Spring has sprung - no driving this weekend

This weekend was beautiful; with temperatures nearing 80. The evenings were nice and we had no need for any heat in the house. However, I hear that rain is forming off our coast as I write - and we might have a few rainy and cooler days ahead for this week. Oh well, we do need it. We're definitely in the early stages of a drought.

With gas prices anywhere from $4.13 to $4.83 in my area we did not go out driving all over. Kept it within a couple of miles. Attended a bag pipe competition on Sat.

Finally found my camera. My husband had it in the "beast." (His old dodge van he drives back and forth to work) Glad it was him and not me. He kept trying his best to make it like I was the one who misplaced it and I knew doggone well, it was him. I'm just glad we found it. I didn't want to have to go out and make a new camera purchase if we didn't have to.

The unopened coffee was in the freezer. So my dear husband, thought it would be best if he placed the coffee in the microwave to "defrost". He walked away for a few minutes and I awoke to the worst smell - I thought the house was on fire. I get up and he's scrambling around opening the doors and windows, has the fans on and spraying. The microwave was so stinky, we had to put it outside to air out overnight. We placed white vinegar and water and ran it in the oven - several times. It still smells like burnt coffee but I am sure the more we use it, hopefully that odor will get better.

Today I went to the shelters to look for our cat that has been missing for 3 months now. I won't give up.

Our Internet and phone was down today so I called Charter and they credited me $8.50. I'm going to start keeping track on how much I save my family. Even down to something like this!