This and That on a Friday

These white Irises are blooming, and there will be more to come. 

On my hill, these bushes bloom with pretty white flowers. I looked them up, and they are called Rosa Multiflora. They are also known as Seven-Sisters Rose, Rosa Rugosa, or Japanese Rose. Once again, this is one of the many plants my dad planted on the hill. They only bloom once a year—in the Spring. The rest of the year, they are just a green bush. 

Foodie and I went out yesterday - he was picking up last minute things for his backpacking/snowshoeing adventure. While we were out, I had said, I liked this water bottle and he bought it for me. It's a pretty coral color. 

He's on his way...He takes the bus just outside this mountain town - then there is a road he gets off at, and then he will proceed to his hike. I believe he said it is at the 5000-foot elevation. He is organized and tries to think of every scenario. His pack with everything weighs 30 lbs. The snow pack will be from 3-4 feet to 16 feet. So that would mean he will be sleeping on the snow. I couldn't/wouldn't do that, but he has these sleeping pads that should protect him from the cold. We'll see. This is a first for him - to be hiking in the mountains in early spring with snow on the ground. He returns on Tuesday. 

What can I say? He is an adventurous guy - who loves these types of challenges and has always said, he felt he was born in the wrong century. 

 Mommy, Mommy my feet are growing faster than I am!!

 Kool April Nites is today - but the husband wanted to check it out this morning. They actually don't kick it off until 4pm downtown. We won't be going as we have tickets to a Jazz Concert. 

One of my favorites -

What "car song" is your favorite? 

This morning, downtown was sparse - no cars yet and only vendors setting up. 

On our way back to the car I wanted to take a look at the new Bike Depot 
that has not fully opened yet - 

Some bikes are there to rent 

It seems that there will be lockers available inside the depot, as well as trail maps to help navigate the area. Additionally, there will be a coffee and snack shop, as well as a quick repair area for minor bike repairs such as changing a tire. For more intensive work, there are bike shops located nearby the depot.

This is one of the gates - to the courtyard.

 I thought this was creative. 

This is what it will look like when completed. 

Pretty flowers on the side of the Bike Depot. 

The brick is from the old police station that was demolished to construct the current building. 

Before the police department, the building was a fire station which is evident from the shape of its doors that were designed to accommodate the old-fashioned water pump trucks that were used in the 1880s. There were several of these doors, but the photo does not show all of them.

Many people were upset about the demolition of the building and some suggested that it be turned into a fire truck museum. However, the building was plagued with problems such as leaks and sewer issues that were deemed too expensive to repair. The city ended up selling it for scrap at a price of $600,000.

My book came yesterday! I haven't been able to dig in just yet. I plan to read it with a highlighter pen and highlight every one of my ancestors. 

Now, this is FUN!


The A-Z is winding down. 

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  1. I hope Foodie has a wonderful time on his back country trip.

    Still too cold here to do much of anything outside. However that is at least enabling me to get my spring cleaning completed.

    God bless.

    1. It's still a bit chilly in the mountains, but today we're enjoying 83 degrees. It's lovely but rain is in the forecast later in the week.

  2. Love the mural of the flowers.
    Glad your book came!! :)

  3. Oh those big feet! Well, if you are going to do something this adventurous, it's best to do it while you are young and able to. I love the gorgeous mural, and hope you go to the Bike Depot and Kool April Nites and post lots of photos! The white Iris are gorgeous! I have heard of 7 Sisters but didn't know exactly what kind of flower they are.

    1. I read about this woman, affectionately known as "Grandma Whitney," who successfully scaled 14,505-foot (4,421 m) Mount Whitney 23 times between the ages of 65 and 91.

  4. Those Rosa Multiflora are so pretty!
    Hope the hike goes well for your son. Sleeping on snow and hiking in it doesn't sound good to me at all!
    Your town is pretty. I love that mural!
    More interesting things on your family. I haven't heard of the Dunoon massacre before. So sad!

  5. I love, love, love daisies partly because of the yellow and white so I really, really love the flowers you showed here. I'd not ever seen them before. Now I wanna grow them!

    Hike sounds fun!

  6. I really like the flowers on the hill. the baby with the big feet is precious and all the photos are super shots. love the mural, the door, the brick, and the gate is really cool. I would never sleep in snow, not even in a cabin, ha ha. I assume he is hiking alone which is soemthing else I would never do. I often say I was born in the wrong century, but should have been born in the late 90's. forward not backward.

    1. On certain trips, he goes alone because no one can keep up with him.

  7. What an adventurous guy that Foodie is!! I have a cousin who has hiked all over the world and written books about his journeys. It's just not my cup of tea but my best wishes always to those who take to the trail.

  8. Wow on Foodie hiking and sleeping in the snow..not my cup of tea but more power to him.
    Love the gorgeous flowers and the April Nights sounds like a lot of fun.
    We are finally getting some warm weather here in "the Flatlands"
    Perfect weeding weather..haha..

    1. Rain in the forecast for up here , mid week. Today it is 83 and beautiful!

  9. Sleeping on the snow? No tent? Yikes, he is adventuresome! Praying he has a great time, takes lots of pictures, and is safe and warm! Love the photos of the iris and the rosa rugosa flowers. Beautiful. In Maine they have a lot of those, but mostly pink, i think. At least that is what I remember. Love the baby eagle with the big feet! Funny. I love watching our birds growing here too. Loved all the photos. Thank you for sharing your town and places with us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. He has a backpacker tent, sleeping bag and bedroll. A small cook stove. Going without all those essentials would be suicide!

  10. Such pretty flowers and yes it is a nice water bottle, I loved that car song, played it twice.

  11. Daisy's are one of my favorite wildflowers. So pretty. Great photos.
    What a nice bike area. I like riding my bicycle but much prefer the one with a motor. LOL

  12. Cool pictures of your town, Debby. I think the main streets and the old part of towns are the best to see something historic and interesting. Those small white flowers on top of the hill are soooo pretty.