A Throwback Thursday Story


This morning I discovered the first of my poppies starting to bloom. However, I couldn't help but notice that we don't seem to have as many as we usually do. I suspect that when my husband was pulling out some of the Vinca, he might have accidentally removed some poppies as well.

I absolutely love sunflowers and California poppies. They're so easy to grow, which probably explains why I like them so much. Although to be honest, I really do like all flowers except for the Vinca-minor plant. The flowers are pretty, but they have a tendency to suffocate everything in their path. My dad was fond of them and planted them on the hill. No matter how many hours I spend pulling them up by the roots, I can never get rid of them. They thrived during the rainy season, and unfortunately, snails and slugs love them too.

It was around 8 a.m. - I love the morning sun. We still haven't cleaned up the patio. We're a bit slow moving on outside chores because we've both been busy, but it will get done sooner or later. 

You can see areas where the vinca is trying to choke out 

the Marguerite plant - and up by the fence. 

My favorite flower colors for my yard are the blues 

and the yellows and oranges. 

The pomegranate tree has leaves now - pretty how the filtered morning sun shines through. The fig tree needs some hot weather - not this 80-degree warmth! 


So last night, Navy finally checked in with me. It had been almost a month since we talked with the exception of a Happy Easter text. He said he loved me and missed me and that we're going to plan to get together at their place soon. 

That pleased me. 

Then I got a text from Foodie saying he was going snowshoeing in the mountains for a week. He did not mention his brother and their one-week backpacking trip. 

I won't ask. 

If I ask, then I am involved. 

I'm good with boundaries - but when it comes to my boys, I have to stand my ground and not get sucked in. Just let them figure it all out and not allow them to "work me." 

So far, they don't - and haven't, but I have found, in dealing with others, that if you move one inch of your boundary, you might lose some ground. People are people - and if they think they can suck you into their drama they will. 

Aren't these baby mini goats adorable? In the church parking lot where I go to my Thursday Bible study, the 4-H was selling plants and baby goats. They are three weeks old. 

I'm a kisser of animals. So that little black one received a bunch of kisses from me. OMGoodness, she was such a sweetie. I wanted her and had to fight the urge to buy her and bring her home. 

I've kissed cows and horses—right on their faces! I kiss chickens, goats, and sheep—mainly farm animals when I get around them. I call them all "babies," and I swear to you, they come right to me and let me kiss them! 

I know I know, I'm weird. 

My Dad, Miss Hattie, me behind her, and my little sister, Donna. 

When I was a younger teen - around 13 we went back to Tennessee, and I met this wonderful older woman, my dad referred to her as Miss Hattie Butler. She was my grandma's first cousin. She lived out in the woods - no roads to her house. We hiked into the woods and there was this charming old house with lace curtains and flowers and birds everywhere. She would stand out in her yard, and the deer would eat from her hand and birds felt safe around her. 

I decided right then and there, I wanted to be like Miss Hattie. 

She made such an impression on me. We sat in her "parlor" and had tea sandwiches and little cookies. She wore a dress and was so feminine on the outside but tough—after all, she lived out there in those woods, all alone, and there was no electricity either! My dad was concerned for her, but she stood her ground. 

I never got to be like Miss Hattie. I was a city girl who always wanted to live in the country. She died three years after this photo was taken at age 85. 

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Car Shows, Jury Duty, Adult ADHD, and the Next total Eclipse

We are approaching the time of year when the air is filled with toxic car exhaust. Hotels are fully booked, restaurants are crowded with diners, and there are numerous "show and shines" on the corner of every strip mall. 

It's called Kool April Nites. 

It can be hella hot, raining, or freezing cold. Usually all in the same week. 
The big event is in 9 days.

Still waiting around to be called for Jury Duty...

Before I get all indignant about waiting or being on call,  I remembered how things used to be. We would all have to sit in one big room for hours on end. Nowadays, at least we can call in and wait at home. Maybe some can go back to work as long as they can get to the courthouse. Today I was able to attend my bible study and a luncheon, which I wouldn't have been able to do years ago. So it's not that bad. 


Your group number has been completed as served. You do not need to report. Being on standby counts the same as reporting for service. You will not have to serve for at least the next 12 months. Thank you for your service.

We've been having some gorgeous spring weather with lots of sunshine. Today, it's 84 degrees outside. Yesterday morning, I sat in the sun for some color... I always feel much better mentally when I'm in the sun; it energizes me. Since we had so much rain during the rainy season, I need to get my energy level back. 

Adult ADHD 

Yesterday, I had to order two more Tiles for our car key/fobs. My husband misplaced his key again, and after an hour and a half of searching, I finally found it without the TILE tracker. I had to look for it manually. I checked the app to see if I could locate the key using the Tile tracker, but it showed that the Tile needed a new battery, probably because my husband left it outside somewhere. The other two new Tile trackers will be for our van key and the KIA. My husband misplaces the keys all the time, and he has not yet settled on a designated place for the things like his wallet and the key fobs. Sometimes, he leaves them on his dresser, sometimes on a bookshelf, or sometimes in coat pockets. This situation is frustrating for me, especially since the Tiles aren't cheap. However, I can't get too mad at him since he has ADHD. 

Adult ADHD symptoms may include: 

Disorganization and problems prioritizing 
Poor time management skills 
Problems focusing on a task 
Trouble multitasking 
Excessive activity or restlessness 
Poor planning 
Low frustration tolerance 
Frequent mood swings 
Problems following through and completing tasks 
Hot temper
 Trouble coping with stress

It could be worse. He tries so hard to "organize," but his brain thinks differently than mine, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out his way. Then I get all mixed up. I spend a lot of time trying to re-organize his organized system since I do the bills and paperwork stuff. Mostly, I have everything online, so that is good. The excessive activity and restlessness is really him. The man doesn't know how to relax. He go-go-goes constantly. I can't keep up with him. He has to always be busy and while I can be like that too, there is a big difference between what is normal and what is ADHD! 

My two sons seem to be having some issues with each other lately. This is really unlike them as they have always been best friends. It seems that Navy is going through some tough times right now but I'm not sure what it is. He's been distancing himself from me as well. I could act like my mom and call him up in my most unpleasant voice and say, 

"What the hell is going on with you?"

Or I can give him the space he needs. I do know Navy is hurting because he and his wife cannot have children. While he wants to adopt, she does not. This has been a difficult situation for their marriage, and I can only pray for them. Although I have come to terms with the fact that I may not have grandchildren, it breaks my heart to see my son suffer. He would make a wonderful father, and it's hard for him to let go of that dream. He is 39. 

Then there is Foodie - he has been feeling lonely after some failed relationships with the wrong women. He says he has given up on finding love. He is 43 years old.

I hope that before I exit this world, that my sons find peace in their lives.

Speaking of Exiting this world...

I discovered that the next solar eclipse will happen on August 12, 2045, which means I will be 91 years old. Redding will be 100% total Eclipse. How cool is that? 

I plan to stick around for this one. 


Flowers, The Eclipse, No More Bargains, Jury Duty and a Close Call.

Just the same old flowers I have every year. I love their bold color.

These are blooming at the base of the palm tree. 

The first Iris of the season.

These wild marigolds bloom year-round but spread out. I see some popping out in other places on the back hill - which is what we want. 

This oak tree was dead on one side, so my husband cut it down a couple of years ago. Now, the oak fungus is growing out of the stump. 

These primroses have been steady bloomers all through the winter. Soon, their flowering season will be behind us. However, they will continue to grow and multiply. As long as I keep them sheltered from the 100+ summers, they will do well. 

The sweetgum tree is showing off its spring green - 

So for those of you in the path of the total eclipse, how was it? 

This is my husband back in 2012. 

We didn't notice any difference here - 

Of course, we weren't in the path - 
I remember, as a child, in the 60's being told about an eclipse that was about to happen. (not a total - I don't believe I have ever seen that)  I was afraid about looking at the sun. The teachers put the "Fear of God" in all of the kids back then. 

A nice summer is in the works with an almost full Lake Shasta! 
This was taken Saturday. 

This is fantastic for our local economy!

No More Bargains
another store closes...

The 99 cent stores are closing - going out of business. 

All 371 locations (California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas) were hit hard with the lockdowns, then inflation, and they started raising their prices: $1.99, $2.99, $5.99, etc. My 99-cent store was big, like a supermarket, with fresh produce, bread, Mexican pastries, and tortillas. Even with the price increase, some items were comparable. It was just one of those funky places - they had good music while you shopped. 

A Close Call 

While shopping,  I heard an announcement over the intercom that a car parked in the lot had been hit. The car was described as a silver grey KIA and the license plate number was read out loud. I own a silver KIA myself and the license plate number sounded familiar. The announcement continued as they said that there were witnesses and partial license plate numbers available. I decided it was best to go outside and check what had happened. I tried to stay calm and kept telling myself that it was only a car and not the end of the world if it was mine. When I arrived outside, I saw one of the witnesses and he started telling me about the incident. I pointed to my car, but he said that it wasn't my KIA that had been hit, but another one. The other KIA was a newer model than mine (ours is a 2020) and was completely smashed in. I felt so bad for the owner. 

It was a personal victory for me because I didn't get upset over the situation. In the past, I would have reacted so much differently. I would have been a "wreck." myself.  It's surprising how calm I was this time. I'm thinking, getting older has its advantages! 

At least WAIT till you get the facts before losing it. 

No Jury Duty - I'm on Telephone standby - 
I will call again at the end of the day for further info. 



Rise and Shine - It's Monday!

Saturday, at the Old Dog Creek Bridge, which crosses Dog Creek at the junction with the Sacramento River and Sacramento River Canyon.

Foodie took the photos - it was an overcast day. 

The "twins" are looking pretty cute.

When I left church yesterday, I took a picture of the church's property, which extends beyond what is visible.

Bee hives on the church property. 

My husband planted our potted orange tree in the ground because it outgrew its container. It's been so cold here, but warmer days are ahead. 

I have a busy week ahead. After 5:30 pm, I have to call to see if I have to go to the courthouse for jury duty. Normally, I would jump at the chance to go because I'm interested in criminal justice. Of course, nowadays it's much more convenient for me since I no longer have to arrange for children or work. The only issue is that I have prior commitments on Tuesday and Wednesday. I would hate to miss them, but jury duty is important. On Thursday, I don't have a big commitment, but I still don't want to miss it.

Have you served on Jury Duty?

What excuses have you used? 

Do you have a busy week ahead or is it a relaxing 
  "do-what-you-want-to-do kind of day? 

Okay, off I go! 


PS - and don't forget to go over and meet the Grandparents.