The Cast of Characters

From My House, has a cast of characters

who make up some of the content I share here on this blog.

My leading man is my husband.

 Years ago, I used to refer to him as Chief. That is because he was a senior chief petty officer in the Navy and Coast Guard for 20 years. When we go on base and they see his ID, they always render due respect by calling him Chief. There is a common saying among the Navy and Coast Guardsman Brotherhood of Chief Petty Officers "Once a Chief always a Chief"

Somehow I stopped using it. I now just refer to him as the Husband or my husband. 

He's retired from the military and retired from CA Vet in December 2020.  He's done some part-time security work, after retiring but quit that last year and I don't see him going back anytime soon. 

He has 2 daughters from a previous marriage - one lives up in Washington State and the other one, Char lives near us.  Both unmarried/ no children. 

My two sons : 

Foodie - 

I call him that because he likes food - eating and cooking. He has always worked with food since his first job at Round Table Pizza. Currently, he has been a Dietician at a Care Facility, for close to 10 years.  He loves everything outdoors. Hiking, backpacking, climbing mountains. 



I refer to him as Navy because he served in the Navy for over 6 years and loved it. He wishes he never got out - Veterans - have become his passion. His brother and he enjoy the great outdoors by backpacking camping and San Francisco sports. 

 He's married to a nurse here at the local hospital.  

They have 2 male ginger cats




Our black lab female - 10 years old and a big baby with fears. She's afraid of firecrackers, gunshots, thunder, noises in the dark, and noises she has never heard before. I don't know how this all started but as she gets older, she is becoming more phobic. 

She loves to swim and play in the snow. 

Susie - 

10-year-old female. I named her after my best friend, Susie who died at the age of 58 unexpectedly. She actually runs this house. If she could write this blog, she would. She likes to eat artificial flowers, Christmas trees, and plants. She likes to eat the real ones too. 

Together they are partners in crime. 


Lastly, I will mention my firstborn son, Michael as it just wouldn't feel right to not include him.  You can read about him here. 

Feb. 2024


  1. Thank you for sharing your family. My husband was a Navy Chief Petty Officer and when he was commissioned into the Medical Service Corps, he pinned a small Chief's anchor under the flap that hid the buttons on his dress uniform. As you said, "Once a Chief, Always a Chief". Thank you for sharing Michael's story, how blessed you were to have him for as long as you did.