Tomatoes are still popping


Now, this just pleases the heck out of me. My Roma tomatoes are still coming in. I have about 10 of them. The weather has been sunny and mild but I do have to keep watch if the nighttime temperatures drop. 

These are the tomatoes I planted in a big barrel under my front window. It was an experiment. The summer heat usually burns my tomatoes so I don't yield many. This summer, I decided to put some in the front yard where there is dappled shade from the trees. I also believe it is helping them withstand the nighttime cold temps as it is sheltered. Next spring, I will plant more veggies in the front yard. 

Silly, but they give me HOPE...these little tomatoes still struggling to grow in December. Maybe there is a lesson in that for me. 


  1. Wow. Tomatoes still coming in December. What a blessing that is! And yes, I can see a lesson there on pressing on, keeping up the good fight...hanging in there.


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