Gardening - wood ash can be good

Due to fires that consume my state, ash and smoke fill the air, making it unsafe to go outside. 

The sun is blotted out with only an orange glow that can be seen through the haze. 

But did you know that wood ash from forest fires can actually be good? 

I was thinking, this ash falling from the sky couldn't be good for the trees and plants but I was wrong. It's not like a dump truck full of wood ash is smothering the plants and trees. 

The ashes fall and gently distributes the only good we can get out of a wildfire. HOPE! 

Our plants, trees, scrubs, and the soil,  benefit - by the added nutrients as the falling ash repairs the soil, adding potassium, and a liming effect - that reduces soil acidity. 

Not to mention a natural pest repellent. 

Forest and wildfires are devastating. I'm just trying to find some positivity by having to stay indoors. 


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