Practical kitchen counter-storage - a work in progress

Find these at any dollar-type store

One my pet peeves, is getting everything off the counters. I am tired of crowded, disorganized counter storage. For a time, I used 2 very large ceramic flower pots, I bought at IKEA. When cooking, I liked to grab my utensils in the pot instead of searching for it, in a disorganized drawer. We started placing too many cooking utensils in the pot, which resulted in a tangled mess. I wish, I could discipline myself and my husband (that's the one!) to put them back neatly in place in a drawer. - Just ain't gonna happen. 

It worked for awhile -

I'm now, "into" making my kitchen work for me. I don't care, if it looks dumb. I am getting older and set in my ways - I want easy! Easy to find, easy to put away and my counters can be free of clutter.

7 wire racks shown

I found these white wire racks at the 99 Cent Store. I bought 9 of them. Since we haven't done a back splash, and it's quite bare and boring, I screwed in the racks under my cabinets, so I can hang my cooking utensils, instead of placing them in the pot which sits on the counter.

2 shown here - 

I figure, I cook in my kitchen. It's not a museum - for it to work for me, it has to be functional. We'll see how long, I am happy with this. I'm still working on it. Trying to get my kitchen cleaned up and organized before Thanksgiving. 

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