Snakes and snails and alligator lizards

Happy June 1.

Good Afternoon - It's a pleasant 82 degrees. 

Paid my bills - went to the grocery store - and then came on back home. I've been out every day this week and I need to stay home and get some work done. The husband is working his part-time job - every Thursday and Friday. He keeps saying he wants to quit - this job income did not go into our regular budget so it makes no difference to me. It was just "fun money". I tell him, it's fine with me - I do miss him on these days but I also like my own time. He's been saying this for a couple of months. 

He's doing well after the cortisone injection - next week he'll start PT. 

I haven't been doing much in the garden - I'm not feeling comfortable out there until the tall weeds get cut - we have at least 3 alligator lizards and 2 snakes. (not to mention too many snails and slugs)

My husband loves reptiles and I don't mind them if they are in someone else's yard - Oh no, that makes me a NIMBY.

Those Shasta alligator lizards are big (mine are about 9-12 inches) and they are territorial. Not like the cute little lizards we normally have. These guys, think they own the place and will charge you. They bite - and when they do, they don't let go. They are out and about during the day - I opened the door to go out to the patio and 2 of them stood their ground. They move like a snake. 

Okay, you win - I went back inside. 

Oh why, oh why can't I have cute little furry cottontail bunnies in my yard?

No, I get the slimy, mean, and slithering critters in my yard. 

I feel I need to wear fishing waders that go up to the hip before I would feel comfortable weed-eating the weeds. 

So yeah, for the first time, I am not feeling like my yard is my yard. 

So far the front yard is still mine. 

I just love red geraniums - they remind me of my childhood. That distinctive geranium aroma - I know the snails sure love them. 

It shocked me when I heard that in colder climates, people have to take them inside the house, for the winter months. They are hardy here and withstand a lot of abuse - not that I abuse my geraniums! For those who have to bring them inside, do you re-pot them and do you check it out to make sure there are no snail eggs? 

Can you tell I can't stand slugs and snails??? 

I need to tell you my snail story.

In Pacifica, there is a lot of coastal ice plant. They grow and bloom even in the fog. Because of this, they attract snails and slugs. I guess I was bugging the next-door neighbor boy, Alyn - he had a fort he made and I wanted in and he wanted it to be NO GIRLS ALLOWED. I kept persisting and finally, he tore off a snail-infested branch of the ice plant and threw it at me. I had long hair and my mom had to pick out the snails and slugs that were in my hair. Let me say, I FREAKED OUT. 

Another time I stepped on one barefooted and the same boy, chased me around the schoolyard holding a snail. Word got out that Debby hated snails so, the boys would chase me or go as far as to throw them at me. 

In my younger days - I would have vivid nightmares of snails crawling on my bed.

Hey, what can I say - some people detest spiders (which don’t bother me) and I detest snails and slugs.  

Yesterday morning, we were invited along with other families, to FINALLY have a memorial service at the CalVeterans home for those lost during the pandemic. 

It was good to see the other families - we all agreed how difficult it was, to not have that "closure" from the home. They just whisked their body away and packed up their belongings and that was that.  I admit, I always felt that my dear Father-in-law and those who passed were just passed over. It hurt. 

They gave each of the families,  a folded flag that flew over the White House. They also are placing a tile with each Veteran's name, and placing it on a wall in the front of the building. That will be nice and they are hoping it will be completed by Veterans Day. 

They had a slide show - and so many that I remembered had passed. Not all of them died from Covid - most from just old age. The oldest was 105 years old. 

I don't do photos of my family or us -but came across this photo.  Taken about 12 or so years ago. The husband was the VFW Chaplain and I was the Ladies' Auxillary President. 

We've changed. 

The husband now has a white beard - and my hair has turned white. We’re old. 

That’s it for me -

“May June bring you joy, happiness, love, and lots of sunshine.”




  1. Good to hear the Veteran’s Home making up for lost time and doing such meaningful things…great photo of you two, I’m third generation VFW supporter…and old age is great! Best, V.

  2. As far as I can tell, the word "slither'' refers only to snakes. I don't mind any wild thing that has legs - even spiders or centipedes, but legless critters like snakes and even some worms freak me out. I have a snake story regarding poisonous water moccasins in muddy creek water with me which i have NEVER gotten past. It was really nice to have the service for the deceased veterans. I wish every community had done that.

  3. What a cute couple you are! We are old now too. It's a wonder you STILL don't have snail nightmares. I have never heard of Alligator Lizards, so am glad you posted a pic of one so I can see it. I think I might be terrified of one if they came at me slithering like a snake! Do you know what the gorgeous bluish-purple flowers are in your first photo?

  4. Oh those lizards don't sound very nice. I wouldn't like them either.
    Every time I've had geraniums in my yard they died at the end of the season.

  5. Tim loves lizards, me not so much, this one is one I am not familiar with, I like pretty flowers but bugs and snails well they have a place just not at my house. Veterans need to be honoured and remembered.

  6. UGH on both lizards and snakes. We have snakes in our yard, but at least they leave. You are not old. I say I am vintage all of the time. LOL I would be afraid of snails if I had them in my hair too. Eek. Janice

  7. Hi Debby! That is so nice that the Veterans who died during Covid were honored. My oldest son LOVES reptiles and at one point, he had 8 different reptiles (snakes and lizards) in his room in aquarium cages. The things we do for our kids - I got to the point that I even fed his little snakes and picked them up to clean the cages when he was out of town on a Boy Scout camp out. One of my daughters like to play with snails outside in the garden. We have had all kinds of critters in and around our house, except that we have never had a dog. Go figure. I hope you have a good weekend!

  8. I've always loved lizards but oh my goodness your's look like aligators. :) I would be scared to death of them. We have a little of everything in the yard, but not big lizards. My husband, like yours, is retired but works two days a week. He talks about quitting but the extra money buys groceries and gives me a much needed break. I love a little time at home alone. Time to vacuum and mop and think about how I want the house to look. :)

  9. I had to laugh, my friends hubby thought I would be scared of the garter snake that had taken up residence in their yard. He picked it up and brought it to me. Just like I did with the boys at school, I took it in my hands and said, "Perhaps let this big boy go as he eats grasshoppers and mosquitos." You should have seen his face.... I raised two boys who would always carry a snake or two in their pockets or hands. However that being said I think I just might freak out over those lizards.

    God bless.

  10. I have never seen alligator lizards...and I live in Florida where we have real alligators and lots of lizards, but none of the combined kind! LOL. Not sure I would like them at all. They sound nasty. Not a big fan of snails either. I don't bring my geraniums inside in winter. I tried to, but they didn't do very good inside, so now I just keep them outside and cover them when we get a frost or freeze. They aren't very pretty anymore and I need to replace the one plant I have left, but it started to bloom again recently, so I guess it gets a reprieve for now. I love the picture of you and your hubby, even if it is old. Yes, we are all getting older. I keep seeing this white streak on the right side of my head. Who was that lady who had that...Mrs. Munster? Yeah...her. LOL. I am sorry you had to wait so long to have a celebration of life for your father in law. I guess I didn't know you when that happened. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been for you all. (((hugs))). So glad we are past that pandemic, at least we pray we are, for good. There was so much unnecessary craziness during that time. So very sad for so many families. Okay, I hope you have a wonderful June. Hard to believe it is here already! Take care my friend.

  11. Those alligator lizards freak me out! I would be so surprised if one was scurrying about when I opened the door to go outside. I haven't seen any lizards yet here in the mountains, and I'm so glad about that. This is a nice photo of you and your husband. Your red geraniums are so pretty. A vibrant color of red. I enjoy seeing photos of all things growing in your garden.

    Happy June!


  12. Interesting lizards 🦎 🤔 you wrote about. May have seen some in NM when we lived there. A spider or two gets into our house. Most of the time it's in my daughters bathroom when she goes to take a shower. Nice geraniums you have. I love the phot you shared of you and your husband 12 years ago. We look different now as well but still love each other. Stay safe and blessed thru June and beyond.


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