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Just a little more to go -

Do you have a husband who at times, doesn't finish the home project he started? He was out with a broken toe and has been cleared but he continues to favor it. He worked on the patio for an hour last week, and then nothing. He comes in and watches TV, eats his lunch at 11am and then takes a nap. He's not sick - this is not him. He is usually a workaholic. He just got comfortable having a legitimate reason to lay around and he got used to it. 

Today 10/27/2020I've already asked him several times - he's defensive. Needless to say, I am annoyed. He only has just a little more to go. In all fairness (and I am all about being fair) I have slacked off my chores as well. We've both lost the momentum we had in the Spring and Summer. It's like our bodies and mind are going into early hibernation - when it comes to working on the house - or at best, FINISHING UP.  I haven't even decorated for Fall at my house and I am usually ON-TOP-OF-IT.  What can I do? I'm just…

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