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April - From My House Update

Looks like more rain in the forecast. We've had a week or more of beautiful warm spring weather. The husband mowed the lawns - the ground was so soggy, much like a swamp but without the alligators - it had to be done. We have a snail and slug infestation and with the long grasses, it only encouraged them. Gads, I detest those slimy creatures. They eat my plants - and are as gross at it gets. NEVER found them fascinating. I'd rather have snakes in my yard, than slugs and snails.  I am probably one of the few Northern Californians who refused to kiss a banana slug when at Outdoor Camp in the 60's. NO WAY!  Anyway, they give me the freakin' willies -

I paid all the bills for the month and now we are trying to finish our taxes. We might have to pay this year, of course, I say this every year.  I am a bit disturbed about the proposed hike in gas tax and the doubling of car registration from Jerry. When Grey Davis tried this, Californians united - both democrats and republi…

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