Sunset in Antigua

Navy sent me a few photos - from Antigua - 

 One photo of him is so good but I can't share it. He looks so handsome. 

I just thought you all might enjoy seeing these 2 pretty scenic photos. 

Rise and Shine, It’s Monday Time!

Navy sent me a text this morning - the view off the hotel balcony in Antigua.


I noticed my spell checker kept changing Barbuda to Bahama. The Antigua/Barbuda Islands are in the Caribbean - southeast of Cuba -  and Puerto Rico. 

It's a 5-hour difference. 

Harry says, "Feed me". 

Ed has been hiding...

The almond tree is blooming nicely. 

Did You Know...

In Chinese culture, the almond flower holds significant symbolism and cultural importance. Associated with purity and femininity, the almond flower is often depicted in art and literature as a representation of beauty and grace. Moreover, it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity, making it a popular choice for decorations during the Chinese New Year.

Additionally, the almond flower has historical and medicinal significance in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is utilized for its healing properties. Overall, the almond flower plays a vital role in Chinese culture, reflecting the deep-rooted connection between nature, symbolism, tradition, and the almond flower in Chinese culture.

BTW - my hay fever seems to have passed. 

I'm glad I dug these up last year and moved them - the primroses are not hearty enough for our 100+ degree summer heat. 

I do need to get them in a better pot for Spring. 

I can't believe I have restrained myself, by not going to the garden center this year. Firstly, I've just been too busy and secondly, I want to give it more thought as to what to buy and where to put them. 

I will order some specialty sunflower seeds - 

Our sunny warm days are slowly leaving us, with cloudy days in the H50s/low 60's. Rain is coming by midweek. My poor husband woke up this morning with an itchy red rash. He's at the VA clinic getting it checked out. No, it's not Shingles. No pain just itches! 

UPDATE: Just before I was to hit PUBLISH, he texted me saying the skin rash is eczema. 

I hope you are enjoying your day and the rest of the week if I don't get back here otherwise. Maybe if Navy, sends me more photos, I will post them. Take Care. 



Last Saturday in February

I woke up this morning, feeling off. Like the beginning of a head cold. As the day progressed, it donned on me - it's hayfever time of year!  And of course, my husband has the front door wide open! It is a beautiful warm day - I went out and sat in the sun. I'm not going to stay inside when it is gorgeous out. 

A good idea! 

The almond tree is in full bloom - many things are starting to sprout and I tend to get a sinus headache on the side of my nose - the roof of my mouth itches - and my eyes water. Even my eye sockets are hurting!  Things don't smell right or taste right. Down the road are these big yellow trees in full bloom. I think they might be Acacia trees which have always bothered me. Oh well - what can I do? Just deal with it like I have for almost 70 years. Actually, I didn't start getting hay fever until I was like in my 40's. I don't usually take allergy meds for this but if it gets in the way of my weekly activities, I just might. It's supposed to rain in a few days and that usually clears out the pollens. 

Do you suffer from hay fever? How do you deal with it? 

The kids left for their trip - I'm just so excited for them. We went over and fed Ed and Harry - didn't see Harry at all but Ed did come out to growl at us. He does that all the time - such a grump. 


Our community is heartbroken over the 2 boys that were killed. We grieve with their families. The ages were 8 and 10. The family on the right is a Redding police detective. Both are local and so many from other counties are chipping in for the families - 

A good use for that $50 gift certificate was to donate it to Officer Moore and his family. We drove down to the police station and no one was there in the front office. Apparently, they do not have the funding to provide a front desk person - The police officers are still working - so that's good. We will wait till Monday. 

There are 2 fundraisers - for each family for meals and gift cards. 

The generous donations have been staggering - close to $60,000 has been raised so far and I am sure that amount will rise. Our community has always been giving. 

See, this is why I like living in a smaller community. I've seen this over and over - since we moved here. It totally blesses my heart to see such compassion. 

Meanwhile, gift cards and meals won't bring back their precious little boys, but it will help the families with any monetary needs they have. 

Take Care and hug your family members! 

The News in my Area - Laydee and Eagle UPDATE

After I did my morning grocery haul - I came home, put everything away we decided to go out to the Dam to take a good look. Beautiful day. 

This is the first view of the Shasta Dam as we round the bend of the mountain. 

Many are stopped there to take photos and just look. 

The surrounding mountains are so pretty this time of the year. I remember when this was all burned out - the year we moved here in 2008 - we had many fires. So it is coming back. 

Such rugged beauty. 

Before going to the top of the Dam was this sign - from the Pioneer Mothers and Fathers of California. 

The loud roar of the water was released into the Sacramento River. It always causes controversy when we have a wet rainy winter - we joyously watch the Lake fill up, then watch the Bureau of Reclamation open the flood gates to let all that precious water (gold) which eventually finds its way to the Pacific Ocean. It seems like such a waste. 

On the other hand, they can't just hoard the water in the Dam. It's already been allocated -  for flood control, hydroelectricity, agricultural use for our Central Valley farmers, and environmental uses. 

Those almond trees take a lot of water! 

Good old Mt Shasta is surely looking pretty this morning. 

That water is icy cold. 

This is one of my favorite views - looking down at the river, as it snakes its way through the mountain valley - 

Yesterday across from where we were today, there was a tragic accident. 

A rockslide and 2 local children. Needless to say, our community is sick about it. I tossed and turned last night thinking of the parents, knowing what that first night after your child dies, feels like. 

No names have been released but God knows. Keep these young families in your prayers. 

Source: Redding Searchlight

50 miles north of us, on Presidents Day (Monday) there was a mind-boggling 60-foot high, 3-mile long Avalanche on Mt Shasta. Miraculously there were no injuries. It started at the 12,000-foot level at what is called Avalanche Gulch and traveled down to 7,000 feet elevation. 

The above photo was the path of the avalanche. 

Laydee - 

The results of the biopsy were pretty much the same - 
It's a neoplasm tumor with no overt malignant features. Removal is the only way to test it and we're not going to do that, because of the risk. 

She's almost 11 years old and still spry - it's hard to believe she is that age because of her activity but we do see the subtle signs of age now and then. 

Eagle News

Liberty has laid her third egg. This is a video of Guardian incubating and he looks like such a good proud father. 

That's it folks - the happenings around my area - 

God Bless,