Over the years

a few years ago

I've been living in this house going on 10 years. You don't think, things change much until you look back at photos. My front yard no longer looks like this. Those pesky junipers are out - we put up a wooden picket fence and the trees have grown. I can't wait to get some recent photos, this Fall - with the new "look."

After a very HOT summer, we didn't get to laying the patio, by our pond. We're not giving up. If it doesn't rain, we still have time.

My back yard is a disaster! It's hard for me to live like that. My husband is putting in drains and there is a lot of mud. Then we will patch that one part of the old lawn, with seed and block it off from our dog. The patio by the pond (that my husband fixed this summer) will hopefully be ready in time for our family campfire in October. My brother in Alabama and his family have one in October and I try to hold ours, here in California the same time.

Are you excited for the Fall and Winter? Living in the far north of California, I do get to see a good representation of Autumn and Winter (I have to drive to the snow but it's usually 30 minutes away) Every few years, we get a good little snowfall. We love it.


  1. I just found you, signed up to follow, and am looking forward to getting to know you. Hope you have a great weekend. Looks like you have a couple of blogs? xo Diana
    ps...will put this one on my sidebar so I don't miss your posts.

    1. Nice to meet you. Yeah a few blogs, depending on whatever mood I am in.


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