Rainy Days and chili


It's been rainy. Not a big storm but it's been wet. After our 6-mos dry season, those first rains smell so sweet. Formerly yellow grasses turn green almost before your eyes. 

Good News, the husband finally is done with the patio pavers - so the patio is completed.  He still has some finishing touches to complete - it may have to wait till the Spring. Unless it is going to be wetter than the wet rainy season, we most likely will have some dry days with sunshine and spring-like weather in between storms. We have a chance to get it all done. 

My section of the garden - on the other side of the fence, I didn't get a chance to lay down the weed barrier. So I took some cardboard boxes and laid them out flat until I get to it. I want to lay some rocks down as well. The morning glories are starting to die off, which surprises me. When I lived in the bay area, I had them year-round. It did get down to 29 degrees one night so that must have nailed it. 

I was able to clean out my pantry. Slowly I am getting things done but not as fast as I would have done a year ago.  I also made some homemade chili last night for dinner. I wanted it to last 2 nights but it was so good, we only have enough for lunch today. I normally make 2 batches. 


So what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving this year? Next week I will go out to "gather" my meal. We will have a small, low key meal. Weather permitting, I hope we can have a small bonfire. 


  1. So nice that your patio is finished. I'm keeping Thanksgiving limited to household members this year. I still plan to prepare a big spread though. Have a blessed day.

  2. Always yard work to do. High winds here last night plus rain and my yard is a mess this morning. Leaves everywhere. Oh well.
    Thanksgiving will just be my two sons and DIL plus grandkids. Small and cozy. My sister and her family are on their own. The bigger question is Christmas. I haven't seen my sister since last
    Christmas. We just talk for hours every week.

  3. What beautiful photos, would love to come / visit and sit there, smiles. Thanksgiving is just us 3 (myself, hubby and son). I use to have folks over, but it seems folks have gone on or are doing their own things now, or some friends have divorced. Plus, our governor is being difficult, not sure if folks are scared or what, but I think its safe to say, folks have had enough. Have a beautiful day. smiles

    1. It will look different for many people this year.


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