger since 2006 with various "niche blogs". Before that, I blogged on Xanga and Yahoo 360. I've been blogging since the late 1990s. 

I'm a private person. 

I'm not a big talker which makes me a good listener. 

I'm content and happy. 

I was a Daddy's girl - I get along better with men than I do with women. 

I enjoy quiet and nature. 

I live in California and I won't apologize for that.

I'm a senior citizen and I'm fine with that, too. 

I've been married to my second husband for 22 years. 

I have 3 sons and 2 stepdaughters who are adults now. 

After my husband and I first married, we lived in our 34-foot motorhome for 4 years to pay off my divorce attorney debt and save money. (We lived in a "trailer park" just down from Facebook. 

(Do I have stories from that experience) 

I do not have any grandchildren and please do not pity me. I've worked it out and I'm fine with it -  I am happy for you who have grandchildren. 

I was once a single divorced Mom, raising 3 boys in Silicon Valley. I lived off Food banks, and Church Charities just to make ends meet. We bought our clothes at the Salvation Army and Goodwill before it was popular to do so. 

I was a stay-at-home Mom and will never be ashamed of that. 

I worked at Macy's in the evenings, was a Nanny, taught Preschool, and ran my own Daycare in my home for 16 years. It was pure joy to raise other people's precious little ones.  I can't tell you how many children I have potty-trained! 

I still dream of those days - I loved working with children and young parents and playing with children all day. It was a fun time in my life. 

I love not working! 

I was not raised in a Christian home that went to church every Sunday. I found Christ when I was 33 years old, which makes me still, rough around the edges. 

I still relate to those who lived a hard life and I believe that is my mission field. 

I like to keep things real which isn't always appreciated. 

I'm not easily impressed by someone's wealth or education. I'm more impressed by a sincere, genuine heart. 

I was rebellious before coming to Jesus. I was the girl your mom didn't want you running with. 

That's all I can think of. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

I may or may not answer them if they are too invasive but I think I have shared quite a bit, in little sequences to give you a rough idea who I am. 



  1. Nice to get to know you better Debby!

  2. Io sono OLga e abito in Friuli(Italia).Bella biografia!Ciao