The Sacramento River and all that Rain

Yesterday after the vet appointment for Laydee we drove over to look at the Sacramento River. It is swollen - with a swift current. I checked and Shasta Lake has risen 3 feet daily. That's massive compared to how huge this lake is.  Shasta Dam and Keswick Dam are supposed to be releasing some water today. We might drive over to take a look later this afternoon. 

Nevertheless, areas close to the river are close to flooding. The weather forecast looks like we will be drying out for a few days with sunshine and warmer temps. 

It's a soggy mess out there! 

Yesterday we took Laydee in for that cyst thingy on the underside of her neck. It has doubled in size in 3 months. They took another biopsy. The last one was inconclusive - My husband insisted they do another - The Vet asked us what we wanted to do. My husband asked her, "If she was your dog, what would you do?" and she answered honestly - and said she would do nothing until there were signs and Laydee was fine. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it - she eats and poops and pees and does everything she is supposed to. She's happy and shows no pain or discomfort. 

We'll find out between 4 days to 2 weeks. 

I love her to death - but that is how I feel as well. My husband even admitted that he wasn't so keen on having it surgically removed - she is almost 11 years old and there are risks. My husband adores Laydee (so do I) and sometimes I have to be the one who talks some sense into him. 

So, $550+ later...

Thank God we have pet insurance. It was good to go in now as on March 1st the new policy starts and that would mean having to meet the $250 annual deductible. We also loaded up on her medication, flea and tick, and heartworm meds for 6 mos which also gave us a discount because we opted for the 6 month plans. 

Every little bit saves. 

As I was leaving my bible study, some young gal called out to me - I turned around and she told me, someone wanted me to have this. I asked her who, but she dodged my question by getting distracted in picking up her child, among the crowd. I wasn't going to chase after her...

I don't know how to take it. My husband told me not to "overthink it and just accept it." 

I still wonder why? 

I keep thinking it is a mistake. Maybe another Debbie??? 

I plan to talk to my bible study leader, later today or tomorrow - I will ask her what she knows. I need to ask her questions about taking on a leadership role next year before I can make a good decision. I still have questions. 


We're meeting my son and his wife for dinner at my favorite Mexican place here in town. They are leaving Saturday for their leap year honeymoon - to Antigua. We'll be going over to their place to feed, water, and love on our grandkitties - Ed and Harry while they are away. 

PS. Liberty has laid her second egg and now we're waiting on egg #3. 

Time for me to enjoy the quiet while the husband naps - 

Talk to you soon. 


Backpacking Vicariously

My son sent me some various older photos taken when he and his brother were hiking. This is the Lassen area - east of where I live. Looks like summer - with the sweltering 100+ heat in the valley. 

So, I hope this finds you all well. We're having a storm here today (and yesterday) We're getting some strong winds and bouts of heavy rain - Shasta Dam has reported they will be releasing water tomorrow - Sacramento River is very high, so we're expecting some flooding in the valley. 

I'm more in the foothills. We're good. Char lives on the Sacramento River but is high on a bluff, so she's good. Navy lives far enough away from the river, it shouldn't be an issue plus he has canals that are part of the flood control that will help. Foodie's is fine at his place. 

Mostly it will mean flooding to the lower areas, by the river. 

This looks like the Lassen National Park - This is covered in deep snow right now. Usually, Lassen is closed till after Memorial Day, due to the snowpack. 

The advantage of being old is that I can remember back - the young people who are wringing their hands in horror - this is how it was back when I was a kid. This being our second year of a healthy rainy season, I'm hoping we are making the turn back to the kind of rainy seasons we used to have. After all, that is what everybody wanted...but it seems they are all so up in arms over it - preaching fear and destruction. I'd rather have rain than drought. 

They have short memories - I've even heard some of them say, they are sick of the rain. I better shut my trap before I say more. 

The mountains and meadows around Mt Lassen. I'm thinking this must have been before the fires a few years back. 

Oh what a beautiful Spring, we have to look forward to. 

Besides being able to see Mt Shasta every day from my neighborhood, I can also look east and see Mt Lassen in the distance. 

The east side of the mountain which always reminds me of the high desert. California is blessed with many different topographies.  The whole east side of the Sierras is this way and is my preferred way to get to Yosemite -  drive in from the backside. That way, you skip all the big Central Valley cities and traffic. 

 This must have been in the spring - I really like the sky. 

My son says he is starting to plan his next backpacking trip - he's thinking about the Lost Coast - a mostly undeveloped area of coastline, in Humboldt County and Mendocino County. The steepness and related geotechnical challenges of the coastal mountains made this stretch of coastline too costly for state highway or county road builders to establish routes through the area, leaving it the most undeveloped and remote portion of the California coast. It's not like you can drive there... It is a backpacker's paradise - remote and difficult so you don't have these weekend warriors out and about. 

It looks like the rain has stopped and so has the wind - I take that back. The wind was taking a breather, I guess because it is back.

Take care -

A Dreary Saturday

Is it real? 

My husband gave this to me, because of a certain cat...who eats up any flowers; real or fake. 

She went over to check it out - 

and saw that she couldn't get to the tasty treat so she started chewing on the foil. 

It is a fake rose, but it looks real. It's encased in a liquid. 

We went out to an early dinner on Thursday evening and went to the movies to see season four; episodes 4-7 of The Chosen, yesterday. 3 hours and 28 minutes with one 5-minute intermission. 

We have an EGG! 

Egg #1 appeared Thursday evening. 

Eagles lay their eggs 3 days apart so we will be watching closely tomorrow February 18th to see if Liberty lays a 2nd egg! Liberty usually lays 2-3 eggs so we'll be looking for a 3rd egg on Wednesday, February 21st!

Source: Friends of the Redding Eagles

When Papa Guardian saw the egg for the first time. They are such good fathers. I love how they couple up for life and raise their young together. 

"I Didn't Get to Say Goodbye" 

Boy, I know how that feels.  

My son, called this morning to share that a very good friend and former shipmate while in the Navy - committed suicide and my son is grieving. They were bunkmates on the aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt and worked on the flight deck of the carrier. He called to talk to my husband which pleases me. It hurts me that he is hurting. They are leaving next weekend for Antiqua/Bermuda. Their wedding anniversary is Feb. 29. 

My mom committed suicide, back in March of 2008 so I get what he is feeling. Always survivor's guilt thinking we could/should have done something. I'm a firm believer, that while a few may be helped by intervention - still far too many, will do it no matter what. Some actually get mad with the intervention and do it anyway. We should not ever stop if given the opportunity, but it is still in their own hands - it's their choice,  which is so hard to comprehend that someone could get to such a point. 

That's it for this cold, rainy Saturday. 
I am starting to look forward to the warmth of summer. 

A lot of popping going on...

Source: Friends of the Redding Eagles

We're at that time of the year, once again -  the new season of:

As the Worm Turns.

Hmm, don't believe bald eagles eat worms but it sounded right. 

Starring Liberty and Guardian. 

Source: Friends of the Redding Eagles

Right now we are on "egg watch" but wouldn't you know it, the live webcam keeps going in and out and was just replaced a month or so again so that this wouldn't happen. 

Here Miss Liberty, looking stuffed - is about ready to pop. It is any day now. 

The Almond Tree is "popping" Every day we get closer to full glorious blooms. 

The red primrosees I replanted are starting to pop as well. 

These wild marigolds are always in bloom. Do you see the sunflower seed on the inside of the flower? These are growing at the base of a bird feeder that seems to be the avian version of the company water cooler. 

Every morning and evening, many varieties of birds, congregate.  It's really quite sweet to see them all, sharing a meal together. 

There are the Rock Doves, the red-breasted Nuthatches, the black-headed Grosbeak, the Mountain Chickadees - 

Only they make a huge mess. Oh well, we love them anyway. 

February 18-21 is the Great Backyard Bird Count.

I am, being pursued by the BSF Leadership to join with them next year as a Leader. I don't know why they call it "leader" when it is really just facilitating the meeting. I'd be a Facilitator and I can handle that.  I won't be teaching. When I hear the word, "Leader" those old tapes telling me I am not qualified, I'm not good enough, that I won't be able to do it, kick in. At this moment, I am leaning toward saying YES despite those tapes telling me otherwise. I do have to commit to the "leaders meeting/bible study" on Tuesday mornings and then the regular bible study on Wednesday where I would be "facilitating." I will learn what I need on those very important Tuesday meetings. 

OH, why not? Bible Study Fellowship this Fall will be studying the final book in the Bible - Revelation. 

I figure, Go Big or Go Home. 

For some strange reason, they think I can handle it which blows me away. The only change I will make to my schedule is I will resign from my service in Alanon but not until the summer when it will be a year serving.  I will still take in my meetings but have a little more leeway if I need to skip.

Now I could change my mind - if I hear about what else it may entail. I need to ask questions so I can make a solid decision. 

So that is it for me - we're going out for an early dinner tonight to observe our 22nd wedding anniversary. Tomorrow we plan to hit the movies and watch the fourth season of Chosen. It will be 3 hours and 25 minutes! We want to enjoy our meal and we want to not fall asleep during the Chosen.

And we're old, too. That's the REAL reason! It takes us 2 days! 

Until later