Feed Me!

I am burned out from cooking, and trying to come up with cheapo meals.   I need a few days off to recharge and renew my brain. The last 31 days was getting to be such a drag on me. It's like now I just want someone to FEED ME!

I don't usually like cooking on Saturdays. I'd much rather just "pick"  (another form of jumping for the cupboards) Anyway tomorrow is the Super Bowl and this being 49er territory, we are excited and ordering out for pizza.

Sometimes I just wish I had my own personal chef - or my Mom was around to cook for me. I sure miss some of her simple meals.  She used to make this "Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes" that I loved and am really craving.  It was a red sauce instead of a brown one. Had big green peppers in it. I can't seem to get it right and I'm always disappointed when I make something or hers, only to have it not turn out or taste like Moms.

Well it is back to the drawing board for another month of meals and sharing recipes.

I think I have a love/hate relationship with cooking and food. ugh! 

photo credit: callme_crochet via photopin cc