End of the Month = broke

At my cheap and shabby homestead, we get paid the first of every month. So by the end of the month, we are broke.  Well not really broke - compared to many who do not have anything.  You know what I mean. (I hope) So we are laying low this weekend. Doing things that are FREE. It won't be a fancy Easter at my house. No one is coming over - there are no little ones so I can relax. And look forward to Monday, when we can get at our money in our checking account.   The Husband started this new job with the State on Jan 1. So we are still not in the once-a-month swing of things, just yet.

I don't feel deprived though, and that is a good thing. The last couple of evenings, we have gone out and enjoyed FREE things. Like a Easter music event at a local church and a potluck with friends. I admit, there are times I don't want to socialize - I love the comfort of my home but I did enjoy talking and listening to others. You know, we all have our struggles and while I don't like to see friends struggle, there is a bond between all of us.  We all struggle to some degree and we all want to be good stewards. 

On Monday, here in California, sales taxes will be going up. Some counties as high as 9%.  So I would imagine, for those who were considering a big purchase, might be scrambling around right about now - to save a little money.

For me, if I want something new - I just go out to my garage and go "shopping" through boxes of "stuff" that I have collected and plan to re-do. I have a few boxes of old dresses and skirts that I saved just for the material. I really need to get going on some of my projects soon. I talk about it - yet I don't do it. <sigh>

So another new month is almost here - may the new month, last till the end, with a little leftover for good measure!

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  1. Where I live, we already hit the 9% mark -- and have been there for a while! Sales tax does figure into my decision not to buy some things.

  2. Being broke has been a big part of the lives of many people and especially mine. I really appreciate all your recipes and tips. Hope you have a nice Easter. ~Lauren


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