Wednesday Hodgepodge - for May 31, 2023

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1. Do you know much about (or understand) Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Does it worry or excite you? 

I can't say I know that much about it nor am I following it. It doesn't worry me and I can say, it doesn't excite me either. I'm ambivalent. Anyway, Alexa told me not to worry about it. <smile>

2. What was the last song you listened to? Your favorite movie soundtrack?

Just an hour ago we listened to this - 

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra Live


 What song always puts you in a good mood?  

I can't think of a particular song right now, but almost all Christian music and some oldies from my past. 

3. What were you doing ten years ago? 

It was 2013. Well, about ten years ago (give or take) our adult children (The Boomerangs) finally moved out after living with us for about 3 years. 

Navy had just gotten out of the military - was living in the San Francisco Bay Area because he received a bigger living allowance since that was his home area - he was attending college through the GI bill - but he was unable to afford the rent. We suggested he move up here - after living in fleabag motels - he wouldn't make as much since the cost of living here is less and he took us up on it anyway. It was a joy having him back home. 

 Then Foodie was unemployed, living in Santa Clara.  To keep afloat, he was living off his 401k but the rents and cost of living were eating through it very fast so he moved up here from Santa Clara - It was nice having him up here - 

Then Char and her husband were practically destitute in Seattle - no work and lost their apartment. They had moved down here and lived in our 34-foot mobile home in our side yard - A few months later, they split up/ divorced and he went back up to Seattle. 

At first, it was nice - having them all here but then it wasn't after a while. Seems when our adult children moved back home after living independently on their own, they didn't feel they should follow our rules.  Cooking late at night - leaving dirty dishes, laying around playing on the computer all day when they should be looking for a job. Let’s face it. If you’re young and single, having to move back home isn’t fun for them either. I get that but It started to be stressful and ugly. I believe they were stuck from being depressed. 

I had to get a plan - and slowly I inched them out without them realizing it. 

I started making them pay me rent - once they got meaningful employment. Really what we did, was save the rent money they gave us, to give back to them when they moved out - first and last month's rent and deposit can be costly. Then I started making them buy their own food. I was not going to cook for them anymore unless it was a family dinner. 

It worked. And the experience made us closer. They respected us for standing our ground - even though at the time, it got heated. 

Within a month, they all moved out. And it was like Heaven on Earth. It's like they all three got together and had a meeting -  Char moved out first and the guys rented a place together and moved out 2 weeks after she did.

 We had our house back. We painted, put on a new roof, replaced all the windows in our home, new kitchen, new washer and dryer, new stove and microwave, extended the hardwood floors down the hall - replaced the carpet in our bedroom and living room area. We bought a car - sofa, and loveseat - 

When they were living with us, we just didn't want to do anything to the house. I think we were depressed. They were depressed as well. It’s not normal to live with your parents when you should be living your own life. 

Years later they apologized and Navy even had the experience of his in-laws living with him and his wife last year, having to foot the whole bill while they did nothing all day while he and Sara worked. It wasn't until they gave them an ultimatum.  NOW he fully understood our stress. 

Funny how that happens. 

4. Your favorite no-bake summer dessert?

 - the best no-bake dessert is a lemon meringue pie from the bakery. 

5. Something you're looking forward to in June? 

We had a fairly expensive action-packed May. I'd be fine to just chill at home and do what we always do - go out to eat, take in a few hikes, go to the lake - go to a local festival, and have the family over. 

We are tentatively planning to take a dinner cruise on Lake Shasta, with Navy and his wife sometime this summer.  I'm trying to get them to pinpoint the best time ...if not the husband and I will go without them. It books up fast and this is the year to go with the lake so full.  

I tend to be a spontaneous person so making plans tends to stress me out. I like to get up and say, "Let's go here." and we do it. To me, that's what retirement is all about. Sometimes, like this Dinner Cruise, you have to make advanced reservations and so trying to coordinate their schedule with ours (we really don't have a schedule) can be stressful for me. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

She has me wrapped around her paw

Susie has been coughing up those fur balls - my goodness those must be awful. I used to buy Petro-malt which she used to like but am unable to find that anywhere so I bought some little nibbly treats that are for hairball control. 

She refuses to eat it. 

I then went out and found another brand - expensive - the store said they will accept a return. Well, looks like I will be returning it for a refund. Now we could chase her around every other day, to place it on her nose or her paw - she will lick it then. But as soon as she sees that tube, she takes off and hides. 

As I have mentioned in past posts, I am codependent when it comes to my animals. I don't want her running away from me. So the husband and I are at odds -  I've decided HE can run after her. 


  1. I'm glad things worked out with your grown kids to take control of their lives. I'm sure that's rewarding now. I feel like we have to get everything on the calendar if we want it to happen. We're busy, but so is everyone we know. Just arranged with two other couples for them to come to the lake at the same time and we finally settled on a late August date, the first all three of us could make. Hope you get that lake cruise!

  2. I know bugga all about AI except what it stands for

    The last song was Simply the best

    10 years ago my life was active I could do so much more then I can now

    Ice cream is a great desert

    Other then my youngest daughters birthday and the anniversary of the day I meet Tim

  3. Can you get something to mix into her food? Of course she may notice the new taste and not like it. I think vets have flavored stuff. You were brilliant about the kids living with you!! It is just so hard on everyone involved!

  4. Yikes too much thinking. I have been listening to Tina Turner songs since her death, my favourite summer dessert is I will admit ice cream. I hope you get your cruise in, that would be lovely.

    God bless.

  5. I think you made a wise decision with your adult kids. Nice that you got all the things done with you home. Nice to be spontaneous! We can't because of our furbaby and we help with our grandchildren. So, we have to plan. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. I'm glad you shared the whole story of your adult kids moving back home and then relaunching on their own. The family dynamics can be so very awkward when adult kids live at home! We established right when our kids finished high school that they could live at home, but unless they were students, they'd be paying rent, and that since it was our house we would have some rules just like any landlord. Things weren't always comfortable but overall it was a joy to have our adult kids still living with us. We eventually took in our son's girlfriend as one of our own, and since they got married during covid they remained living with us for about six months while they house-hunted. Now - ironically - hubby and I have moved out, the married son and his wife and baby moved back to the house and the kids are renting it from us! Have a great week!

  7. Both of my kids moved out, back in and then out again when they were in their young 20's. I joked at the time that the second time they moved out was a lot easier than the first time! But it is true for sure! Love the sweet portrait of Susie!

  8. We had 2 of our four kids move in with us for a year. So glad they are back on their own too. Like you said, you like having them back but your house is not your own. Loved reading your hodgepodge answers. Janice

  9. Our youngest son would have lived in the house forever! However, once he got a full time job we did the same as you and started charging him rent....which we returned to him when he moved out.

  10. I totally get what you're saying about adult kids, though mine are still very much young adults, our youngest still at home but very responsible, however I do have to remind her of things, I have known adult kids moving back home with parents and some experiences are great, and others, not so much. I'm glad it worked out for you. OUr youngest does pay rent and her phone, car insurance, etc. Enjoyed your answers.


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