Not as bad as it was the other day - still not the kind of weather I want to be out in. 

Ash is falling from the sky. 

Not good to be out breathing that all inside especially with covid19 hovering about. 

Sunflower Autumn Beauty (Helianthus Annuus) 

This Sunflower Autumn Beauty mix produces blooms ranging in colors: gold, yellow, rusty red, burgundy, and bi-colors. The blooms range in size from 5 - 10 inches in diameter. 

The blooms range in size from 5 - 10 inches in diameter. Once established, Sunflower plants are somewhat drought and heat tolerant. They will flower mid-summer through fall. Birds are attracted to the seeds.

The rest of my sunflowers are spent - I just need to get out there and harvest the seed heads. 


  1. Your photo makes me think it's like something from Star Wars on another planet. Oh my goodness. The sky is so strange (but beautiful too). I'm so sorry. I hope you can keep safe through this all. With Covid on top of it all.

    1. The fires are so devastating yet the photos have their own beauty to it. The sky has been downright freaky!

  2. I simply don't know how you do it (living in Cali)...then again, folks say that about us; Don't know how you can put up with the winters and that crazy dictator governor. Keeping in prayer.

    1. 9 months out of the year it's a good place to live. When I was a kid, it was ALWAYS a good place to live - mild climate and beautiful scenery. Now...not so much.

  3. Waiting........hmmmmmmmmmm
    What am I waiting for?????????????
    The end of Covid of course !!!!!!!!!!!!


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