A Throwback Thursday Story


This morning I discovered the first of my poppies starting to bloom. However, I couldn't help but notice that we don't seem to have as many as we usually do. I suspect that when my husband was pulling out some of the Vinca, he might have accidentally removed some poppies as well.

I absolutely love sunflowers and California poppies. They're so easy to grow, which probably explains why I like them so much. Although to be honest, I really do like all flowers except for the Vinca-minor plant. The flowers are pretty, but they have a tendency to suffocate everything in their path. My dad was fond of them and planted them on the hill. No matter how many hours I spend pulling them up by the roots, I can never get rid of them. They thrived during the rainy season, and unfortunately, snails and slugs love them too.

It was around 8 a.m. - I love the morning sun. We still haven't cleaned up the patio. We're a bit slow moving on outside chores because we've both been busy, but it will get done sooner or later. 

You can see areas where the vinca is trying to choke out 

the Marguerite plant - and up by the fence. 

My favorite flower colors for my yard are the blues 

and the yellows and oranges. 

The pomegranate tree has leaves now - pretty how the filtered morning sun shines through. The fig tree needs some hot weather - not this 80-degree warmth! 


So last night, Navy finally checked in with me. It had been almost a month since we talked with the exception of a Happy Easter text. He said he loved me and missed me and that we're going to plan to get together at their place soon. 

That pleased me. 

Then I got a text from Foodie saying he was going snowshoeing in the mountains for a week. He did not mention his brother and their one-week backpacking trip. 

I won't ask. 

If I ask, then I am involved. 

I'm good with boundaries - but when it comes to my boys, I have to stand my ground and not get sucked in. Just let them figure it all out and not allow them to "work me." 

So far, they don't - and haven't, but I have found, in dealing with others, that if you move one inch of your boundary, you might lose some ground. People are people - and if they think they can suck you into their drama they will. 

Aren't these baby mini goats adorable? In the church parking lot where I go to my Thursday Bible study, the 4-H was selling plants and baby goats. They are three weeks old. 

I'm a kisser of animals. So that little black one received a bunch of kisses from me. OMGoodness, she was such a sweetie. I wanted her and had to fight the urge to buy her and bring her home. 

I've kissed cows and horses—right on their faces! I kiss chickens, goats, and sheep—mainly farm animals when I get around them. I call them all "babies," and I swear to you, they come right to me and let me kiss them! 

I know I know, I'm weird. 

My Dad, Miss Hattie, me behind her, and my little sister, Donna. 

When I was a younger teen - around 13 we went back to Tennessee, and I met this wonderful older woman, my dad referred to her as Miss Hattie Butler. She was my grandma's first cousin. She lived out in the woods - no roads to her house. We hiked into the woods and there was this charming old house with lace curtains and flowers and birds everywhere. She would stand out in her yard, and the deer would eat from her hand and birds felt safe around her. 

I decided right then and there, I wanted to be like Miss Hattie. 

She made such an impression on me. We sat in her "parlor" and had tea sandwiches and little cookies. She wore a dress and was so feminine on the outside but tough—after all, she lived out there in those woods, all alone, and there was no electricity either! My dad was concerned for her, but she stood her ground. 

I never got to be like Miss Hattie. I was a city girl who always wanted to live in the country. She died three years after this photo was taken at age 85. 

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  1. Dearest Debby,
    Vinca minor is one we got rid of early on, we first thought it be a great ground cover near the creek. It was an invasive killer of tender perennials.
    Your sons are grown up male and will manage to live their own life.
    Those baby goats are darling indeed!
    Living like your Miss Hattie is not a realistic outlook of life.

  2. I'm jealous of those poppies. We love them and have tried to grow them several times, but they never grow well here.
    Glad you talked to Navy. Hope the brothers get things worked out!
    I read your other blog posts. Such interesting things you've discovered!

  3. Lovely flowers. Your patio looks a lot more in order than ours. It's on our cleaning list too. I hope the brothers get things sorted out. I have a few kids that won't come around anymore.

  4. Ummm, yes, poppies are a favorite of mine too. Ugh on the invasive plants..that's our backyard right now. Its suppose to rain tomorrow but we really need to get out there and start PULLING..
    Glad Navy got in touch with you and I hope you will be visiting him soon.
    Off to read your genealogy posts.
    This is my day to do my ElderCare for my friend Lynne. Alzheimer's is awful. I pray a lot before going over there.

  5. I love all your flowers so pretty. I also have two boys and don't like to get involved with their disagreements. As for the baby goats so cute. I was a city girl my entire life. We finally got to move to the country seven years ago. First thing we did was get baby chicks. I love all farm anime and kiss them up all the time. I feel so blessed at this age to finally have made it to the country. Have a great weekend

  6. Beautiful poppies and all your flowers are pretty.
    Oh my those tiny goats are so cute!!
    Miss Hattie sounds like quite a character. :)

  7. It is really hard not to get sucked in with family. Love the colour of that poppy.

    God bless.

  8. I love that you give the kids space to breathe. Also, the poppy is brilliant. My goodness. So pretty.

  9. Beautiful flowers, kissing animals seems weird to some and the norm to others

  10. All the flowers look so pretty! Yes, it's best to stay out of sibling issues! Those baby goats are adorable! I would have wanted to take one home, too!

  11. Miss Hattie sounds like a gem of a woman. I can see why you were so fond of her. We always remember the friends and relatives who were good to us and prepared little goodies when we visited. Oh, there's our California Poppy, and so pretty! I've been wanting to drive to the creek - they always grace the edges of the road this time of year. That's wise of you to not get involved with the drama in the family. I'm a bit different, and always get involved, because if there's anything I can do to help the situation, I will. But sometimes it's good to just sit back like you did. Teaches them to figure things out. What I love about sons is that they don't seem to stay bothered for long. ; )

    Have a wonderful week ahead, Debby.


  12. Sometimes I would like to be like Miss Hattie....but then again would miss my computer. The vinca is invasive here too but no slugs. Maybe our Summers are not as hot. I love mixing the blues with the oranges and it is so hard to find blue flowers here. Love the irir! Janice