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Spring 2021

The weather has been consistently warm for the last 2 weeks - so I've decided it's time for me to clean out my closet and put away 90% of my colder weather clothes for my summer stuff. It's April though - this isn't it. So I always plan some outfits that will be useful for when it turns.  My yard is blooming - without me even doing anything to it. My Iriss' are blooming and we had white ones this year and some yellow ones are coming in, that I did not plant.  I guess I could start my veggie garden - in years past when I have, the weather has changed and practically flooded out my tomatoes. We have a long dry growing season - I usually have tomatoes clear into and after Thanksgiving.  We bought a patio orange tree. It will be fun to watch it grow and produce.  More poppies this year on our hill.  Planted the Queen Anne palm on the hill and this date palm container, we just moved it up onto the hill where the irrigation is better when we have our hot dry summer.  This

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