Do I really need to eat as much as I usually do?

During this challenge I am re-thinking how much food I buy, prepare, eat and waste.

I came from a family of big eaters. Mom and Dad grew up in the depression and WW2 and so food was big to them. They did not like to waste any of it. Plus it seemed to be a badge of wealth, when Mom was able to put on this huge spread every dinner. Dad was a big eater - he didn't use a regular size plate like the rest of us, Mom gave him a platter! Even back then, I thought that was a bit piggy.

"Oh your dad works hard" my Mom would tell me. He also got first dibs - I remember watching him dig into the mashed potatoes and thinking, "there goes my seconds."

Fortunately my folks were not fat people - although dad did eventually have heart disease. He blamed it on all the bacon and lard his Mom used in cooking.

As the husband and I get older, we just don't need all of that food. I do have 2 adult sons living with me. Half the time, they eat with us. So half the time, I plan for larger portions with more servings. Even then, we'll have some leftovers. Most of the time the leftovers get eaten but if I make too much, they start stockpiling in the back of the fridge - only to be forgotten. Then I find them and feel awful, for the waste.

Last night we had leftover lasagna. I made a fresh green salad and that was dinner. No one complained. NO ONE BETTER COMPLAIN.

We really do not need to eat like we used to. I am hoping in these 31 days, I will learn a better way to eat, and cook - where there is no waste - no excess - It will be good for our budget as well as our health.

photo credit: hundrednorth via photopin cc