Sunday, October 30, 2011

cleaning wood floors - mop covers

So many times when we are forced to make lifestyle changes because of loss of job, debt, under-employed we give up our standards. Maybe it's a little like depression - you feel why to bother clean? All the stuff you have is junk anyway. Let me say, that is not a good or productive way to look at it. Keeping your shabby cottage clean, is still something you must do, if only for your sanity. Who wants to be depressed and live in a dirty hell hole? I sure don't!

Cleaning your place, dusting, making it shine can do wonders for your spirit. One thing I have a thing for are floors. I have wood floors in my entry way, dining room and kitchen. We had planned to complete the wood floors down the hallway and only have them in the bedrooms and living room. But now that is on hold, due to finances. I love the rich beauty of wood floors but boy they get dirty, especially when you have pets! They go outside, get their paws wet and muddy and track it in. Seems I am always cleaning the floors.

Today, while cleaning my floors, it donned on me, that I need some more of the terry cloth mop covers - but they can be so expensive. IDEA: Since I don't like to throw anything out (because I am constantly thinking I may need it) I have some old bath towels that are clean, but a bit on the ragged side. I use them to wash and dry the car, dry the dog, for spills around the house WHY NOT, make my own custom terry cloth mop covers?

So that is what I plan to do.

Things are not so bad, if you can find ways to keep going and utilize your God-given talents to make something. Do you have any ideas you would like to share?

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