Cleaning, Crafting and watching you tube videos

The afternoon sun shines through the window. 

I hope to post some nicer pictures soon. I was on a roll and then I had either allergies or a mild cold. So I lost some steam. I'm still dreaming of black and white buffalo plaid. I hope to take better photos and remove that air purifier out of the way and the TV antenna. Do you still have cable? We got rid of paying for cable now for about 6 years. Don't miss it at all. But to get local channels we need a small digital antenna. They use don't make antennas the way they used to.


Taken this morning - I have ordered blinds for the other 2 windows. 

As a take things out of boxes in my craft/sewing room it is apparent that I need more shelves. I'm getting overwhelmed.

I have been making too many Dollar Tree hauls - I've been watching these young you-tubers, working on simple crafts and I tell you, I get heart palpitations because I get so excited. I subscribed to a few of my favorites and I know my husband thinks I am nuts but who cares! I enjoy watching them decorate and it gives me crafting ideas.

One of my favorites is Bargain Bethany. OMG, I wish I could adopt her. She just makes me smile.