Living room curtains

I have been conflicted with my living room windows for some time. Not the actual windows - they are new and improved. Just the curtains. This photo is about 4-5 years ago. I found some Turquoise Chevron curtains on sale at Big Lots and thought they would be fun. I really did like them, except they did not block the sun, when closed.

Plus they were 84 inches in length - too long. I had to hem them. (I do not like to hem curtains unless I really have to) I had to hem them, because my big dog, would jump and bark at the window, and I was afraid she would pull the rods out from the wall.

Dog and cat hair would collect on the curtain material. Hated that!

The next spring, I changed out the curtains - 

 It was a nice refreshing look and they matched my slider in the dining area. 

Just took this today

Then I changed the curtains in the living room, for a darker solid turquoise blackout curtain. I bought a 63-inch length for the living room window. Then I used tie backs. We didn't have any blinds. We got rid of them when the new windows went in and I didn't want to cover up my expensive windows.

I'm over that NOW! 

Last month I bought 2 in wide faux wood blinds from Lowes. My smaller windows to the side, need to be a custom fit so I will order them soon. I just never cared for the shorter curtains. It bugged me.

So, a few days ago, I decided to purchase some new curtains in the black Buffalo Plaid. I ordered them in the 84 inches long. If I have to hem, I'll hem them. Mostly they will probably be tied back. I use the blinds for privacy and to block the sunlight. So they can be there mostly to frame the window.

I have a lot of black accent pieces in my living room and I believe the plaid will make the necessary POP, I have been looking for.

I will use the old curtains for my craft room. Maybe use the 2 extra panels for material for an outdoor - patio pillow cover! Since I have sea green and turquoises accent colors through out my home, I can switch around those older curtains. I'm thinking I will like the floral valance on my slider-window and the buffalo check from the living room.

They arrive this week.


  1. Those shorter curtains look nice and would have been perfect with a window seat. I do not have any curtains except for two long accent pieces in my family room. I have wood and faux wood blinds at most of the windows.

    1. Building a window seat is in the future. Then I will cut down the curtains to fit just right.

  2. Debby,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your very kind comment!!! Glad you liked my tiny little Cottage Garden. I usually palnt different kinds of annuals but because of my surgery and getting a late start, I just planted all impatiens and begonias as I know they will do well out there and they did!! Next year, I will experiment more!! I LOVE those aqua curtains!!! My Living Room is aqua and peach and usually I have peach lace curtains in the Summer but I left the tan Fall/Winter curtains up because of my surgery again. I was eying a pair of aqua ones in Dollar General but when I went back they were gone.I adore how you hung the curtains on your large window. They look really pretty that way!! Our windows are small because we live in a townhouse so I actually extended the rods in the Living Room and in my bedroom past the window so it makes the window look larger.That was a trick taught to me by my dear neighbor, Elly.I am now following you on this blog and have added it to my Blog Roll!!

    1. Well thank you for that! Yeah my mom used to hang the curtains higher, so that the windows looked taller. I can't do that to my living room windows. Welcome to my House. I stopped posting last year, due to the horrible fires. Decided I wanted to at least start updating on my house. We've been trying to fix her up. It all takes TIME.


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