Meals for the week

 I have the following meals I could make for this week. I always throw in a couple of alternate meals,  or a JFTC  just in case. And I think I have all the ingredients. 

Monday - Beef Stew - hot rolls and I might make a simple dessert.

1. Tacos and Mexican rice -
2. Chicken Pesto with bow tie pasta
3. Chili
4. Italian meatballs in marinara sauce (over rice or pasta?)
5. fricasseed chicken
6. Macaroni and cheese
7.  Bacon and eggs
8.  Jump for the cupboards
9. Salmon

*NOTE to the Food Police: This is a cheap meal for those who are trying to make ends meet - or who are struggling every month to feed their hungry families. YES we all know how this can be done by making everything from scratch - YES we know that there might not be the nutritional value due to lack of funds for better products. ie. food bank groceries - Like I keep saying, YOU Can't be a food snob when you're HUNGRY!