Thinking of christmas decorating

So, I will be cleaning my house really good before Thanksgiving and hope to have my tree up and decorated, that weekend. I bought a new imitation tree. It's cashmere and has little pine cones. I did not get a pre-lighted one. Every time, I have bought one, the lights go out. No biggie for me, to just have my husband put on the lights. Haha, did you catch that? 

I'd love to go with more earthy-type decorations but once I open the box, I get all warm and fuzzy with memories.

With our new picket fence in the front yard - I am excited to decorate that as well.

Snow would be a gift from God - since it rarely snows here. Maybe once every 3 years. We all hope, that maybe this year will bring some measurable snow.

I can't wait!